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Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Tuesday IHN

The day is Bright and very warm here.....

I hope you are having a good day...................I miss Cookies and Cream so much!!!

So Yesterday and every day after i post in house news,I look for something to eat.....Today,i wanna drink garri with groundnut,a little water and a little milk and honey....with small fried fish by the side.....


So today i decided to send in my pic for face of in house news,hope I'm fine enough? lolzz. been a blog visitor for 6yrs now all d way from phcity
I hail all d bvs ooo,reading a story is important but reading comments from bvs is importanter, most times I refresh just to read comments, d funny ones,d real ones, d annoying comments, d sadist aka haters, even d fabu tellers,I hail una. 

Stella u are doing a good job,ur blog is my go to place whatever my mood is coz I must laugh, I love how u bring d gist as e dey hot wit decoders everywhere.
Let me run along before I full space *shines teeth* kisses



Happy Birthday babe geh as you celebrate the 30th year of your life today......May the doors to success stay open when you approach and may your hearts desire be fulfilled as you ask God to do so.................

I love your hair....thats what i have on but its more afro than yours,just got tired of cutting into styles...seeing ours now has gingered me so i will be cutting mine soon.....Happy 30th honey!!!



Stella Goodday....

I hope this meets you well.Pls what do you think on this matter. My mum called me and said she got me a car a Camry it’s a latest model . I bought one car earlier for business (taxi) I told her . The thing is I was actually saving up to buy myself a Benz this year . I don’t really like Camry cars.

 I love Benz but she is saying your husband will buy you Benz when you are married. I am not so confident in driving so I won’t take the car to my base yet. Is this wrong I feel somehow.

To also add, she added money for my brother and he bought the car he wanted. Atleast, she should have told me and then I will ask her for the money instead of going to buy the car . The Benz I want is about 3:7, I have 2M. She would have just added extra money on top. I don’t know why she doesn’t want me to drive Benz maybe because I am unmarried.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahaha my belle oooooooooooooo
hahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahha my heady oooooooh



I know this doesn't belong here, but let me just rant.

I don't like the way her husband is treating her, she's currently pregnant. No DV but he has bad entitlement issues. I want to be her support system and hopefully take her from him if she lets me! She's so pretty, hard working and calm headed. I guess it's true that people don't know what they have until they loose it.

And this man has cheated on her oh, even though he claims it wasn't s#xual, just an emotional affair but I got to know that it really broke her spirit.

She is gradually becoming my friend but I think I am already in love with her. My problem is she won't even allow any inappropriate action from me, so how can I proceed with my plans of winning her over and making her mine. And I don't mean an affair, I want her to eventually get a divorce and then marry me.

I am very single, had relationships in the past but single now. I haven't met anyone like this lady and I am almost sure she is meant to be mine. She will give birth soon and then I want to be always always there for her as her husband is being stupid. Note that she never tells me degrading things about him,I read her unspoken words and facial expressions. Some information slips too but very few times. I don't think she is happy in her marriage and all I want is to make her happy.

How do I go about this?

*you are a thief i swear!!!!...So instead of you to help and move on,you wanna help and make her yours?thief!!!................kaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.



I want to fulfil my pledge to God by doing a give away of 40k to 4 blog visitors who are either sick or have people who are sick but no money to either go to hospital or buy drugs ;3children/adult and one baby(must be a baby)

My daughter had gone to hospital either for malaria,infection or allergic cough at least once a month since she was 4 months old.this increased to twice a month and went out of hand 2017 while I was pregnant with my fact between Nov 2017 -September 2018,she was admitted twice and so many hospital visits I cannot count..the peak was September last year when she resumed for the session and believe you me she went to hospital 5 times between school resumption and mid term break...

Then by November,she became sick again and I lost it and went to God in prayers..she was OK miraculously without drugs and I followed that prayer up by Dec 31st with a vow to give out 10k for each of her years to sick strangers if God will grant her divine healing....

Stella,my daughter has not been on a single visit to the hospital since October last year...seeing that God honoured my prayer for divine health on her,I made the same vow for my son who will be one year on June 6th.

This is me saying "thank you God for divine health" on my daughter who is 3years,6 months and my son who will be one on the 6th.

I do not want to be involved in the selection process or with the winners...just give me an account to transfer the money in...

God be praised!!!
Please send the blog PA a mail if you are interested in this giveaway......Read well before you apply to see if you meet the conditions and please dont pray sickness into your life by applying for it.....Thank you.



I'm about 7 months pregnant and my baby's position is longitudinal breech presentation. when I sought advice, I was told I'm to give birth through cesarean section. I don't want to go through cs, reasons are: 1, hubby and I do not have the money for it and secondly, i'm on the big side with a naturally big tummy. if i go through cs, my tummy may not go back to its normal size. I have being browsing the net, I saw something like External cephalic Version (ECV) where the baby can be turned by a doctor. but i don't know which doctor to meet to help me do that.

