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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Wednesday In House News

In a Cold sweat after reading what i read that you are about to read.....WTF

I am not hungry today.........................

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGGGGGG...this is actually a continuation of yesterdays chronicles,this wan pass chronicles ooooooooooooooo!!!



Push up my own issue now a US based guy I have been dating for few months now told me unless I get pregnant on his next visit coming up next month he can't marry me. That that will be the 1st step to make him know I am serious. I am 32 while he is 40.

This guy has been trying to get me pregnant since we met. I have been the one preventing it. Before we even started having sex he insisted we both did full medicals cos he wasn't going to use condoms with me. which I found weird but I went along with it.

We have only been dating for 4 months and what if  something goes wrong? I am not ready to be a single mother. The plan is for me to relocate once I am pregnant.

*Get you pregnant?this is how baby mamas emerge.........Relocate you?I laugh in Waffy...let him relocate you first before you get pregnant or let him try the next bus stop.....


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  1. I found this interesting to share...

    The 12 Laws Of Karma.


    Whatever we put into the universe will come back to us.


    life does not happen by itself, we need to make it happen.


    One must accept something in order to change it.


    When we change ourselves, our lives follow suit and change too.


    We must take responsibility for what is in our lives.


    The past, present and future are all connected.


    We cannot think of two different things at the same time.


    Our behaviour should match our thoughts and actions.


    One cannot be present if they are looking backward.


    History repeats itself until we learn from its and change our path.


    The most valuable rewards requires persistence.


    Rewards are a direct result of the energy and effort we put in it.

    1. And I'm paying 1.1 for two bedroom in yaba,
      Later someone in Ajah will open mouth to talk down on mainland people .

    2. You say you are a catholic and wanted to be a priest?
      Are these things up there in your Catholic Bible, eh onye isi ndi Pharisee?
      Karma is a satanic way of telling you that you can't be forgiven for wrongs
      Jesus went to the cross so that we can be forgiven inugo?

    3. Anon 14:21 If you are big you are big. Don't let it bother you na. Lol

      Btw that money for don build one bungalow for Villa.

    4. Anonymous 14:21, Please go and collect your change. This is fraud.

    5. Anon 14:23 maybe you only saw Karma and didn't bother to read the writings to know if they are true or false. Please read from one to twelve if you find anyone against the Christian faith, then point it out to me for possible correction.

      Let me be sipping my zobo gradually as I awaits your response.

    6. Naija girls no dey take ear hear “Abroad” and “Marriage”
      They could do the most foolish things
      Madam poster, what if he needs a baby maker for his wife abroad? You don think am??
      Borrow yourself sense and move on to a more deserving man.

    7. Anon 14:41, fraud you say? Then you obviously are not very familiar with yaba. There are 2 bedrooms for 2M plus in Edmund crescent. And a lot of 1.5M thereabout within alagomeji axis.

    8. 2:41, it's not oo.
      Go and price flats in ozone area, yabaleft area or that NHIS area.
      You go know how far.
      Yaba and ikeja are two areas that are just expensive for what I dont know.

    9. Ha Stella,you are not hungry?
      Its so unlike you.
      Welcome IHN.

    10. @Troll
      That thing wey you ask there na ajuju n'ese okwu
      Them go soon brand you man, whether you be or not
      Pharisee TJ, go and read ya bible and stop yarning utaba
      Even that ya word "karma" no be bible inugo? 🀒🀒
      Did you read your bible today? Talk true make other Pharisees
      carry shame.

    11. Anon 16:44 the same Bible admonishes us in Galatians 6:7, that we shouldn't be deceived, for whatsoever a man soweth that he shall reap. What do you have to say about that? Isn't that the law of nature and exactly what number one stated above in what I wrote? Yes he is a merciful father and at the same time a Just God.

      Apostle Paul even asked, should one continue in sin for grace to abound?

      Dear, until people are told the bitter truth that they will answer for their crimes in one way or the other, then Christianity will only be but a fun fare.

    12. @TJ
      If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away, all things has become new
      2 Corinth. 5:17.
      That is what I say to that. There is room for repentance. But for those who are in Christ already and
      committing sins for fun (the Pharisees), Grace does not "abound" for they are abusing the Grace of God.

  2. God is saying to you today,"Something BIG is about to happen in your life. You will not leave the month of MAY empty-handed. Answers and blessings are coming your way!". Don't give up.

