Stella Dimoko SSS Announces That It Would Arrest Social Media Users Who Post ‘Inciting Materials’


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Thursday, June 13, 2019

SSS Announces That It Would Arrest Social Media Users Who Post ‘Inciting Materials’

The State Security Service on Wednesday announced a nationwide crackdown on individuals allegedly caught posting inciting materials on the Internet, in a move that could provoke fresh debates about the potency of Nigerian Constitution’s free speech safeguards.

The SSS said it had recently observed that some social media users were skewing Nigeria’s history to promote ethnic violence and tip the nation into crisis, a development it said must be urgently reversed through state interference.

The secret police’s spokesperson, Peter Afunanya, said in a statement that some “unpatriotic” Nigerians have been using social media platforms to make “unguarded public statements and/or use the social media platforms to instil fear in the minds of citizens”.

“These are reflected in the misleading statements and articles being circulated among unsuspecting members of the public. Such inciting materials oftentimes are designed to make or convey false accusations by one group against the other.

“They also resort to skewing historical narratives to suit their objective of masterminding ethnic violence in the nation. So far, some of the culprits have been arrested,” Mr Afunanya said.

The SSS said it was “determined to ensure that the tribal chauvinists and mischief makers do not continue to exploit socio-political differences and Internet platforms to threaten the peace and stability of the country.”

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  1. 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

  2. Let it start with our presido that called Abuja residents unnecessary evil. Change start with you!

    1. Not only PMB but also el rufia who talked about sending observers bodies back to their country in body bags.

  3. They should please arrest me. Ndi ara.

  4. Please fasten your seat belts, the next level has taken off!!!

  5. Not An Ass Licker 👅13 June 2019 at 11:44

    They should start with Hell rufai and his uncouth unruly son on Twitter.

  6. Stupid toothless dog. You people should start with Buhari whose incited comment caused the lives of over 200 hundred Nigeria which 1 of my class mate was a victim just 2weeks after her wedding. Since your can not arrest the chief executive officer in inciting comment Buhari and his second in command, the midget El Rufai, you dare not touch any innocent citizens venting their displeasure and disappointment over this incompetent government. Nonsense ingredients

  7. Is there nolonger freedom of speech in Nigeria?

  8. This means, they will arrest anyone who does not like the Government and writes about it.
    Instead of posting the DSS to Bornu state to help with a more demanding issue, the fight against Boko Haram, the Government is setting the DSS against its citizens

  9. Freedom of speech gradually been taken away from Nigerians.

  10. Freedom of speech gradually been taken away from Nigerians.

  11. They should start with Elrufai and his stupid son who does nothing but post inciting statements on Twitter.

  12. Yes.As much as there’s freedom of speech in naija,a lot of people are feasting on the very high unintelligence and illiteracy of Nigerians to incite division.They know how gullible a lot of Nigerians are and they take undue advantage of it to spread lies and divisive lies.Arrest anybody that says rubbish.We are already divided,we don’t need anymore.

  13. Kidnapping dey there, DSS nor fit stop am


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