I registered in a hospital in Abuja and the docs there usually do not explain things to somebody. I don't know whether cos of the many patients they see on a daily basis. I got to know of my baby's presentation when I went for scan in a private scan services.

Please Stella and bvs, tell me what I can do to make my baby turn so I can have a vaginal delivering, cos I'm scared now. thanks everyone.

My dear it is only a miracle that will turn your baby at this stage...You will most likely birth thru CS cos you cannot be allowed to go into labour at all.

Why do you people always try to change what the doctor says?who will you blame if something happens to you or the baby?Please whatever you do in your desperation,do not go and visit those people who massage babies in warned oh...

Good luck...


Fungal/Yeast Infection.

Dear Stella, good evening. I hope this is a good time to send this in. I am in desperate need of medical advise. Please no one should say I should visit my doctor because I have done that several times already.

Stella, am in deep concern and discomfort, I have been battling chronic yeast infection and I dont know what else to do. My hygiene is top notch, I am a very clean person. I Sterilise my underwear, use panty liners and even iron my underwear before I use them, then change them periodically.

God, am so confused and in pain. I have done countless HVS and swap and all kinds of analysis. They say its candidiasis, and yes it is because it's the same exact symptoms. They put me on medications both by mouth and by insertion. But once I start the medication, it subsides. As soon as I finish the medication, it comes back full force after a few days. I have used all kinds of medications, so much that am getting resistant to some and they stopped working.

At first i thought it was the lots of anti biotics my doctors.put me on for the UTI s I had but even 5 weeks after the anti biotics, this yeast infection keeps coming back. I am in the US now for medical check and my doctors have given me different doses of medication for the yeast infection. The moment I finish a dose it comes back, am even tired of telling my doctor, and here you cant just buy more dose, the doctors must send the order in to the pharmarcy. What do I do?

Apart from this, once I feel ok and I have sex it comes back. No this has nothing to do with the person I had s#x with because, it was protected and i ensured he took a full difflucan dose before we met. It's as if once anything gets in contact with my private area, I get an infection, yeast infection to be precise. I was advised to take pro biotics that it will restore the normal bacteria flora that was destroyed, which causes overgrowth of yeast, and I took the advise and started taking the pro biotics 2 weeks ago but still nothing.

Please someone help me. Its affecting me badly. Can you imagine for almost a full year I have had yeast infection almost everyday non stop, even with the medications? Can you imagine how I feel? Years ago I remember I had it on different occasions, but now it's so much worse. Every single day except when am on my period. Once my period is done, it comes back like it was waiting patiently.

I am currently in the US, North Carolina to be precise. Please if anyone has an advise, or medical direction. Or even a seasoned Gynaecologist that has dealt with such issue, do help.

*HA!!!!...this your tohtoh is too hot to handle?why defy treatment?there must be something causing these reactions....Maybe clothing item or food?or parfum or body cream?I am just guessing since it has defied all forms of treatment..



"The world we live in, would have been a better place or less problematic if people are actually what they pretend to be". These were the words of a wise man I once had some discussion with.

I found those words to be concrete and nothing short of the truth, which everyone of us are guilty of at one point or the other. Most people live in fantasies and as such will always try to portray a perfect good life publicly. Sometimes, they do this for competition or to create the impression they are above others in the hustle.

With the advent of social media, no one wants to be left behind. But of what use is it to flaunt things or fake a lifestyle you aren't living in the real world? Most people who do this are usually trying to impress the public, but you know what? They end up digging a pit for their fall. These categories of people are usually in debt. In trying to fake a good life, they buy things on credit or borrowing to live a flamboyant lifestyle. Funny thing is that, those who fake a perfect good life will always feel ashamed asking for genuine help when shit hits them on the face, and most times die in silence as a result of lies built on a fake life.

You can't share toothbrush or towel with a family member or even use soap together, for you see that as unhealthy but you can go raw having s#x and even give head to a man or woman out there without knowing their medical history. Isn't that funny?

Someone approach you for help financially, putting up a worried face, you said to the person, "why didn't you tell me yesterday, oh I would have help out had it been it was yesterday you told me". Bro, why not be truthful and say to the person you don't have at the moment or you can't give than fake being concerned about their plight?

"I can't take this shit from any man, this is nonsense, no man messes with me and live to tell the story . 'He is lucky I am not the one, I would have...." Sister, that person telling you that has tolerated more shit in her home than you and funny enough, she is the one begging to remain in the marriage.

People aren't what they often want us to believe, and until we learn to be truthful to ourselves, we will never be fulfilled in life. Be simple and plain about yourself, for you never know whose life you will change for good or where help make locate you.



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  1. Happy Eid El Fitri and enjoy your holidays. Welcome IHN. Today's weather is so friendly.