    1. I key into this declaration with a resounding Amen.

    2. Amen Amen Amen..I receive it

    3. Chronicle poster, go and see a psychiatrist.
      This is how serial killers are born.
      You are severely mentally disturbed.
      Wish you were abroad, hypnosis will really help you.

    4. I receive with thanksπŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Amen πŸ™πŸ½


  3. Only for smart thinkers

    It's 7:00 AM. You are asleep and there is a sudden knock on the door. Behind the door are your parents who came to have breakfast. In your fridge are bread, milk (pasteurized), juice, and a jar of jam. To answer, what will you open first?

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. Your eyes since you were asleep.

    2. Kelvin open your brain first... its been shut for too long

    3. @Kelvin I'll click on the reply button first to answer your question.

  4. IHN is packed today woah. Lotsa goodies for sale on display. Sales sales sales to you all. The edibles are especially yummy looking 🀀🀀🀀

    1. Sellers, can you put up your prices ?? If you have no plans to cheat why not state your price?
      Must I add everyone on whatsapp or make a phone call before I know if I am buying or not? Who has that time?.

      Patapata put negotiable so prospective customers have an idea of the price.

    2. Good afternoon.
      Please, what does WES Verification mean and why is it done?

    3. Charity Google is your friend ok, use it. You'll get more info that way.

  5. Naija wife extension
    Definition: Getting pregnant for the US based toyboy who already has a steady wife and kids in the US
    Must you marry someone from abroad?
    Ajuju ka m n' aju Naija girls eh?

  6. Marriage does not start with getting pregnant.
    It starts with payment of Bride Price to your dad.

    1. So apt!!! Your education and upbringing wasn't a waste dear.

    2. I hope she takes this.

      But why are ladies bent on marrying guys from abroad sef.

      Se abroad is now the new heaven.

    3. Baby mama loading .......

    4. Lmaoooi. That abroad guy is looking for a naija based wife he can be knacking steady. Poster if you fall peren! You are on your own.

  7. What a sunny day! Hope u are all having a great day? Customers to all sellers . The girl whose boyfriend want her to be pregnant first, plz do not. There are men like that everywhere. His love seem so conditional.

    1. Yaba left escapee22 May 2019 at 14:42

      She agreed to do the tests.
      She agreed to have unprotected sex with him....
      You think she wont agree to get pregnant for him?
      This is how people open their eyes and walk into hell, such conditions from a man is insulting to your integrity if you have any.
      You should also request 3m naira paid into your account as a positive declaration intended to give confidence (assurance).. if at all youre crazy enough to go ahead with that twisted plan.

    2. Yaba left escapee22 May 2019 at 14:49

      ....even when youre buying an oven or cake baker, do you put in already mixed flour & other ingredients and wait to confirm its working b4 paying for it?? Who the hell does that?? And ure a 32yr old lady, an oven is not even treated that way WTF.. that man doesnt love you, he sees u like a baby machine.
      Y'all making this fools abroad feel theyre closer to God than you, or its heaven extension, FUCK IT!! Trust me ive been to 4 continents on earth & 6 different countries, its not heaven!

    3. Yabb left πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    4. Yaba left I am well travelled and i have a sister in the US. I actually met him when I went to visit my sister during Xmas.
      Whether I relocate or not doesn't even matter to me because I have a good job here. But I am quite under pressure from family to settle down and so is he because he is 40.
      I think he feels because I am far away in Nigeria I can easily meet someone else and leave him.
      But my feeling is this guy is trying to trap me so I won't leave. Also in his family it is the norm for their wives to get pregnant first then soon after pay bride price.
      Him being abroad has nothing to do with my dilemma.

    5. Anon poster, I understand your point but again I think some men do this or take this path, for they feel or don't want after marriage for delay in child bearing. They just want to be sure of fertility before marriage, but to me that is a wrong move also. Getting pregnant isn't advisable I must tell you but its up to you to make that decision.

      From your comment it seems you have already given in to it. Whatever be the case, I wish you all the best and good luck.

    6. YLE the thing taya me too.

    7. Yaba left escapee22 May 2019 at 15:46

      You're already firm enough to be on your own, why caving into unecessary pressure? Will they live with the man after wedding? DONT AGREE, no more unprotected sex

    8. Anonymous 15:27 I guess you are just looking for someone to tell you to do it cos of your second to last paragraph. "But my feeling is this guy is trying to trap me so I won't leave. Also in his family it is the norm for their wives to get pregnant first then soon after pay bride price".
      So when you know this why come here for advice.
      Okay go ahead and be pregnant I promise you he will come and pay your bride price se this is what you want.

