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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...




Good day, Stella.

I'm sending this chronicle for a friend. I'll send her the link to read it.

My friend met a guy on Facebook..let's call him Mr.Z, the relationship grew from there, he has even met her parents and siblings. But the issue now is that he told her he's a divorcee (though the case has not yet been finalized) with 2 kids. He told her he left his wife because she was cheating on him and he found out.

In the quest to know more, My friend added Mr.Z's friend (she has his number) on Facebook, searched through his facebook friends and saw Mr.Z friend's wife.. she chatted the wife up and with time,she asked the lady why Mr.Z's ex wife left..the lady asked if Mr.Z didn't tell her why, she said he did but she feels something is missing and the lady advised her to observe herself.

Now it's been up to a month she chatted that lady up and Mr.Z hasn't said anything about it.

Could it be he has found out (The lady told her husband and the husband told his friend(MrZ) but he's keeping quiet??
Because I doubt the lady won't tell her husband and the husband will tell his friend too.

Is there more to the cheating story he told my friend?

*If your friend is not satisfied with the explanation she got and feels the need to dig deeper,it is probably her 6th sense alerting her...All women have this you know.........
If he finds out she is trying to snoop into his past two things will happen...All hell will break loose and they break up or he will refer her to people to verify his story,she should insist....Good luck oh.


  1. That is how my friend introduced me to a 46yr old guy based in Denmark,a divorcee. I wasn't even interested because of his baggage but since they abuse me I select too much reason I'm single at 33.
    We started communicating byt my mind was always towards why the wife left. According to my friend she left while pregnant with the 2nd child. As I heard that alarm bells rang. For a woman to leave while pregnant and till date the man claims not to know where in Europe she ran to. He has never seen his second child and hasn't seen the first one in 7yrs.
    I just picked my running shoes before anything even started and told the guy I am sorry I was unaware my number was given to him. That I am actually in a relationship. Was relieved when he stopped calling.
    My spirit did not just go with the guy. Always trust your instinct.
    I am dating someone now,no baggage and we are doing fine. Don't let friends push you into things if your mind isnt at rest with it.

  2. As much as I don't wanna judge divorcees , it good to do a proper background check and if you feel uncomfortable with the whole thing pls back off.
    I dated a so-called divorcee( case was still in court but separated for over 5years) He told me all manner of bad things about the wife especially the fact that she was stubborn. As I dated him, I realized him own sef dey him body. We only had minor misunderstandings, but on each occasion, I would be first to make a peace move even when it was clearly not my fault. He was too emotional and could get angry uneccessarily. If I don't call after a small fight,he won't. So I just stopped calling altogether and that was the end of it.I'm happy I escaped that emotional blackmailer.

  3. Poster i know say na u get this Chronicle....If your mind is telling you something, just listen. I'm sure there's more to this Mr Z

  4. Ur friend should better use her brain and dig deeper

  5. All these stressful relationships, una dey try

  6. If your friend's not comfortable with the explanation, it's better she excused herself from the relationship.
    Stop digging like a rat if you're not comfortable.

    1. You don take over past tense from Teejay abi? Excused indeed

    2. Dig like a rat by all means and save your life from future hell

    3. Don is right. What's the essence of all the digging? At d end she doesn't need any reason to leave u know. Just move on 8f u ain't comfortable. Simple.

    4. My friend, typing on Puffin browser is hell. Don't look at my mistake.

  7. If your friend does not feel comfortable, she should leave

  8. I'm still angry from yesterday's Chronicle.

    1. As in ehn. I tried so hard not to comment so I dont send someone to depression.

  9. Na wa o
    I'd never judge anyone by their predicament but however, it is always safe to wait until the divorce is absolute , give the divorce time to heal ,to avoid stories that touch .
    These things aren't simple and straightforward,
    If your friend isn't satisfied and her heart is telling her otherwise.
    She should put a pause to their relationship or friendship until she feels right.

  10. Maybe the Lady told her husband and the husband told Mr.Z. So right now Mr. Z is quiet cos he is thinking of another lie to tell your friend. You guys should continue digging deep o before she enter one chance

  11. Women instincts are never wrong

  12. Madam, that man is still fully, legally married to the one she calls "ex"
    Una go press phones for night, press ooooo come press horseband???
    Okay market land, una go begin tremble like akwukwu?
    Una go begin search every hole like pussycat wey dey look for oke
    Na another woman horseband you press commot so
    If that other woman come vex give you acid baptism how far?
    Ajuju n' ese okwu?


    1. @Side Chicken
      You go come defend ya mate na -no be so?
      You no read say "divorce never finalize?"
      The wife no still get marriage certificate?
      Why the man no wait make divorce fully settle before
      he waka enter the sisi's fishing net eh?
      Suppose Judge come say im no go give them divorce?
      Ndi Pharisee side okuko jikwaranu nyayoo o


    2. This sort of trust issue is a put off for most people though. I think your friend should ask her man all the questions she needs answers to.. & get him to fill in the missing blank, if she isn't satisfied..

  13. Don't let your friend enter one chance
    She should end it now if she's uncertain to avoid further chronicles

  14. See ehn I’m all for a divorcée finding love again but if I ever find myself preparing to get married to a divorcée, I would go as far as speaking with the ex wife because you can never be too sure.

  15. If it smells like fish and tastes like fish then it's definitely a fish.
    I can smell fish. Shine your eyes

  16. You think any divorced man will say I cheated that's why she left n vice versa?

    I always say, when u marry a divorcee, you will find out why the divorce happens soon enof.

  17. She should call the lady up and ask
    You don’t answer that type of question well in chat because some of our foolish women will share the chat with the one they are investigating
    The woman didn’t say it was not his fault so there’s likely something she knows about the situation that makes her blame him

  18. Well I am separated from my ex yet we have not divorced properly but he has already announced it on social media that he is officially divorced. Well I hold nothing against him even the lies he told about me, how I try to kill him. He told so many people a lot of things that never took place cos I caught him cheating and decided to walk way since he was not satisfying me in the marriage yet he cheat. My ex will never say good things about me to any babe he want to get into her pant, he will have to talk down at me so that the lady will have pity on him and date him.

    I prefer to be single than to be with my ex who cheat without looking back. I will advise your friend watch him closely with both eyes, ask him to do the proper thing by getting the divorce papers to be sure he is ready to be single again. Make sure your friend talk to his ex wife to be sure.


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