    1. Happy holiday everyone. I heard some schools in the East are not on holiday. What nonsense is that bikonu? It's a national holiday for Christ's sake! Na wa

      Aunty that wants Benz,side red eyes at you.. Aunty elenu

      Thank God for healing your baby. I can only imagine how stressful it must have been visiting the hospital so frequently.. One way, I know to get God's attention most times is usually by making a pledge. A seemingly difficult pledge.

    2. Ihn , good day bvs, happy eld el fitri to our Muslim brothers and sisters.

    3. @chummy chocho, that is so wrong of you, why pass a derogatory comment on the lady that wants a Benz. Pls, let's try and respect other people and their choices, it doesn't take too much to be civil.

    4. Poster with yeast infection, pls stop all this sterilizing and ironing of undies. You may think it's sanitary but it's not, so long as it's not direct sun. Can you try out something on your way for at least 2wks-1mnth? Change form antibiotics to probiotics. Take probiotic yoghurt, pineapples and natural cranberries regularly. Also, google food & fruits you can take to improve down there. Some people are just very sensitive down there such that anything whether finger or penis can just trigger it. Pls open it often when you're at home and naked, and avoid inserting your finger even while bathing.

    5. The lady with fungi infestion, Buy Ribena the one in the bottle Dilute small small and Drink..Also get white Vitamin C tablet and take Enough with B.Complex.. stop the the Antibiotics for Now first..Goodluck and stay Healthy

    6. Try acidophilus and use for 30days.It worked for me,it's been over a year now.No yeast infection.

    7. Post take barr kiki 's advice. Stop putting your fingers inside to wash out anything. The normal vagina is acidic and is able to wash out the lubricants and the condom oil.
      Leave you vagina alone.
      Wash only the outside.

    8. To the woman that wants to treat yeast infection, there is a medicine I know will work. And there won't be a recurrence. I will send the name of the tablet to Madam Stella and you purchase it at the pharmacy.

    9. Lady, go to pharmscy today and buy CANESBALANCE. Thank me later.

    10. Or you can send me a mail!

    11. Barr. Kiki
      It’s true
      Probiotics yoghurt helps curb down below infection. I sell yoghurt to a client regularly I didn’t know that what she’s using it for. She told me one day and I tried it, totally nice and it works. Most times natural things work. She should try garlic treatment for yeast infection, it work for it too, have tried it.

    12. Stop taking any antibiotics. It seems you have over abused the use of antibiotics. Change your undrwear, and go with the above drugs suggested.

    13. yeast infection woman read up on yogurt and hydrogen peroxide. also, watch your diet

    14. To the lady with the infection, all you need do is change of life style. When I mean Change, I mean completely change of life style and abstinence for now. Start your day with 3glass of water with lemon in it every morning. Blend ginger for tea as well. More veggies and fruit. Enough garlic in your food. Stay away from alcohol and any form of smoking. Be it second hand smoking. Tested and trusted. It works like magic. Try all these things I mentioned for 1year and thank me later. I was diagnosed with HPV, this was the method I used for 2years. And today I’m free. No more HVP. So my dear try this. And stay off any form of antibiotics. PS: I hope you don’t insert your finger into your punani to wash though? Good luck!

  2. Ships don’t sink because there’s water all around them; they sink if they let the water get in them. You may have all kinds of negative circumstances around you. Here’s the key, don’t let that get in you. Rule your spirit. You can’t rule the traffic, the weather, a grouchy boss, a neighbor that’s annoying, but you can rule your spirit. Joel Osteen

  3. Hi everyone... How una dey

    Thanks again Tante Stella for my lovely bag from Glossy mart collections. God bless you so much. Onye nke gi mekwara gi.

    Bvs please patronise Glossy mart o. Men buy for your mothers and girlfriends. The colour sleep well well, no be

    1. Hi Beloved,I'm glad you love your Bag..

      Hello Rhoda,Thanks for the recommendation..

      Madam Stellz,Thanks for everything,you are always a Blessing..

      A beautiful day to you all..


    2. Lol@ the colour sleep well well. Enjoy oo beloved. Barka da Sallah to our Muslim brothers and sisters.
      BTW; Beloved, consider me oo in case you are to choose people for the bag giveaway make we follow enjoy with you.

    3. Martins, Ola wealth and Co, may God continue to bless the works of your hands. More sales and profit to you guys. Stella, God bless you too for your support and encouragement towards bvs in seeing their business grow.

    4. My mummy Stella,me don't want Benz, I just one beautiful bag ...lols

    5. I want the bag πŸ˜ͺ

    6. Stella God bless your wonderful soul

    7. Stella I also need the bag oo, Please select me for the giveaway. Thank you.

    8. Good afternoon Beloved... Stella I want bag too o.... God bless your hustle Martins Aboy

  4. I didn't know an Akwaibom woman sells food down the road. I just discovered that now and guess what? I wasn't disappointed after eating. Come to think that her food wasn't that expensive, just 500 I got this sumptuous meal that almost made me lick my fingers in public Lol..... Now I am beginning to have a rethink of going to Akwaibom.

