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Friday, June 28, 2019

Richest Churches And Richest Pastors In The World



1- Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints- $67.0 billon

2- Catholic Church - $30 billion +

3- Catholic Church Australia- $20.9 billion

4- Catholic Church Germany- $25.0 billion

5-Church of England $7.8 billion

6-Opus Dei (part of the Catholic Church) Italy- $2.8 billon

7-Church of Scientology- $2.0 billon


Christ Embassy
*No Pentecostal church at all*.


1 Bishop Oyedepo - $150 Million
2 Bishop TD Jakes - $147 Million
3 Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - $50 Million
4 Pastor Benny Hinn - $42 Million
5 Pastor Adeboye - $39 Million
6 Pastor Creflo Dollar - $27 Million (He used to be #1)
7 Pastor Kenneth Copeland - $25 Million
8 Evangelist Billy Graham - $25 Million
9 Prophet TB Joshua - $10 Million
10 Pastor Joseph Prince - $5 Million

*Observe again that none of the 4 richest churches mentioned have their leaders on this list of the Richest Pastors.*

The Pope is not there.
The Arch Bishop of Canterbury is not there.
The Bishop of Opus Dei is not there.
The Director of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is not there.


*6* out of the *10 Richest Pastors* are *blacks* , with *their congregation being predominantly black* .

4 out of the 10 richest Pastors have their *churches in Nigeria, the poverty capital of the world, the 147th most corrupt nation of the world, the home to the second deadliest terrorist group, the most unsafe place to give birth to in the world.*

Observe as well that the Richest Churches are situated in

1- USA
2- Vatican City
3- England

These are amongst the safest, less corrupt and most prosperous Nations.

*What a Paradox!! Jesus Christ fed the multitude, but in Nigeria the multitude feed the Men of God and General Overseers.*


_BBC Africa_
Source of Data used: Wikipedia


  1. I am on church leave now. Hopefully I'll resume soon.

    1. Same here
      But my own resumption time is uncertain

    2. Naa the same WhatsApp group we dey, me dey fight my pastor ni and no room for reconciliation anytime soon 😜. maga don ja paaaa......

    3. Over 2years..... Na sabbatical leave I dey 🚢

    4. Hmmmm yhis xyurch thing in Nigeria is worrisome. Last sunday,woke up but could not being myself to go to church. I have not been in church for 2 sundays now. Nobody called me to ask whata up,but time for money,they would remember my no. And my pastor is amon9the richest pastors no 3 to be precise. Me i don tire,want tk leave but hubby is holding me back. God help us.
      Imagine,we as menbers practically run the church. We buy everything. Every week we go,its money for one thing or the order. The whole preaching is centred on your giving. We do food drive,we provide the food. Offeei gs and tithes are remitted to the headquarters.
      God please give me my zeal back to worship and serve you.

    5. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    6. So we are many like this..let’s do and resume na. Biko

    7. Amebo na small work28 June 2019 at 15:58

      Anon, I'm also a member of your church. I dont have money everywhere, Infact I've been out of job for months now but do you know what, anything you do in the house of God murmuring and hoping that someone is taking note of you is not done out of love for God.
      Giving to God is not out of compulsion.
      Why would you intentionally skip church and be looking for who calls to check on you or not? It means you have not come to a place of maturity yet. You are still on eyeservice level.
      When the love of Christ overwhelms you, it will be like fire shut up in your bones. You will do everything for God knowing that He is faithful and will reward you justly.
      Have you ever thought of the lives you will lift when you participate in the food drive?
      Give if you have to give for any church projects, quit all these complaints. Love and serve God genuinely.
      Your pastor might have been listed among the riches of which we dont know where they got their data/info from, but have you asked yourself what is it that he has been doing, maybe you can learn it and apply it to your life.

      To the Catholics in Nigeria, your Pope may not have any personal money to himself but just know that everything is at his disposal.
      Your local church makes account to Rome.
      While you are yapping about the level of poverty of your country and so on, dont forget that your little offertry goes to Rome.i bet you know what that means.

    8. Why bring catholics into this issue please? Dis she mention the catholic church in her comment?
      Silly Cow.....

    9. have no idea what you're saying. The Pope is being paid salaries and he has NO access to the church's money directly or indirectly. Too much checks and balances for someone or anyone no matter how highly placed to have access to church's funds.

