Stella Dimoko EFCC Arrests 30 Suspected Internet Fraudsters


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Thursday, July 11, 2019

EFCC Arrests 30 Suspected Internet Fraudsters

Looks like more than half the population of Nigerian men are into Online scam?Well the number of arrests by the EFCC everyday is alarming in dfferent states!!!

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibadan zonal office, on Wednesday arrested 30 suspected internet fraudsters.

The suspects were apprehended at different locations within the city of Ado-Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital, during an early morning raid carried out by operatives of the anti-graft agency. The operation was sequel to a deluge of intelligence reports available to the Commission on their alleged fraudulent activities.

According to the reports, many people have fallen victim to the tricks of the suspects, who exploit their dexterity on the use of the internet to allegedly commit crime. Ranging between the ages of 19 and 28 years, 11 of the suspects claimed to be undergraduates, while others said they are self-employed in various vocations.

Items recovered from them included; eight exotic cars, laptops, mobile phones and several documents suspected to contain information used to access their victims. The suspects are already providing useful information to aid further investigations. They will be charged to court as soon as investigations are concluded.

From Daily Post


  1. When there is no job,what do you expect them to do?..
    Man must survive!...
    If not for yahoo,most families would have died of hunger in this Vuharia government...

    1. Big lie...
      There lots of jobs, these greedy and quick money admits wouldnt think and work patiently.
      They wouldnt put their creative minds to innovate something, they want to drove benz

    2. @Queen

      Your just unbelievable @ most things u say on this blog...Yur sense of reasoning is sooo fucked up dear...

  2. How do they even round these guys up? Surprises me.

  3. Behind every "successful man" is a woman. Some girls are preparing for wedding in December.

    1. 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  4. I hope they are all guilty, not going about arresting innocent people

  5. People go outside the country and engage in jobs that they ordinarily will not do in their own country.
    There's no job is not an excuse why our young vibrant youth should use their talent in exploiting people of their hard earned money
    Since this Vulgarian Government has failed to make good use of their talents BY creating job opportunities,venturing into cyber crime is not an escape from poverty
    The Nigerian youth should stand up for themselves and stop disgracing their upbringing
    They should create jobs for themselves i.e entrepreneurship,get a skill acquisition and make themselves more useful to their country.


    1. Sad thing about Nigerians is, they don't even commit crimes only in Nigeria oooo, they will take it to other countries. How they get mind to commit crimes in other countries baffles me.

  6. What these guys have done is not different from what Nigerian girls and women are doing and keep doing daily. Most of these women depend on men to survive. Some trick men in false relationships to obtain money, some are into runs and prostitution. How about those that date or marry rich men for survival. Many women, both single and married women are opening pussy up and down for cash.
    Listen guys, if a woman tells you to send her money for transport to come over and you send the cash and she decides not to visit you, and does not return the money back to you, you can institute a legal proceedings against her. Refer to section 419 of the criminal code and she will be charged for obtaining by false pretense. She could be jailed for 7years. Guys know your right.

  7. The hate and disgust I have for Yahoo boys, only God can clear that hate. You have no reason sitting down in your comfort zone, deceiving and stealing people's hard earn money. Even the ones that manage to be in a developed country where they can work and earn a legit pay, greed won't let them progress. They just want to steal money from other people so they can buy material things. Dead people.

  8. Any good looking, well dressed guy is a yahoo boy, they arrest those boys and parade them as suspect before any form of investigation,they will release them when they don't have evidence but will their release be reported in the news? NO. Awon character assassin osi.

    1. did you just say good looking?... they release them?... says who? smh


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