    1. make dem no use kpononmi hold u oo, enjoy ursef

    2. Mtcheeeeeew

    3. You too shuk mouth into wetin no concern you. It's not nice, can you stop. Once a bv calls out another BV, that when you'll come to give your unsolicited options about the called out BV.. Your type will know how to ginger fight very well

    4. No matter how nice you try to be .I just see through you.

    5. Hahahaha triple mtcheeeee. Don't mind TJ. Just allow another man marry lady bug,now na calabar woman. You go soon chop dog meat and their witchy witchy

    6. If you like go to kutuwenji to eat na you sabi but just stop fueling arguments. If you cannot mediate and broker peace as a man, then shame shame shame, mstchew. We know how it affected you when you were consistently picked up and how you were always crying all over the blog.

    7. Picked on , auto correct so ra e.

    8. TJ is an irritant.
      Market woman without table

    9. See all the blog irritants, so you guys where actually waiting for him to comment in peace b4 coming to bash him. Tj dint mind them inugo

  5. Bless be God in his Angels and Saints. #Grateful#

  6. happy sales...beautful face of IHN. Godbless the giver, poster beta accept the car or give it to me nice stuff up there

  7. Ahan, a man actually scheming on how to snatch a married woman away from her husband? I never see this kain one before. Where are All those people that think snatching of married spouses is usually a female thing? You'all should come and see o. πŸ˜‚

    Ella, you're beautiful. Happy Birthday to you chioma. Long life and prosperity.

    1. the level of snatching this days eh,everybody hold ur own tight

    2. Yesterday it was a woman scheming and today, it's a man. 🀦‍♀️🀦‍♀️

      God bless givers and takers.

    3. Funny enough one man did. He called the radio and narrated his story. He eventually married the woman he was committing adultery with when her husband eventually died. When asked if he felt guilty. He said he doesn't because he has always felt she was his wife but he was just unlucky to meet her on time. Men also snatch others people'wives. All these men be treating their wives any how, not knowing they are being admired outside

  8. Happy birthday to you Chioma, you're
    beautiful and I like your shortcut hairstyle πŸŽ‚πŸ˜˜

    Ella, black beauty.

    Your momma got you a nice gift, accept it anf when the time comes for you to get a Benz, you will get it. As for now, accept that gift and thank her.

    Congratulations BV, for the total healing of your daughter.

    A Thousand shall fall at my side, and ten thousand at my right hand; but it shall not come nigh me.
    For I am marching forward and I will continue to remain on top.

    1. You this bully are the one that should fuck off. Is it that you can't have peace in life until you follow Ms A's comment? πŸ™„

  9. Poster that want to take another man’s wife....weldone .
    Can you even hear yourself?
    Go and look for yours and stop being an idiot.
    No marriage is perfect, allow them deal with whatever issues they have.
    If you can’t be just a friend to her, run along oga.
    You are a destroyer.

  10. Another wife snatcher on the loose... Leave another man's wife alone poster.

  11. That lady up there ranting about mummy dearest buying her Camry, eku se. Your own better Aswear.

  12. Car poster, you are just ungrateful. You mum bought you a car and you are talking trash.Common go get that car and show appreciation, save your 2m for the future since you have enough to waste

    1. @Bbjac, This is poverty speaking English through you. Are you not meant to know she's from comfortable home or how many parents buy cars of their children's choice for them and suppress the choice of anoda. She has been raised with comfort and she has a choice, buying a car she desires is not a waste, we only live once, so please, if you can't help her see from her mum's perspective without been derogatory, please move to the next news.
      Our manners are quite poor around here, talking all carelessly bcos you are privy to s little personal detail about a person. Nonsense!!!

    2. I wish I could give you a big Hug @Royal Tribe ,
      Not every one is hungry, I'm having this same car issue with my mum the difference is I want a smaller car she wants me to have an a bigger one .

    3. Am I in the wrong Country or Planet? Family setting for my area no dy like this.

  13. IHN is here, God bless you Stella for the wonderful work you are doing, may God also bless the woman that want to touch lives, I pray that the healing of you child remain permanent. Good day all

  14. Replies
    1. If you open your palms to give, will the earth shake?

  15. That girl up there get "strange eyes"
    I no mean the contact stuff o. Make I no talk
    more 🀐🀐🀐
    That dude wey wan thief another persin pregnant wife
    come dey yarn "love", which love? Make you repent seek
    Jesus make im cure you of LUST. Else you don dey look for persin
    wey go cut off ya wandering rod and head. 😯😯😯😯
    What else? Eheeeem
    The totoh wey dey cry white emulsion paint...
    I no say you no go talk wetin that ya tohtoh don see.
    You dey USA, how waka dey waka for that side?
    Any OGYN clinic there fit do the job. In fact, na over the counter
    medication. But e bi like say you chop persin's rod for that 🀐🀐🀐

    1. Lol, strange eyes how? Please talk more ooo, all dis bvs self, una go see wetin owner never see.

    2. Do U have daughters??? Just an honest question

    3. @15:21
      Some have eyes but do not see

    4. @Fucker

      Wawu, where you waka go since, eh my able attacker
      I don dey miss ya attack tey tey

  16. Barka de sallah to all Muslim faithful. Happy holiday to everyone.

    Stella, I don't mind the bag giveaway.