    9. Poster, I actually understand.
      Some men are archaic like that.
      They are marrying you for procreation purposes and they are not hiding it.
      (That's is he is serious)
      So, after he gets you pregnant and marries you, don't complain if he takes a side chick because you no born male child.
      Don't complain when he wants you to be a house wife.
      Don't complain when he demands your salary.
      The signs are all there.
      He is not marrying you for you.
      He is marrying you for your womb, and vayjay

    10. Poster with abroad boyfren,
      In the end you are the only one who can make the decision. You know your mind is telling you not to do it, why do you insist?
      You think you are under pressure to marry, wait till you are indeed 'trapped' by a man, you will know what pressure is. You haven't known this man for four months and you want to get pregnant? During those four months, all you two did was have sex, and you want to get pregnant? I can confidently tell you that you know nothing about this man.
      I really pity you because you have been unmarried till now, only to open your eyes and enter bad relationship /marriage

    11. It might not be a scam. Many families do this. After you take in, then marriage quick quick. Do your investigation to see if he’s right for you . The guy feels he can’t afford to take any chances . Ask him to meet you in the middle. If it’s America, he can get you a fiancΓ© visa and once you’re there you can get pregnant and then get married.

    12. Poster with abroad boyfriend.
      I dont normally comment, but I just had to because i was in a similar situation about 13 years ago.
      We had plans to marry,He came back, we had unprotected sex (though i thought it was my safe period, and I also took 'after pills), yet I took in for him.
      I found out after he left back to his base, told him on the phone; that was when I knew I was on my own.
      He said he isn't ready for a baby yet, he sent money for a D&C, I cried but I did it.
      He stopped talking to me, blocked me on all Media channels.
      Later married another lady, had kids.
      I have regretted that action till date.
      That was the only D&C I have ever done.
      I still regret it till today.
      I am married now, but it still hurts.

      Do not open your eyes wide and ask soap to enter.
      Be wise. You are better than this.
      Learn from my mistake.

    13. No mind dem!!!
      These naija girls never realize that most abroad based guys r "demonic" and destiny killers...who will con or trick any female they see to fall pregnant (without any commitments) or without any legit relatiinship status together with them.
      So the man can chicken out of any responsibilities, remain in denials..blaming the woman's honor, character, integrity etc.

      Please if u r prepared to a single mother/ baby mama or to suffer with a kid alone on u r own, THEN GO AHEAD TO GET PREGNANT FOR THIS MAN. OK!!!

  8. Afternoon bvs
    That sign out picture is scary

  9. God help me to always think positive. Good day guys.

  10. U can get 2br flat sef for 600k, poster looking for house in Shangisha..

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  11. Demon incarnate, be like u have a death wish, that thing inside you can make someone u hurt kill u n die like fowl.

    1. Haba nwanyi Pharisee
      No human on earth is demon incarnate
      That Pastors aren't able to deliver her
      does not make Jesus unable to deliver her.
      He whom the son shall set free shall be free indeed inugo?

    2. Make she go meet Jesus face to face naa n look him in da eye n say "deliver me o son of man".

  12. Bv they are tempting with pregnancy, let him relocate you first then knack belly put, n marry u ASAP.

    1. Even relocating her is no guarantee she won't end up a baby mama. Let him seek her hand in marriage the right way abi did she drop from the sky? Once you get pregnant just know that you are at his mercy, whatever you see you take.

  13. Phew!!read all,no comment.

  14. That possessed poster though, Lord have mercy on you

    1. Pray for his mercy on your own soul first

  15. Demon possessed By, you possess all the qualities of a witch including envy. You don't need a doctor you need an exorcist!

    1. She needs to be conjured n extinguished.

    2. Yes he can relocate her as fiancΓ© and then marry after pregnancy

  16. Olori shoes is something else very lovely, do you have lower sizes, especially for snickers...

    1. What sizes are you looking for
      Thanks so much 😘😘😘

  17. Such beautiful shoes for such amount, wow.. Abi my eyes dey play me wayo..

  18. BV with the US based guy, don't try it o! Home based baby factory loading for you if you do!

  19. you can get your WAEC certificate from WAEC office as long as you can still remember the year you took it correctly and your names.
    You go to the school you had the exams although you'll be asked to pay some money to get the info you need.
    And yes will need a WEAC scratch card to access it

    1. I dislike you, you open yNash for man to pour in you 4 times and he still did not marry you.You are the really I shame for you , your are not a responsible person at all, and pls don't tell me it was a mistake ,you hear .mumu like you .hmm?