      The Pope CANNOT independently allocate money for even genuine course, let to talk of personal expenditure. If his accounts reflects too much money than he should have, he will be meant to face the cardinals in council (several cardinals), who will decide what needs to be done about the situation.

      Seek for knowledge before typing!!

    10. May God continue to open our eyes.

      Rich pastors in a country called Nigeria but poverty everywhere.

    11. No church for almost 2months. Pitied my lil girl last week and took her to st Dominic’s. Am done with SUNDAY SUNDAY worship

    12. @ amebo na small work,i am married into that church. I no where i am coming from. I have experienced God's grace and faithfulness. I have experienced true worship in christ. Maybe its jot like that in your own branch,but in my branch where we have just about 10 people financially okay,and the rest of the congregants suffering and have nothing doing. And each week,you are been pressed to do more than you can,then what do you say? I really want to leave that branch,and go to another,but was denied that. Why because we dont have people to bear the financial burden. And my dear,am not grumbling or looking for who to call me or not,but the welfare of your people should be uour concern. Not even your cell leaders look for you,but in time of contribution then they remember you. I love the massage of the man of God, a lot and his teachings has helped me alot.
      You need to come see the wastage of ministry materials. Abeg i no fit type jor. And no am not doing eye service. I have been known to be very outspoken ,and am very close to pastors i the church,so i no alot that goes on.

    13. To those who have stopped going to church, I pray the devil has not put you where he wants you to be, please free yourself from him. You don't go to church to serve anyone but God. Don't forsake the assembly of the brethren the Bible says.

      Salvation is personal so don't let anyone distract you from going to church.Sitting down at home will not help you, how much of the word of God do you know? You need to fellowship with the brethren. The Bible says Iron sharpeneth iron. Stop looking at people and stop judging people. Face your own salvation, serve God and bring others with you to serve Him.

      A Pastor might have been accused of a wrong doing, don't be discouraged because of that. The Pastor might have reconcied with God while you still brood over what he is being accused of. God is merciful you know.

      Go to church, Jesus Christ went to church and He asked us to do so.

      May God expose all evil doers and bring them to justice but DO NOT LOOSE your FAITH because of anyone.

      May God help us serve Him in spirit and in truth. We will not loose our faith because of what we can see with our optical eyes. Amen

      Thanks for reading.

      PS: I'm a regular blog visitor of almost 10 years but I don't have a blog ID

  2. Truth is bitter. But trust Nigerians to come for the original writer

  3. Nigerians indeed are feeding the men of God and general overseers

  4. They have turned churches to money making venture......Can't remember the last time i went to church though,i pray to God in my little way and give alms to the poor,God has been faithful to me and my household. Shoutout to all the fanatics in the house πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ y'all gonna be alright.

    1. That was why you advised wednesday poster to go pray at the beach abi?

  5. *Jesus Christ fed the multitude, but in Nigeria the multitude feed the Men of God and General Overseers.*

    End of discussion! Nothing left to be said!

  6. In the whole of Africa it's only Nigeria pastors too that appeared in that list.

  7. So who is deceiving who?
    The only exception there is Reinhard Bonke who is primarily a German
    businessman. He runs his businesses
    six months in a year and uses the
    remaining six months to preach/evangelize. He sponsors his
    own gospel campaigns through the Christ
    for all Nations ministry.

  8. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

  9. Nigerians have been brainwashed touch not my anointed has done more harm than goodπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

  10. In Nigeria it is called church business. Where people are cajoled into bringing in tithe, offerings and seed into the 'house of God' meaning literally Pastors pockets so that there will be 'meat' in the Pastor's house.

  11. Hmmm....Jesus, come already

  12. What a paradox indeed! Saaad situationship.🀦‍♀️

  13. Nonsense. If you like don't follow Christ, keep following 'pastors' and being worried about their riches and conducting senseless surveys.

    We are all running an individual race.

    1. Good yarns @ Eliza Bathory
      The problem be say a lot of sisis (especially) in Naija
      dey follow "pastor" no be Christ. If pastor yarn say
      "fork is good" na so them go dey part legs like red sea,
      no ajuju, no recourse to scriptures -asupu m oyibo

    2. You are the best my sister God bless you. You serve God not man. If you like sleep at home for hundred years, you will die or rapture will take place, after that judgement, so who are you deceiving. God will also judge pastors.