  17. Wife snatcher,haha haha, but that's how men chase their wives into d hands of another man, keep being a good friend, maybe, just maybe she might be fed up with d maltreatment.

    1. Which "good friend" this blackey Phari🀐 (no she don chegharia)
      Which good friend you dey talk about?
      Make that abala dude leave another man wife alone kpam kpam.
      That dude na ekwensu send am message wey go lead to his

  18. So I opened SPN this morning and I saw Castle Windsor outburst and insult on Miss A. I shook my head and thought to myself, so Castle Windsor has reduced herself to this because of likes and clout on this blog. If nobody will tell you, take it from me that what you did this morning was so uncalled for and not fair on that woman. What did she do wrong, what did she say bad? She was not the only person that felt bad for chioma. She deserves an apology from you even if it is not public.
    Are you the only single mother on this blog? I never knew you were this uncouth and ill mannered. Then shooter girl called her useless, for what! I felt terribly bad like Stella should just bar you two from commenting but I said to myself, what do I know. So many frustrated people here the reason I don't mix or roll with anyone. Suddenly the hatred for Iphie dearie and Ms A just ttippled like you guys plan on messing them up for no reason. Please this is a blog, make friends if you have to, criticize when necessary, insulting people you don't know is just not fair. Castle Windsor from your comments even before now one would know you are rude and mannerless but that doesn't mean you should make it so obvious. You have a child, don't let her grow up with such attributes from you.
    As for teejay, a fool at his age is a fool for life, that's all I have to say.

    1. Maybe there is more to what Ms A said cuz I dont get. Somebody says she doesn't like it when ladies birth kids outside a marriage and people are going into fits? Kilode.

      I dont understand what the attack is for and why castle took it so personal.

      And I get where Ms A is coming from. Some of these women deliberately chose this path and it is gradually becoming a norm. But the truth is God's standard remains the acceptable standard, that we do these things don't make it right.Whether we like to hear the truth or not, PREMARITAL SEX IS WRONG.

    2. Gbam, gbammer, gbammest. Castle b looking for who to transfer aggression for being a single mom, bish go meet ur babydaddy.

    3. Castle Windsor is a big-time Nwa Aba on bad agbero skills Abuja can't change her

    4. The association of babymammas came out enmasse to support Castle Windsor who is their president.
      Close legs they will not hearπŸ™„πŸ˜”

    5. Enwerem efe? Mtchewwwwwwwwwww

    6. Anon 14:21 if you weren't a coward, you would have commented with your ID. You sound so sick and stupid. The person you supported, have you take a look at the many times she attacked me here personally? Is it cos I usually keep quiet all these while? Should I take you back to post she did that? Not one or even twice. This morning I dropped a comment on Castle, did I mention her name or even insult her? So you didn't see where she wrote that I should shut my smelling mouth? Did you talk about that? Now I know you are not just sick but very wicked and evil. Yes I said so. Let me even look for more befitting words to describe you.

      If I should comment on the blog by saying all bloggers are useless and diabolic, do I need to mention SDK to know she is inclusive? But by implication, I already insulted her being the blogger she is. Ms A often used people's predicament to mock them here but will always form a saint, just like the rat that bite and blow you breeze. She thinks people don't read in between the lines of her subtle shade here on the blog?

      I respect people but don't fear anyone. I will never go to anyone who haven't come after me. So anonymous I repeat again, you are very sick, stupid, wicked and evil to even think of mentioning me in your rubbish post up there.

    7. Honestly we all can argue;disagree and agree without insults.
      Some single mothers did not choose that some who were raped whilst some do it on purpose.i for one I pray for my girls never to have a kid outside of wedlock.i always pray about it.i also made sure I never took in before if I want to advice them I will advice them with evidence.cos I have a friend whom their mom had their senior sister outside wedlock before the wedded the man.when ever she gave them advice about marriage my friend will murmur what about u?.so I never liked it.pls let's argue;correct; criticize and disagree without insults.we do not know where we will meet or whom will be of help to us.
      For me it is a no;no.

    8. Laugh Wan kill me.

      Teejay you need to calm down. Just like you read in between her lines she did same to your comment this morning.

      Teejay stop waiting for others to do a call out before you address your issues with a particular BV.

