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Sunday, June 09, 2019

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 1344

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you...


  1. No 1- do you blame them? 😀people can behave as if "thanks you" pays the rent or groceries.
    No 2- nature at its best

  2. Replies
    1. fact1... they say "no friends in business"

      fact2... that's some exceptionalities in crafting

      fact3... the devil relates well with that word

    2. Elizabeth Bathory9 June 2019 at 18:20

      Fact 1 is very true. It's such a drag.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ndi usu -like bat wey love the dark
    Them dey do a lot in there
    Them be children of darkness
    When I been dey year 1 for university
    If you commot for the field in female hostels at night,
    na so so fork -ofuuuuuuhhh, aghuuuuuuu you go dey hear o.
    The first time I hear am, I wondered what they were doing from
    9 to like 4 am... all kinds of noise. It was like an orgy in darkness.
    Who attended this same school... well known..

    1. God forbid that anybody else passed through whatever school you went to. The only advice I have for you is to go back there and get a full refund because they only wasted your time and degenerated the area of the brain that helps you write words. Sorry dear!

    2. Sorry @16:45
      A lot of you, even you probably went to that school
      I just don't want to write it. I don't want some of my
      mates who visit this blog to decode me; simple.
      And for your information, I did not live in that hostel.
      I got allocation and gave it out.

  5. Enter your comment...I'm the 3rd

  6. Fact 1 so true. I disturb my brother for anything computer related so much that even in the middle of the night, he wakes up to answer me.
    Fact 2:nature working on its own
    Fact3 :I love being in the dark but I dont see in the dark.

  7. Fact 1 is wisdom, before lean on me will turn to kill me and die.
    Fact 3. Hmm I love the dark.

  8. The last fact is so all Nigerians, NEPA made us become one.

    1. Word! I travelled to the States and on two different occasions, my hosts discovered I love staying in the dark for no reason. I would switch off the light unintentionally, and just press my phone in a dark room. Na Nepa cause am oh! That was my response to them. Never knew that part of me existed.

  9. Fact number 3 is partly me( or maybe mostly). I assimilate better in the dark( little or no side distractions), I focus more on my movie when its dark(with the exception of horror movies) and I meditate better in the dark.

  10. Facts gotten, fear IT family Lol


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