    2. Enter your reply...Thanks, its Waec GCE ?

    3. Anon 15:41
      If e sure for you, why didn't you use your blog ID.
      Run along and leave her alone. Onye nzuzu

    4. Na mumu dey worry you.
      When you don cry finish tell me make I throw tissue for you
      I wonder how your own go be.......CHAI.........
      Dey cry over wetin my wondering naive mind don do 14 yrs ago
      At least I get mind speak out.Learn if you want.No make mumu wear you cloth.
      Your sarcasm will not tear me.For I have grown out of my own misdoings.

    5. Anon 15:41.. shame on you. You are a coward big time.

    6. Na people like you dey make people kill demselves.
      Na my matter you go use hang yourself if you no go find how you go take improve yourself.

    7. 15:41 , you followed her here too? May God have mercy on you.

  20. God bless you plenty SDK
    I am so grateful

  21. God will deliver you demon,Its good you're seeking help.I never knew demons get tired, talk more of writing about their atrocities, God will deliver you ... To all the sellers, I pray you all will experience massive patronage by God's grace. Madam with the "abroadian" dude ,give it a thorough thought. Parenting is not a child's play...... Singing outta the post 🎢🎢 ibi ti daddy mi o dΔ› ma dΔ› bΓ© ma tun kojΓ ,ibi ti mummy mi o dΔ› ma debΓ¨ ma tun koja...huyΓΆ mΓ¦ yΓΆr !huyΓΆ mΓ¦ yor!!....

    1. The demon is not tired,it is her real self that is tired...

  22. Please don't get pregnant for him...its not love at all,both of you need to live together first before kids start coming.... I don't know why I'm just too scared to read that chronicle since yesterday

  23. So I opened IG and found out that bo-hairs just bought a house on the island and she's just 24 same as me and to think she just moved to Lagos last year just makes me sad. She sells hairs and under the space of 3yrs she already has a car and now house is just making me really said,been thinking of my life since

    1. Bo with her banging body! If I hear say hair money got her the house

    2. Not all that glitters are gold. Some things are never said or explained.

    3. To each his own. U should not feel bad. Focus on what u have. Wat presently is, how u can be better. Take care dear.

    4. And you believe she got the money from hair business?? Some of you are fucking easily deceived sha. Or are we not living in this same Nigeria??
      See you giving yourself hbp ontop serious lie.

    5. My sister be contented with your present situation please, you better dont envy her,you don't know what she does be careful.

      A friend of mine told me how she accommodated a friend of her on the island for just two days.after two days she stopped coming to sleep at her house the next thing she got a Toyota venza in the space of 2 weeks she came to friend that works with one of this telecommunications company sef never buy keke.the said lady later open up to my friend ooo that she met a rich man at one popular club and she already jazz herself before meeting the man.anything she tell the man to do na him he dey do...
      If not that my friend open up to us she was about doing what she did cos the lady told her the secret cos she wanted in.
      Thank God we were able to talk her out it and she has also distance herself from her.

  24. 😨😨😨😨😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

  25. Don't ever make the mistake of getting pregnant first else, you might regret it. God didn't ordain marriage that way, be patient and let God give you a man that will come with peace. If he can't marry you first, then he doesn't deserve you.

    1. I don’t like this pregnancy first thing but let’s be honest many times the guy does marry the girl once she gets pregnant

  26. Hello from Kd city....
    Let me just pass at demon possessed by bv, may you find the desired help.

    Wangarau food, those crayfish, dry fish and kilishi is everything. I will help myself with kilishi and pap for iftar.

    More customers to all sellers.

  27. The lady that is posessed, you're an agent of darkness. An arsenal for Satan's kingdom but your freedom is here.

    You must confess to your family! To people that know you not people that do not know you devil hates to be exposed you need lots of people interceding for you.

    its a serious spiritual battle you have to fight for freedom and satan will not let go so easily.

    Something happened in your childhood that brought about rejection amd opened the door for the devil.

    Use your mouth! Proclaim jesus king over your life, proclaim your body the temple of the holy ghost and nothing else, keep speaking your way to deliverance.

    Something has been hindering your deliverance, ask the holy spirit to brood upon you and reveal this to you.

    You are a special woman with a gift that the devil has turned to use for his kingdom.

    You will be free and serve the living God amen.

  28. Good afternoon BVs. please, do not get pregnant for a guy who is not married to you.

  29. No wonder urine stench was everywhere the first day I came for inspection, it subsided after I had washed everywhere.

