Stella Dimoko Former Militant Asari Dokubo Sends Warning Message To IPOB's Nnamdi Kanu


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Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Former Militant Asari Dokubo Sends Warning Message To IPOB's Nnamdi Kanu

Asari Dokubo, a former Niger Delta militant leader, has vowed to kill the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu.

Dokubo said that the struggle for the actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra has been compromised by the IPOB leader.

In a video he shared on Facebook on Wednesday morning, he wondered why Kanu is running instead of facing the Nigerian Government squarely.

He also blasted Kanu for alleged killing Prophet Anthony Nwoko, insisting he has not killed anyone before, even as a Muslim.

He said, “Our fellow Biafrans, in this period of darkness, a few people have decided to thrash our struggle in the blood of our own people. So that they will become Supreme leaders, saviours and messiahs.

“We didn’t see the red flag, the signals were always there but some people saw it before us.

“But because we believed that Biafra must be achieved with any means possible, we did not see these dangerous signals early enough.”

Asari, still talking about the assassination of Biafra Prophet, Nwoko, said it was wrong for the Biafran struggle to be turned into bloodshed.

He warned that he would not hesitate to kill Nnamdi Kanu if he dares him, saying, “I’ll smoke you out. I’m not boasting.

“I’ ll smoke you out from every hole, every corner. They know me.

“If one idiot threatens to attack me and makes good his words to attack me, I’ll kill him.”
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  1. Nnamdi kanu better not dare Asari dokubo if he doesn't want to be used as suya by the militants in the creeks.


    1. Nnamdi Kanu isn't into politics of militancy or pipeline security and as such won't diginify Asari Dokubo with a response.

    2. Him no fit try respond to Asari na. Na die! Nnamdi kanu whe na coward with chicken testicular membrane? If na olosho now, you fit call nnamdi. Na the only area him know how to act.

    3. You called a man coward that publicised his coming into Nigeria and made good his threat by coming. When he was arrested, didn't two different courts granted him bail unconditionally?

      For two years Justice Binta Nyako presided over his case why didn't she jail him for treason as they said? Inside the court Nnamdi spoke vehemently that he can never be jailed.

      Do you think if the Nigerian government have a good case against Kanu, two years won't be enough to have rounded up his case?

      After he was granted bail, didn't he went on tour to different states to an extent on one of his tour, two police men took selfie with him.

      A man who spoke heavily on air against the government and still took the challenge to step his foot on the same country you called a coward.

      A coward that was warmly received in Germany two days ago by some diplomats you called a coward.

    4. A coward who ran away from the Biafra cause and acted irresponsibly to get his people killed.

    5. Who be Asari? Mbaa ana abara agu. Biko kwuonu kam nuu ihe neme.

  2. You guys should allow the Nigerian youths suffer,they are still hoping Nigeria will be better, their grand parents and parents thought so and died waiting now the youths are growing grey still hoping, while their teenage kids have turned to Prostitutes and scammers. Asari and co stop bothering yourselves,soon na Nigerians go cry for split or at least restructure.

    1. Nigeria will never cry for restructure dear. You can't tell a man to restructure that which he structured that favors him. The north structured the whole system and today it's in their favor and you think they would want to restructure Nigeria.

      Last month gold were discovered in Zamfara state but it wasn't last month the mining started, for it has been ongoing secretly and the returns weren't remitted to the federal government rather they said it belongs to the north. It was when fight broke out by bandits and armed militia over the gold minning that we got to know about it.

      The northern elites believed the gold in Zamfara belongs to the north but the crude in the south belongs to Nigeria. Do you now see the deception and sham of a country we found ourselves? You see why I often say the black man doesn't think properly.

    2. Teekay continue .nothing do you . Always on point. I hate when SS/SE disagree...
      Ijaw girl.

  3. Two mad ugly dogs.... πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  4. Teejay darling, where is you? Your attention is need here with alacrity.

