Stella Dimoko Court Orders Seizure Of Senator Nwaboshi's Houses And Places Restriction On His 22 Bank Accounts


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Saturday, July 06, 2019

Court Orders Seizure Of Senator Nwaboshi's Houses And Places Restriction On His 22 Bank Accounts

A federal high court sitting in Abuja has ordered an interim forfeiture of properties belonging to Peter Nwaoboshi, lawmaker representing Delta north senatorial district.

According to the ruling, 14 properties and 22 bank accounts linked to the senator are to be temporarily forfeited to the federal government.

The order, which was signed by Blessing Chibuzo-Ugwu, the court registrar, also said any person with interest or third party interest in the listed properties should within 30 days show reasons why the properties should not be permanently forfeited to the federal government.

While the 22 bank accounts are domiciled in four different commercial banks, the forfeited properties are located in Delta, Abuja and Lagos.

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  1. 22 bank accounts? How to you even keep track of more than? I want to hear the total money in the accounts because this sound like some out of this world shit.

    1. I have 16 bank accounts.
      10 naira accounts
      6 dom accounts (3 $ and 3 €)
      My 10 naira accounts are broken down like this
      1 daily operations account, its the only one with a debit card. I use it to buy what I need every month. It's a current account and I won't spend more than whats in there in a month. If my ATM card is every stolen compromised, they will never access all my money.
      9 others are savings accounts.
      1 for housing savings (for rent but very soon mortgage Inshallah)
      1 for travel savings
      3 for general savings
      1 for big purchases savings (TV, phone etc.)
      1 for friends/family lending. When people ask to borrow money its only from here I give and they pay back to
      1 for car savings
      1 for emergencies
      I barely touch these accounts so I always earn my monthly interest. Many people don't know that some banks have a limit on monthly transactions you can do with a savings account before you forfeit your interest.
      My dom accounts for each currency
      1 for savings
      1 for funds to use when I travel
      1 for international transactions/purchases

      I keep track of them via online banking. It's not illegal to have multiple accounts and they're valid reasons to keep multiple accounts.

    2. Good for you, but what is the point of all those accounts with the little little money in them. Perhaps it's a way for you to mentally feel rich.
      I suppose I too could open 16 or 22 bank accounts with a few hundred or thousand dollars each. I ain't got time for foolishness. Five is enough and my bank account is setup that the maximum amount anyone can steal is a whopping $50.

  2. 22 bank accounts? Aren't they too much for a man? Can there be a Nigerian politician without a skeleton in his or her cupboard?

  3. one person 22 accounts these ppl no dey fear God

    1. Some people are just wicked. Ọmọ iná.

    2. So?... Is Ur acct missing???

  4. Liked by'forever 16',grandpa Ned and 63 others

  5. When has it become a crime to operate multiple accounts in nigeria? Buhari and his APC government are all out taking a piece.

    1. Can't expect a native doctor to be sensible. You belong to the cave, since you can't read to understand.
      Confused human being.

    2. @Dung, shemale of your caliber perfectly understood every nonsensical allegation. Idiotic bigot!

  6. How does he keep track of twenty two bank accounts for Christ sake!

  7. This country is finished, the way our leaders and politicians are wasting our resources is appalling. It is high time we started to hold all our politician accountable for embezzlement.

  8. This 22 're the discovered ones.
    Some 're probably being run by his prozy

  9. What exactly is the crime he committed? Just multiple bank accounts?


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