Stella Dimoko Wife Drags Husband To Court For Slapping Her In Front Of Their Children


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Thursday, May 02, 2019

Wife Drags Husband To Court For Slapping Her In Front Of Their Children

A 25-year-old housewife, Maryam Abdullahi, has dragged her husband to a Sharia Court ll, seating in Magajin Gari, Kaduna state, for slapping her in the presence of their children.

Maryam, who lives in Hayin Malam Bello, Kaduna, alleged that her husband slapped her because of a little misunderstanding they had.

“I went home to visit my parents, whose house is not far from where we reside. When I came back, he did not listen to my explanations on why I went out to visit them. He slapped me on my right cheek and it got swollen,” Maryam said.

The defendant, Ismail Abdullahi, 45, a bricklayer, admitted to slapping his wife.
“She always goes out leaving the children at home without my consent. I am pleading with the court to be lenient on me, I will never beat her again. I love my wife, Ismail said.”

The father of the complainant, Malam Muhammad Lawal, prayed to the court to warn the defendant to stop beating his daughter.

The Judge, Musa Sa’ad-Goma, ordered the defendant to beg for his wife’s forgiveness in court. Sa’ad-Goma warned him never to hit or slap his wife again no matter the height of disagreement they have. The judge also ordered the defendant to write an undertaking while his brother will be a witness.



  1. Good that men like this needs to be warned by the court of law to avoid a constant assault.

    1. Only weak men would lay hands on their women.

  2. That’s not good enough.
    Some of those kids when they grow up,start to do same to their partners.
    I remember when my neighbor and his wife had issues.
    He slapped his wife in their daughter’s presence. The daughter slapped her father back o.
    I was shook 😲

    1. Are you sure you saw her slap her father?
      How old was she if true?

    2. Lmao
      😂🤣😂😂 wow !!!
      we had same our neighbour used to beat his wife in front of the kids ,
      He beat her one time and she ran out naked to call my parents,
      Years later he tried it and his 1st son brought out a machete and told him if he laid his hand on his mother again he'd kill him, that was her redemption.

    3. @charity, she was 18 years old .
      I saw it happen cos I was in their house that day.

    4. It could be true. When I was very young. My father and mother had a disagreement. Naturally, my mum will go quiet and not say a word but this very day she was trying to explain and this got my father very upset. As he raised his hand, my step brother that my dad adopted held it and warned him seriously. Throughout my stay from childhood to teenager, it really never happened. And to think my Dad is older than my maternal grandfather, so trust me, my step brother damned all consequences. Even after that, my dad still paid his school fees and saw him through the University. Please don't pray for my step Bro. He slept with me from like 5yrs till I entered the University and ran off to school. Though there was no penetration, he will f..k my thighs. Now that I'm married, that's the only way I get to enjoy sex and have an organ. Do now has to f..k my clitoris, else nothing. I didn't know how to speak up, so one day, I called him an ashewo, he reported me and my parents asked him to mount me on his back whilst I was being flogged. To avoid me running heater shelter. Oluwole A....e. It shall not be well with you. My father loved you and took you as a son but you are just a Bastard. From one of your many sisters you messed up.

    5. @charity
      Yes it did happen it was a very shameful situation,
      And he was also a cheat and an occasional drunk.
      Well he doesn't hit her anymore.
      I hate any kind of violence.

  3. Hope he has learnt his lesson that his wife will not tolerate abuse from him. If he truly loves her he should begin to show it in other ways and not by beating or slapping. She is a wife not a slave.

  4. I like this Northern Wife.
    No nonsense

  5. Good one
    I like the lady's father too for standing up for her. Some fathers will just say hush hush, go back home and carry your kids.

  6. Good he would definitely respect himself

  7. Congrats madam
    As you carry oga (wey suppose dey on top) waka go court,
    Na scatter you scatter ya marriage so?

    1. Pls shut up! It's people like you that take rubbish all in the name of being married. Zero self worth

    2. Shut up abeg. I'm proud of what she did. The husband won't try that nonsense again.

    3. She has just safe the marriage in the best way.

    4. @Advocate 21:43/Gimbiya

      How una dey read sef?
      Did I say that what the horseband did was good?
      Have you lived in the North before/know the intricacies of sharia
      legal system?
      There are many ways of settling family disputes without involving the
      courts -especially in Northern Nigeria.
      That place no be America o inugo?
      Senior Advocates. 🤐🤐

    5. ANG unzip ya mouth !!!
      Well you don't know how extreme it had gotten for them to land in court ,
      Plus hitting a fellow human is a No No
      If she had died in the process of one his violent launch against her, you wouldn't be thinking of the intricacies rather you'd type that she could have left before it got worse.

      Shalom Pharisee ibe'm

    6. Anon 23:25, pls stop yarning nonsense about the sharia and northern women. It is not permissible in Islam to hit ones wife. So if she goes to the sharia court, the court will support her. If you are familiar with the intricacies of the sharia then you should know this hadith "Draw no blood, leave no mark". She has her parents full support, so nothing will happen to her. Why do you think its easier for women in the north to walk out of a marriage? Madam

  8. Congrats madam
    As you carry oga (wey suppose dey on top) waka go court,
    Na scatter you scatter ya marriage so?
    Oga sef na muturu im be.

  9. I dated a guy who goes mute r days when there's misunderstanding . Reason being his father always walk away when there's argument with wife(his mother) and returned after days when things are calm. I told him it's wrong. If you love someone u don't take off for that long. Bible says don't let sun go down on your anger so at most let things settle in few hours and discuss at night. He eventually improved. So children learn from parents.

  10. wow!
    it's not by being educated that one is aware of his or her right!
    I commend this lady!


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