  5. Please smoke him out..he needs to explain this his hide and seek..


  6. Do Asari Dokubo has any iota of shame in him? I don't think so, else he won't made a public disgrace of himself. The other time he said in a video that went viral, that Igbos are slaves to the Ijaws and I shook my head in shame. In a sane clime, Asari  Dokubo would have by now been under investigation by DSS, to provide enough evidence of all he knows about the killing of this man according to the frivolous accusations and allegations coming out from that gutter mouth of his.

    This is a man whom not less than fifty persons died in his home town in Abonnema in Akuku Toru local government area of Rivers State during the last election in Rivers state, yet he didn't make any video to condemn the death of his people, but so quick to condemn just a death of one man not even from his clan. Whose script is Asari acting???.

    A compromised freedom fighter is a fighter who lives in peace with his oppressors. This, Asari Dokubo has often proved to be true. Why isn't the government going after him? The answer isn't farfetched, he is a sell out and bought over.

    This is a man who claimed to be a freedom fighter but watched his people died of starvation in a community bless with crude. He became rich in the pretense of Ijaw emancipation and struggle, and today not one school was built in Ijaw land where he made those billions fraudulently,  but far away in Benin republic where he already became a citizen and has one of the best school and businesses over there.. Is this a man you will take serious?

    Tomorrow, if the government capitalize on this rubbish he is spewing now and assassinate him, some idiots will come out and say Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB group have assassinate him.

    Asari your community produced the oil the northern elites are feeding fat on and the best they can offer you is a pipe line security watchman. Isn't that a shame? How many of your people are in NNPC or have oil wells? Can you boast of good school or water in your communities? Is Nnamdi Kanu the problem of your people being improvised?

    You are a disgrace to the Ijaws but again I am not surprised, aren't you a Muslim? Now it makes sense seeing you defend and work for the people who desecrate your land and robbed you of your resources. Is this the way you intend to achieve your resource control? Shame fall on you there.

    1. No he is not a disgrace to ijaws your nnamdi any better than him ..Asari has not run away to any where he abuses buhari , amaechi and still stays back in Nigeria shaking

    2. Was Asari not the man that boasted if Jonathan is rigged out Nigeria will go in flames? What happened when Jonathan finally losed? Why haven't Asari Dokubo speak out about the Ogoni clean up the federal government promised of since it inception? A Prince from Rivers State was killed at Oyigbo last week and Asari couldn't speak about it but can speak about Anthony Nwoko. Isn't that ironical? Now you understand the game he is playing.

    3. TEEJAY, please get your facts right. Asari is from Buguma,Asari Toru Local government area of Rivers State and not Akuku Toru.

    4. Teejay, Jonathan was voted out of power; nobody rigged him out

    5. Ebiere thanks for the correction but they are all Ijaws right?

      Anon 17:00 but he boasted that Jonathan must do two terms else heaven will fall.

    6. Yes ,they are sister LGAs. The Kalabari Ijaws

  7. Wait o! Teejay, are you a follower/supporter of Nnamdi Kanu?

    1. I am a Biafran and not ashamed of my identity or where I come from. I may not be an IPOB member or follower of Nnamdi Kanu, but that won't stop me from setting the record straight or correcting some misconceptions people do spew out online about Biafrans.

    2. Or making things up

  8. All Teejay do here is post comments supporting Nnamdi Kanu. But he’s yet to realize that the path Nnamdi Kanu is taking won’t get him Biafra.

    I have posted comments here before that Kanu wouldn’t be a fugitive by, rather he would be a power broker by now if and only if he had supported a candidate in the Anambra gubernatorial election when he was expected to do so. Victory is Anambra may bring other SE states into IPOB fold.

    When you control 5 state govts and elected state and federal HOA members, all imbalances in the region would be easy to addressed. That’s the way to go. The Secession movement is DOA.

    I don’t care if Asari wants to kill Kanu. They can both kill each other for all I care. Both of them are opportunists

  9. The spokesperson for BIAFRA on this blog is a true son of the soil.
    Well done.

    My only problem with you people is that you don't learn from your past. Your ideologies have been monetized to think money is everything.

    The mass exodus of igbos back to their states with the aim of having a referendum, will be the day people start taking your struggle seriously but till then, it's all a joke to me.


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