    By the time I was done wondering, he had ran inside.
    I quickly knocked on the door, a pregnant woman came out.

    'Ha! Aunty no vex, na here be him toilet since wey Mama Tosin pack comot, I warn him say make he no piss for there again, he no hear. Make I bring water con wash am'.
    I was furious..

    This woman's carelessness got me more furious than the knowledge that my 'dormot' had turned toilet. There was light but the corridor was dark including the bathroom and toilet, infact from the corridor to the gate was dark. I later learnt they stopped buying bulbs when the bulbs kept disappearing. Someone kept stealing electric bulbs meant to illuminate the compound. Can you just imagine?

    'Madam, how can you allow this little boy to go out alone in the dark to pee? Get him a potty to pee in or you follow him to the toilet, pls I don't want this to happen again.' I said firmly.
    She apologised and I proceeded to the well to draw water.

    As soon as I stepped outside, something ran over my feet, I screamed and jumped as I flashed my torch.
    Behold, it was a very big black rat, it was as big as a small cat. A man came outside and asked what the problem was.

    'Na correct meat be that o, where he enter? He big well well?' He asked picking up a long stick.
    I felt like throwing up right there, this man actually eats rats? Rat as in R.A.T? I left him and walked on.

    'If that rat enters someone's room, the kind of havoc it will wreck, ah! What is this my God?' I kept thinking as I reached the well.

    Brothers and sisters, yours truly met a dry well.

    By now, to cry con dey hungry me seriously.

    Enjoy the rest of your day bvs.

    Bv Dreza

    1. In following this story.. weldone. Waiting for more.

    2. Dry what?!!! Arrrrh nawa..I'm enjoying this story already.

    3. Mehnnnn people are passing through alot. See me in my 30s I have my own nice apartment in lekki, I own 2 cars, have a very good job and millions in the bank but my headache in life is marriage. I am dating someone but I'm not sure I can marry him. I am contemplating leaving the relationship but the fear of being alone is keeping me there.
      I really wish you can get out of that apartment. You should not be living that way. You right so well. My heart just breaks so many people are passing through alot because of finances while I complain because I am single at 35 but there is nothing I desire I can't buy. LIFE

    4. Thanks all. I'm encouraged.
      16:05, marriage? Hmmmm, I pray God gives you a good man soon, the one that will love you forever.

    5. I don't know why my comment with the story doesn't go through if I use my blog Id in the afternoon when IHN is still fresh. I will keep trying.

  30. I need your humble prayers my fellow Youtube channel monetization has been on hold for 2months and weeks now.. Please depression is setting in

  31. I am more concerned about your person ,your content, as to how a man would see you ,relate with you and issue you an instruction to get pregnate first before he marries you. Madam what is your SELF WORTH?

  32. Good afternoon.
    Please what does WES Verification mean and why is it done?

    1. google is your friendship

  33. @ Wangarau foods, everything looks inviting.
    Goodluck to all sellers.

  34. Omg!that demoic possess write up got my mouth open.
    This is some serious issue,you need serious therapist plus prayer.

    You just have to look for a pastor or prophet who God speaks through him and open up to him about all this.

    Please be fast about this before it leads to self destruction.

  35. Madam American boyfriend nekwagi nekwa baby mama, that man does not mean well for you, y is he conditioning you. Please be very very careful cos this decision might be a life changer for you. Love is free and without conditions. Madam original WAEC and GCE go to the WAEC office of the state where you wrote your exam. Madam demon possessed may God deliver you o. Am out.

  36. Good afternoon bvs, sunny day here, Stella the chronicle up there is so tiny to my eyes ,I can't see it clearly to read, lovely things customers locate you guys,the lady that want to get pregnant,plz don't do it that man doesn't love he just want a baby factory,relax your own man will come stop being desperate okay.

  37. Bv that bf wants to get pregnant before respect you for who you are and how you carry have gone to do the test meaning you have agreed to have sex and get pregnant according to his plan.did you give him your own condition?or is he the only one who had the right to give conditions.madam what after you get pregnant and he looks at you and dislikes you bcos I know of men who when their wife gets preg they get irritated .so use your head o to avoid chronicles

  38. If it's conditional, then it isn't love. Love doesn't condition one to do things. Please poster what is the assurance that after getting pregnant you will be relocated or even wife you? What if his interest is on the baby and not you? A good man won't treat a woman such way, NEVER.... This shows he won't respect or regard you even in the marriage. Please be careful else you make a terrible mistake.