    9. SWAG LAFRESH, no problem. I heard you loud and clear. Like I said above, I don't go for anyone who haven't come after me. I will let this slide.

    10. Swag you are blessed. My problem with Teejay is he will keep quiet, form Christian, act like you guys are cool then boom somebody does a call out he will queue under and add matches to the fuel.

      If anybody insults you here, trash it out with the person there and then, it is cowardice to wait till other bvs have a beef with the person. Mind you I am totally indifferent about ms A but you need to do better.Stop bickering and clapping hands with women.

    11. The guy is like snot na, yes snot.

      So what do you expect???

  19. Wow... So Mr man, upon all the ladies outside, your eyes are just on a married pregnant woman to the extent of wishing her divorce. Pray against the Spirit that has taken possession of you and try to look away too.

  20. Unhappily married. I didn’t value my ex and now that I m with someone else, my eyes have cleared.
    If only he wants me back, I’ll run to him

    Rant poster, keep an open mind but there are amazing single women out there though.

    Don’t go and become wife snatcher sha. If she wants to leave her marriage, let it be her decision.

    Ebidosia o na-ato

    1. Ntoooooor.... you dont know what u have till u lose it.

    2. Which one be ntooor hahahaha. Una just wicked on this blog

  21. I also need a permanent solution for candida, it has dealt with me for some years now. I've tried everything humanely possible yet it keeps coming back.

    1. Sorry ladies,maybe you should go the natural way. This may sound odd but sometimes over-hygiene" for lack of a better word maybe the problem. Look for organic,natural remedies instead. There must be something out there,make your research.
      Overall,there is a balm in Gilead. Pray and ask God for healing. There's nothing too difficult for Him.

  22. Bv with recurrent Candi, have u tried steaming it with native herbs from ijaw women? Its not a matter if top notch hygiene again, does ur bf finger u , cos he might introduce germs via his finger, disinfect your toilets,, infact get a new set of undies n towels, hope no one shares your stuff.

    1. Any hand wey dey go inside her tohtoh wey no be husband finger,
      na infected finger e be o.
      That tohtoh na expressway. 😯😯😯😯

    2. Is she using any soap that contain fhhcdehhvzefxkk and is a medicated soap...stop

    3. @Blackberry,you are right about ijaw women, that treat with herbs they are damn good,my friend suffered candi,she meet one ijaw woman at anjegule,she drank some herb and the steaming she is okay now.

    4. @Annabel

      She no dey okay o
      Them don initiate am into imagonu
      Any person wey cross that tohtoh na gonner o
      and na so the tohtoh go dey attract Naija men like ijiji

  23. Eld-mubarak to all the muslim faithfuls.
    beautiful face of ihn
    happy birthday choimaπŸ’•πŸ’•
    Avocado pear in season, join me if you can.πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  24. I would have love to start the perfume oil business, but no money
    more customers fall on the sellers

  25. You that is thinking of cars to buy, u no get problem, the only problem you have is you. jshdjssnsdhgdsjs

    1. Sic. spanner
      You (that) ARE
      I (that) am
      He (that) is

      Always yarn am like say the "that" dey silent, you go
      sabi the correct pronoun/verb combination


    2. Chai, nwuye herod, my nwa teacher, thank you, so u sabi book like this.... πŸ˜€

    3. @Blackey

      You are welcome my ezigbote oyoyo
      If you come dey behave well for sdk blog
      (come stop breaking beds😲😲😲 ), I no go
      dey call you Phari🀐.. mbanu.

  26. thanks Stellz
    Abuja bv you wanna chop your sallah meat alone.
    my Assistant landlady just gave me juiwesss i yam flexing it πŸ˜‚πŸ’ƒ

    1. What is juiwesss?
      A kind of food?

    2. Juiwess as in juice naπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. 😁😁 that's an informal way of saying juice I think.

  27. thinking of going blonde someday


    1. No be you again?
      Is anything normal and straight 4wrd with you?

    2. its better not imagined.... omor see rain fr PH

    3. I'm telling be here oohh

  28. Does your spouse/partner speak your love language?

    Mine doesn’t and it is frustrating

    1. Then let him know, sis. Don't suffer in silence..he prolly doesn't even know.

    2. Perxian you think it works like that???? Na follow-come something

    3. Sincerely it's a follow-come something, if it doesn't follow you come, it can never come from anywhere

  29. For yeast infection just avoid using body wash/ scented soap/fem fresh to wash your vaginal. If you can not stay without using soaps use sparingly or the most effective one wash with just water as advised by the doctors on the Doctors show (an American medical Tv show) and you Will be free. Thats what I did and it worked miraculously and I hope it works for you too. ��S29��

  30. My strength is failing me
    God uphold me

    1. Those that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. I pray for renewed strength for you. Amen.

  31. For the lady with the consistent vaginal infection. I think you need to cut out sugar entirely from your diet and also eat mor vegetables. The antibiotics might have really wrecked havoc on your system. Also avoid carbs. Left greens for now, when eat our local meals eat soup and no Eba. I know it sounds crazy but try it for two weeks and see if it works, the introduce foods carbs little by little.

