Stella Dimoko Buhari Laments And Reveals Real Reason Ex-CJN Onnoghen Was Sacked


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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Buhari Laments And Reveals Real Reason Ex-CJN Onnoghen Was Sacked

President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday explained the real reason the former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen was suspended before his voluntary retirement on May 28.

Buhari while speaking at a meeting on Tuesday with the leadership of Afenifere, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, on his war against corruption said he had to deal with Onnoghen because of millions of dollars and Euros traced to him which were not declared, NAN reports.

The President wondered how someone, ‘who presides and lock people up for years and even sentence some to death was not doing what the constitution says he should do by occupying that vital institution.’

Buhari said: “I will tell you as Afenifere, that was why I had to deal though reluctantly with the former Chief Justice, because there were millions of dollars, euros, not to talk of naira, which were not declared.

“I wonder what sort of conscience some of us have, how can you seat and preside and lock people up for years and even sentence some to death and yet you are not doing what the constitution says you should do by occupying that vital institution.

“We put tribunals in all geopolitical zones and they investigated those who were in charge of government money and took all of them in prison until they explained what happened to the government’s money. Even I was detained, this is Nigeria.

“When a person cannot justify what he has or fails to declare as the constitution specifies, some of them dear to almighty God that their property doesn’t belong to them until we show them their bank accounts and their companies then we have some peace.’’

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  1. We all know it was bcos of the election, but talk your own and assume Nigerians with intellectual deficit will believe you. Besides you had no right to do that according to our constitution. Yep, I heard u, who constitution epp?

    1. So you want him to leave the same person that eat in the same plate with atiku... Imagine if he was still the cjn what would have happened now....thats Nigeria politics for you,you do what you think is favourable to you.

    2. Baba dáadáa God bless you, Naija must sweet again.

    3. 7up, I hope you're being paid properly bcos I don't want to believe you're one of those people that fell for this old man's scam.

  2. dem sabi...

    Me is not happy and need someine who can help me with words

  3. If he "stole" millions of dollars and Euros, why is he not in jail?
    How many millions of dollars/Euros did the APC governors around you steal?
    Who owns the Ikoyi mansion millions of dollars/Euros and where are they -in jail,
    where is the money?
    Why are the slaughtering Fulani herdsmen not "suspended and sacked" too?
    The Tinubu you were talking to, how did he accumulate such stupendous wealth
    to buy and maintain private jets etc?
    If I were to be in Nigeria during this second term elections, I would have
    voted for you sir, not because you are okay but because the other one isn't better
    but I am only asking questions and I need answers.

  4. If you can talk about conscience what will you say about yourself? The court released El Zazaky on bail since 2016 yet he is still languishing under captivity. But see the supersonic speed you used in Onnoghen's case? I am appalled that you mentioned conscience. You don't have one biko.

    1. What of Dasuki that was granted bail yet he refused to release him

  5. I hope his household can explain the millions they control. Actually billions. Man of conscience.

  6. Reading these comments I feel so so sad for Nigeria the way some young people talk on issues shows no level of analysis just bias. Haba have we gone down this low that something that is clearly wrong they will try to justify it. None or wrong declaration of assets for high level public office holder is a crime they never said he stole the money we should try and talk about issues objectively.

  7. If this is true,then what he should be tried and if foumd guilty must be convicted not a free man....that's the way it should be....but come o Mr.President,why is it that you never speak up against herdsmen like this?


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