Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 113


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Friday, June 21, 2019

Service Year Boulevard 113

After one year of serving your Country,surely you must have a story to tell?
Send in your service year Boulevard!!!

When my name came out in my Uni board for mobilisation I was happy because I had already wasted some months at home. Immediately I told my friend whose sister supposedly had long legs to work it to either Abuja or Enugu, I was sure it was going to work out cos of the assurance they gave.

Imagine the shock of my life when the call up letter came out and I saw Kebbi while orientation will be held in Wamako Sokoto state. Oh I cried for hours, my sister was just laughing at me, when my parent came back she was the one that broke the news to them, my mom was troubled, she said I should go and I’ll redeploy later, she concluded it’s because of my sins that’s why I was posted far away north lol.

The said day came and I left, I have phobia for flight, I thought of going by road but my parent were against it because the journey was quite far, it was a long flight for me per say, we stopped at Abuja before continuing the journey to Sokoto. I finally got to the orientation camp and I joined the queue for searching before entering the camp, I told myself I was going to enjoy every bit of this experience, luckily for me my bunkie was the life of the party kinda girl. I participated in almost all the activities in camp OBS, parade, volley ball, color party, Man O war drill. I became the center of attention in a way, infact all my life I’ve never garnered such crowd as I did in camp.

There was this fine guy I was admiring in my platoon, we talked for a while however it was short lived becos we had a misunderstanding one day during parade, apparently he was furious that my platoon commander picked interest in me and becos of that I was given preferential treatment, when I wasn’t matching well instead of him to remove me he’ll rather remove someone else in my place and admonish me to practice hard

One day I and my bunkie went to mammi, this fine guy and his friend approached us and paid for our meal, that was the beginning of my love story in camp, he followed me everywhere, and even threatened some other guys who were interested in me to stay clear so I heard lol, he became my meal and laundry ticket too. Even when I fell ill and was admitted, he was with me throughout he had to feign sickness just to be with me, the attention and care was breathtaking, even my boyfriend haven’t showed me such b4, he was all about making money, so it was easy for me to fall per say for this new camp guy

My camp guy wanted me to work my redeployment to IMO state so I’ll be close to him, I agreed, my original boyfriend also gave me 200k to work it to Enugu so I’ll be with him, while my friends sister was working it to Abuja for me, I was sure one of them would click....

Imagine another shock, on the day of posting, I checked and refreshed the site for redeployment over and over again and my name wasn’t on the list, I started having panic attack, I summoned up courage and went to collect my posting letter, I was to remain in Kebbi state apparently non of them worked. Everyone kept telling me lucky me, my PPA was among the best and I was posted to the state capital. I called my mom and updated her, she was like she has gotten in contact with someone who will work the redeployment, I told her not to border that I’ll stay here, she asked if that’s what I really wanted I responded in affirmative. I guess she was scared of the insurgencies in the north, I told her the state was peaceful like they told us in camp.

My bunkie was posted to fana while I was posted to Birnin Kebbi, we held each other and cried, her bus filled up and she left before me. I called my camp guy for us to see one last time, he finally kissed me for the first time, I don’t even know when I resumed the cry again, we bade each other farewell.

The journey to Kebbi started and not long we arrived at NCCF Corper’s lodge, we were served zobo and doughnut, their golden rules were too strict, I knew I couldn’t stay there, we were like 8 ladies in the room, I’m not used to having many people in one space, using the bathroom was war. I left the room and went outside in search of what to eat, I saw a guest house, I walked in and enquired, it was a fair deal, I paid for 2days went back to the family house and packed my things

The next day I went to my PPA, imagine another shock, the guy I had misunderstanding with in camp was also posted to the same PPA, same quarters just the two of us but different rooms oo, I had mixed feelings, we met the Commissioner, he asked us to stay, the last time they had Corp members was like 6years ago, I enjoyed some privilege, money, foodstuffs, I lacked nothing, there was enough meat, watermelons, mangoes, onions, pepper, potatoes from the Commissioner and others.

My CDs was another interesting adventure, I was the Vice President of the group, my modelling career also sprung up, I was the face of a photography studio, I also conducted extra classes for children around without collecting any money, that was my own contribution to the community.

The relationship with my service husband as he was fondly called metamorphosis into something beautiful, I enjoyed every bit of it, however it didn’t survive after the service year because he was far away and I got a job in Enugu courtesy of my original boyfriend

We married eventually while my service husband is somewhere in the abroad pursuing his dreams

He still tells my that I didn’t do well by leaving him for someone else, little did he know that my husband had long been in the picture, I did my best to conceal it from him.

*Hehehehehhe so you ate your cake and still had it...Issorait!!!!


  1. Awww,will send my very soon.

  2. Oooooooo,I was hoping u broke some beds.

    1. Sweet story. I smiled reading this

    2. hahahahahahahaha

      you really ate your cake and had it.

      I'm not sure I enjoyed my service year,I actually regret working it to interesting tales to write of except the knowledge in makeup I acquired through SAED..

    3. 😂😂😂 Blackey o! The bed breaker

    4. Lagos is the worst place to serve if you are single and looking to have fun. not sexual fun o.
      Lagos is good if you are married to a Lagos based person

  3. That is life for you, some people have everything working for them, while some have to pray fervently to get whatever they need. That is the world for you, you cannot do anything to change it. She is lucky.

  4. Everyone that send their story always claim the solders and fine boys were interested in them and threatened others. Hmmm...Yimu!

  5. Interesting.. really enjoyed your service year

    Otuoke was interesting with oga jona and patience
    Bags of rice during Easter and enough money to share.
    I served in his primary school.

  6. this is intresting...why are guys not sending in theirs..nice story

  7. please I need clarification. Someone who graduated last year and was 29 then, but will be 30 by June this year but will likely be ready for service by November this year after she's clocked 30, can the person still serve?

    1. Yes. What they check is your age as at when you graduated from school.

  8. You are just a cheat in disguise. Eventually it will show face.


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