    3. Who told you there’s judgment day? The same people that use bible to manipulate others

  14. Be led by the Spirit of GOD
    Study the Word of GOD to show yourself approved

  15. Devil is deceitful,see how he will use the current situation to let many be removed from Christ,just have mercy

  16. Are you stalking me?😁 She sought advise,and i gave her one...I honestly don't believe praying in churches before God answers you. He is everywhere!!!!!!!

  17. Lord be my guide...judgement will start from the house of the Lord let's drawer closer to God and get to know him intimately, the bible remains our guide not pastors.

  18. Is it your pastor that makes you to come to church or you are going to serve God. We are all running our individual race,if u say u wont go to church because you dont want to give your pastor money that is your business.with your money or without your money the work of God will still continue nobody can stop it. What even pains me is that those who complain or condemns pastor about offering titheing or any contributions in church just check their history they are the ones that give peanut in church or they dont even give atall yet they come out to make plenty noise that members are the ones making pastors rich.check out very well those who contribute big amount or give big tithe and offerings dont even make noise thats why God has been blessing them,u that dont give any thing in church will come out and be complaining that is why your life is the way it is,you better change your mentality that members are the ones making pastor rich when none of your kobo is in church. Before you come for me am not a pastor.whether pastors are getting rich by church money does not stop me from going to church or serving God

    1. Anon 15.59, please where does your pastor work and what is his designation? Pastors enrich themselves with members moneies and without members monies the churches would fold up!
      If I may ask, with all the millions you've been giving are you as rich as Bill gates, mark Zukerberg, Jeff Bezos or stevS Just even in death??
      Rubbish, limited, hypnotic and myopic way of thinking...

    2. Mama mia or whatever you call your self i have already made my point if you like you insult your generation it does it change my opinion and mind u i dont have to be rich like bill gates and the lots of others you mention as far as am confortable and can afford anything i want and God has been blessing me,i dont have to think about your rubbish,limited,hypnotic and myopic way of thinking also. Peace

    3. NA WAH O, only CHRISTIANS will have this kind of nonsense argument. It is well.

  19. Bunch of business men, we are in the 7th church age and still don't know. What baffles me is ask them to interpret Malachi 4 verser 5 and 6, they will be screaming and blabbing. if you're a Christian read your bible yourselves, and let the Holy spirit do the explaning.

  20. God has not ordine anyman to watch nor judge the the men of God.

    Let God alone be the judge.

    1. Says who? Quote the exact Scripture that says so. Shebi you want to defend your pastor? Oya quote the scripture.

      1 Corinthians 5:12
      For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge?

    2. Eeewooooo!πŸ™†πŸ½‍♀️

  21. Usually I don’t read posts or stories like this because 1) how the poster take know? 2) who did the investigation? Did you check their bank account to find out, or u just assumed based on the size of their church, or their assets? You say no1 was Catholic Church, and you didn’t specify which one so that means the whole Catholic Church. Then u come out Catholic Churches again. Note that I am a proud Christian, I don’t condone sin, I don’t even live in Nigeria but. Until you can show proof of how you arrived at this conclusion, then SHUT UP and stop spreading hate and false.

  22. Ukochukwu na the same people. Uche ogwuagu

  23. 1 Timothy 3:2

    So a church leader must be a man whose life is above reproach. He must be faithful to his wife. He must exercise self-control, live wisely, and have a good reputation.

  24. The richest churches listed are owned by trust because they have been around longer that their founders unlike the Nigerian ones that are linked to individuals

    1. Nigeria Pentecostal church is a private business, trust me that sisters fellowship is richer than most of these pastors, that woman rich die

  25. What is a church? A church isn't a building. It is the body of Christ and where two or more are gathered in his name he is there, stop attributing people not going to a building as the devil's handiwork, people attend bible studies and clubs that even brings you closer to God than a building ever will. Going to church on Sundays is more ceremonial than anything else. No wonder the whites do missionary work than we ever would yet they rarely go to church on Sundays. Blacks are just so oppressed with religion that we forget Christ is the only reason we even have a religion in the first place.


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