    Hope this helps.

  32. Good afternoon lovelies

    Happy birthday chioma,3 decades no be joke

    Off to the cinema to see Mokalik

  33. Thanks all for your kind responses on SP. I feel better. Anon that wants me to talk him/her, how do I reach you? You can mail me so I can talk to you.

  34. Watching Halita

  35. Stellaaa ! That Duck eyed that Camry to Benz lady sha nii !
    Camry lady please go on your kneels and ask God to forgive you for your sin....and afterwards thank him for his mercy and favour towards your family.

  36. Dear Nigerians

    Being single after 30 is not a crime

    Enough of the pressure

    1. Its a sin.
      From 30.... times moves twice faster down to menopause, dont u knw, just a blink and ure 40

    2. Meanwhile 14.49 you don't even know what the future holds for you. I laugh in Spanish

  37. Where can I buy Rivers state Boli in Abuja?

    1. Only in Port Harcourt city πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    2. Lol... I can waybill it for you, if you are serious.

    3. That's d only good thing ph is known for.

  38. Na husband/wife snatching dey reign now? That reminds me, where is the lady that wants to marry two husband's?

  39. Poster with candida... start another course of treatment with both canesten topical cream, the ovule inserts and diflucan.
    When you start, throw away all your old pants and don’t wear pants while treating. AAvoid leaving your vagina moist.
    Then keep taking the probiotics so that your normal flora can build up. Avoid sugar and carbs.
    Avoid sex for like 3 months or more, let your vagina recover.

  40. Haaaa!!...Stella I'm not anonymous naaa...I want bag ooohh
    Thanks in anticipation!

  41. a very good afternoon to everyone.. and happy Eid Mubarak to all blog visitors that are Muslims .one love..Aunty Stella I want the give away o,tho am not sick,but I wouldn't apply bcs I will be ignore as usual .

  42. Stella ur comment about the breech baby broke my heart.
    I am also 7months pregnant and as at last month the baby was in a breech position. My doctor told me not to worry ‘yet’ that there is no cause for alarm.
    I’ve been cool about the whole thing thinking it will or might have changed position. Now u saying it’s only by miracle now..... my God!!!
    Dear Lord pls I don’t want Cs

    1. Nothing is wrong with cs except you are complaining of the money.

    2. You women should calm down please! If CS is the only way to ensure safety of you and d baby, then what's d big deal? Na wa o!

    3. Women! What's wrong with cs? Go ahead if that's the only solution.

    4. CS isnt bad at all there is a reason why it was created. Madam please i beg you change your mindset. Just accept it especially if you cant change it. You have not failed as a woman or as a mother. Stop this stigmatisation around CS.At the end you have your baby. Just pray for God's will to be done

    5. haba,stella babies can turn up to term ie 36 weeks.

      It actually depends on why its breech in the first place.

      if there is a fibroid or something sharing the womb with it,turning ll not be possible.

      Nobody turns external cephalic versions anymore because of the risk of pulling out the placenta from where its attached to the womb.

      You can try the knee chest position and ask your doctor about external cephalic version and breech extraction.

      I suggest you just googling cheaper places for csection too.

      God keep you and your baby

  43. Hello Bvs, Ella beautiful you, Chioma happy birthday fine girl.

    To the lady battling infection, just wash with water, stop douching if you do before, you will be fine.

    Kia @ Glossy Mart, this bags are fine, but don't have enough to patronize you now, when i do i will holla you.

  44. I loooove your low cut,i used to rock it well during my University days. Now working with the Nigeria Police Force(legal department), I dare not try it πŸ˜‚

  45. Pregnant BV, I know someone whose baby turned after 38 weeks.
    From what I understand, it's quite normal for your baby to still be benched at 7months. Don't worry.

    But why are you using a hospital where they don't explain things to you. Are they only after money?

    I actually registered for antenatal in two hospitals for things like this. I ended up not birthing in any of them.

    1. Thanks for this comment queen J

  46. Poster with the yeast issue, google past SP posts on this. It was overflogged last year.

  47. a very good afternoon to everyone ,and happy Eid Mubarak to
    blog visitors that are Muslims.. this blog giveaway nah man no man.smirk

  48. Chioma happy 30th. Is that Cherry’s supermarket? You came close to my house.

  49. So I have added Bv to my blog name Dreza to enable bvs to differentiate mine from the other bv with a similar name Deeza.
    As for your favourite gist, it's been hanging in the air since yesterday, I have tried posting it twice again today. If it doesn't get posted, I will find a way for you all to keep enjoying it. Sorry.