    1. Of course the focus is not on her but on the baby. You think all the single mothers you see today chose to be in that situation?? E go do you like magic.

  39. please Stella, is there a way you can increase the font size for your chronicles, the size with the water mark is too small and difficult to read for me o

  40. thanks stellz.
    me love you since 19100😘😘

  41. Why is there no price tag on those nice clean looking prawns and the other stuffs there. Please, next time put a price tag, especially on the ones already packed.

    How easy it is for young women to be getting pregnant for guys in the abroad...(especially those Nigerian Americans) God help you women because, the grass always look greener at the other side of the world.

    Who nor go nor know.

    1. "Who no go, no know" you just took me down memory lane of a friend that always said this. Such an unpleasant memory though.

  42. BV abroad husband, tell him 'ya were oso n'ije' meet ya papa first to show his seriousness.
    If ya papa say ngwanu,he should pay #5m in ya account as per assurance moni.
    Abi na suffer head you carry come this world.

  43. na you hold the yam and whatever your heart chooses...but a child is a good things at least you will have what to fall back to or live for..if marriage doesnt work you have your child... tho is fornication but forget society

  44. To all the bvs selling one item or the other ,I pray for overflow of customers for you guys.thise packet crayfish and kpomo I see or what chai it would have been good for business where I am but don't know how to go about it but surely will find out how I can get it across .

  45. Madam GET ME PREGNANT, better borrow yourself sense. That guy does not rate yo uat all. The moment you get pregnant, puff puff will turn to buns.
    I have seen several cases like that. First of all, his papers are most likely not legit so he will be unable to facilitate your relocation. Na for phone and skype your pikin go dey see him/her papa. Stop having unprotected sex with a man you are not married to and before you marry an abroad guy, go and do court wedding, let him arrange your travel papers then you can do traditional marriage. If he bolts after the court wedding, you quietly bid your time and approach the courts for dissolution of the marriage. Besides most of them without legit papers will not agree to do a court wedding, so you can sieve the goats from the chickens.
    Be guided and God help you as you help yourself.

    1. Thank you for this. I hope she hears

    2. I have several US and UK visas mind you. My elder sister has been resident in US since 96 and I have been visiting yearly since then. I also did my Masters in University of Sheffield UK and lived there for 2yrs. Abroad is not my problem.
      My bf is also a citizen mind you he was born there,reason he wants to relocate me. But before he can file for me he wants some assurance I guess.
      he wants me to get pregnant just because that is what his brothers did. My sister knows his brother and family so he isn't a total stranger.
      However after talking to my sister she has advised he does an introduction first.
      I am still thinking of what I want as it is a decision that will affect only me.

    3. You are exposed and should know better...what do you want in life?There different reasons people get married, a guy should love you and desire to spend the rest of his life with you before babies come in, giving a lady ultimatum seems like he doesn't want to risk getting married and waiting to have kids, but he is not GOD.i don't like it when people play GOD.The fact that all his brothers get their women pregnant before marriage is not a must that he must do same...this kind of guy will send his wife packing if he marries her and she doesnt procreate within a certain time frame.I think your mind is made up, but ask yourself what if i don't get pregnant within the period of his last visit?There are married couples that copulate regularly but only get pregnant when GOD says it is time.The men that wait until after marriage to have sex with their wives are they not 'men''?My dear please give this whole issue a serious thought.

  46. My dear don't get pregnant for him just like that o. Taking care of a baby all alone is not easy at all. Why is he looking for a child first sef?

  47. Bv that want to collect WAEC certificate, yes you can get it at their office for a token so far it is GCE

  48. I have not read that demon possess story. Will take time to read but not now.

    The anon disturbing Ayaoba, are you now being paid to torment her? For your information you are not better than her. You and ceaser supposed get married because both of you seems useless.

    Attacking someone that shared her story, hope the naira has entered your account. Stupid idiot. I want to stop abusing people but you are very stupid for using her story to torment her.

    Lovely sales to all. See beautiful things on this blog. God bless una hustles Amen.

  49. Don't get pregnant for your America bobo unless he wife you

  50. I’m not completely against this pregnancy first thing although I don’t like it. What I noticed with your case though is the ultimatum. Get pregnant at my next visit or I’m done. He’s not saying we’ll get married after you get pregnant. He is saying if I give you till this trip and you don’t bring news of pregnancy,I will leave you and go try the next chick . My dear move on unless you’re ok with a loveless marriage because this ultimatum is not love. Good luck

  51. What if he is shooting blanks?

    That is sperm that can't get a woman pregnant.


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