    1. Stella kiloshele?
      Did she break rules?


    2. All we are saying, bring back our gist. Lol πŸ˜‚

  50. Beautiful afternoon. Beautiful Ella and beautiful chibaby. Both of you are really beautiful.

    Welcome to the world of snatchees and the snatchers. Those about to be snatched make una thank God. Not easy to be snatched.

    So many beautiful things today.

    Thank you poster for thecash giveaways. Your blessings multiply. Your daughter willnever visit hospitals again.

    The lady with hot tohtoh according to Stella, use water and for now leave fuck fuck.God will perfect your healings. You will be fine.

    Who again,love you all. Who dey kill ram una no go invite person

  51. Bvs pls who knows a very good high risk pregnancy specialist in Abuja where I can register for antenatal. I have had 2 miscarriages from pprom and blighted ovum last year and I'm pregnant again. I don't want to lose this baby as my pregnancy is termed high risk. Thanks.

  52. Beautiful Ella, happy birthday Chioma. To the lady that your mum bought u a car, be grateful and appreciate your mum. The lady suffering from yeast infection, may the Good lord heal you.

  53. Good day all. Stella please I want bag o! I will be grateful if I get a bag from glossy mart courtesy of you. Thanks maami

  54. Stella I also need the bag oo, Please select me for the giveaway. Thank you.

  55. What a raining day today. Happy birthday to you dear. June babies rock. Stella abey gift me the Red bag with the lion skin, 30th June is my birthday make i rock the day. Una doh

  56. IHN welcome... happy Salah... Stella, I want bag too o...

  57. TThere are 6 types of men in Nigeria

    1. Calabar men
    They have 1 wife and 1 girlfriend but they love their wife more .

    2. Igala men
    They have 1 wife and 1 girlfriend but they love their girlfriend more.

    3. Ibibio Men
    They have 1 wife and 4 girlfriends but they love their mother most.

    4. Igbo Men
    They have 1 wife and 2 girlfriends, but they love their daughters most.

    5.Yoruba Men
    They have 1 wife and 3 girlfriends but they love their neighbors wives.(especially ibadan Men)

    And the best one. --

    6. Hausa Men
    They have 4 wives and 1 girlfriend. But they love their cattle most.

    Nobody should argue with me because I am not feeling fine oo
    Just drop your own

    1. You no well true true, lol.

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you must be from Calabar.

    3. This got me laughing... This poster you are very funny.

    4. You got this from nairaland, and even copied the guy's comment that he is not feeling fine. Add copied and stop trying to pass it off as your own.

    5. Ewwwww πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ wickid somebori.

  58. Abeg Stella I'm interested oo. The wine bag (2nd pic). Thank you in advance. 😘


  59. Gosh my mood is fluctuating like mad today. Am I the only one who becomes a total bitch from PMS? I'm just looking for who to bite πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜›.

  60. Stella that your sign out is all i need now.

  61. @yeast poster, why can't you google more about Yoni pearls it's a china product for all infection, blockage and infertility, it's look like a small white ball with net along tiny rope, you will insert inside your vaginal and d rope will b outside, it will be dere atlist 3-4 days, the one my twin sis order and sold for her customer, when two out of them came to gave her feedback , they attached a pic of a yellow discharge that look like a thick pap and bought another again... It's even what most girls were using now, You can also order for it online

    1. Was this recommended by a doctor? Inserting different things into your body can have side effects ooooo.

  62. Happy birthday pretty Chioma....

    Beautiful Ella baby

  63. The yeast infection lady
    You need to work on your gut health. Please kindly Google candida diet. You will find that answers that you seek. I wish you all the best. God's healing.

  64. BV with the infection..
    I know exactly how it feels having suffered yeast infection for over 4years .. used all sort.

    Garlic is what stopped it for me ..till date since 2016.
    I grind a small one and consume daily..
    Then I inserted it in my vagaina before going to bed for about 5days then I stopped..
    Don't worry,it pops out when the juice is expelled..on the first day,it didn't pop out quickly till like midday..but subsequently,it pops out by daybreak..

    If you can,try's harmless anyway.
    I wish you well.

  65. Happy birthday Chioma
    God bless ya

  66. The lady with yeast infection pls do this and say good bye to that demon. Buy cloves,tumeric, fresh ginger and garlic. Peel them and crush them a little. Put inside Eva water bottle and add water. Allow to soak for 72hrs then you start to take first thing in the morning. I had infection too but now am okay.

  67. Lady with the yeast infection. ..I battled this before and after I had my fibroid removal surgery. My Dr recommended a vaginal swab to determine the exact cause and prescribed some medication. Go for a swab asap!
    I disposed of all my old panties, got new ones.... but I was using disposable panties when I needed to wear any and only just began wearing regular panties again.
    Stopped using any type of soap or vaginal cleanser down there....just ordinary plain water to wash.
    It's all history for me now.


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