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Friday, July 12, 2019

Mrs Dee's Corner -Job Scam....

It's so laughable but not funny how when we want something so bad, we become gullible to lies that we normally would not fall for and susceptible to being swindled of our hard earned money.

The first job I got after service year was as a Sales Rep (fancy word for sales girl). I had worked there over Eight months and I desperately needed a better job as my bills were piling up but my income remained fixed.

Someone contacted a well known figure in my church that he had a few job openings in CBN Abuja and he would like him to send names of those he thought were eligible for the job. He recommended me for the job and gave me the person's number.

I contacted him and he told me to send my CV to the company's email address. The email was the same as the name of the organization so it appeared genuine.

Next, he asked if I had a valid ID as the interview was scheduled to hold the next day by 8.00am and I needed to book my flight to Abuja immediately but not to worry, he had a travel agent whom he would contact, all I had to do was pay into the account number the travel agent would send to me and he would book the flight for me.

The fee for the flight was over forty thousand naira and I couldn't for the life of me just spend my entire savings for a job I was yet to be employed in.

I updated my church member about the flight booking and payment and he told me not to pay a dime till he did his own background check on the person to confirm he works there and to avoid being duped.

This person kept calling me every ten minutes to confirm if I had made the payment so that he would send me my flight details. At a point, I was pissed with his incessant calls and tired of answering "yes sir, okay sir" to his barrage of questions.

The next day, which was the alleged date of the interview, he didn't even bother to call me and my church member called me up in the evening to inform me that such name did not exist in the company.

Thank God I was not pressurized into parting with my money to a scammer.


  1. Man's inhumanity to man. They will never go unpunished!

    1. Then full Instagram now in d name of helping u to push ur products to d public.

  2. God save you. I Have attended alot in Lagos, once I hear pay, I just stand up, dust my bumbum and Carry my kaya

  3. Desperation kills. Rape could have possibly been a fallout of this whole story if it had progressed or rather regressed further.
    It is needful to be patient with God
    for his time for he said that he makes
    all things beautiful in his time...Eccl. 3:11
    Many times we want things to happen in "our own stipulated time". No, mbanu... God makes all things beautiful in his "own" time...
    If you are in constant communication with him through prayers, you will know "his time". We ought to learn sometimes that a 'lucrative" door is open does not mean God opened it.

    I used to have a friend who "landed a job" in a multinational company against her better conviction (she told me so) that the Lord wanted her to fast and pray for a certain period (after her nysc). She left against my reminder of what she told me earlier.
    That job ruined her! It was there that she got pregnant for a man (she had hoped to marry) that denied ever knowing her. It was there that she got std that hasn't gone away. It was there
    that she became bitter (against God and myself at some point) and left the faith...She was on that job when
    she lost the person that trained her
    in school, someone very very dear to her etc.
    I have learnt that a lot seek God when they want to get married, have a child but not which job to jump into.
    It can be risky. When you waka enter
    a door wey Baba God no open for you,
    you fit loss. His Grace no follow you waka o.
    Eheeee, I don yarn finish for this one.

    1. I forgot to add that a series of events happened that forced her to
      quit the job after just three years.

    2. Wow. This one loud o

    3. The god of Nigerians is very harsh. Going ahead of God does not produce the kinds of hardships you've mentioned. Your promised land may be delayed but not denied with hard labour. Nigerians don't know the God who is love and light. They know the wrathful God because they are wrathful people.

    4. ANG
      I love reading your stories, you must be a very experienced mature woman. Pls bring more of them to the blog so that we woulde keep learning everyday

    5. @14:24

      1 Corinthians 1:18 For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing,
      but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 19For it is written:

      “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise;

      the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.” c

    6. Anon 13:32 So it was the job that opened her legs to collect prick without condom? It was the job that killed the person that trained her? What exactly is your point? People should accept responsibility for decisions they make and not blame it on the devil or in this case, accepting a job in a multinational company instead of rejecting it. You sound jealous and it's as if you are just trying to console yourself that her life isn't all that.

  4. I saw one vacancy printed in a black and white paper and pasted on the wall that a hotel is looking for a receptionist. I called the number and a guy picked and told me that Yes they are recruiting but I should come with my ATM card. I asked him what ATM card get to do with the job interview that is how guyman hang up the call.

  5. Same thing happened to me, the link came through my cousin who was rked with an fmcg as a regional manager so I felt it was real. Although it came as a shock to me cos this same cousin of mine has never helped to submit my CV anywhere.
    The day for the interview was the next day and the bastard gave me an account number to pay in money for flight. He said he was the next in command in Arik Air and they needed people bla bla bla cos I asked him the job role. Thank God for true caller and Nairaland, apparently that was the man's day job. I called him with a different number and abused him, shameless man. I've forgotten his name

  6. Rite after my service year, I began my job search . Saw a job application written some where. I went oo...with my tfare(still pains me I wasted it) . Got there, when I saw the crowd(fellow pple that they deceived into coming) Turns out that it was a stupid seminar ‘on how to make money’ totally different from what they put up. I vex ennnn... One lady started changing it for them. I just took my bag and left, but I must admit, I was so dejected. I guess God must have seen how I was feeling cos not long after, I got this amazing job, where I did not do so much to get it.

  7. Rule of thumb is once you're asked to pay in any way or if there seems to be too much of emphasis on urgency; take cover.
    Speaking from one who's been a victim. Shout out to Ss, baba Qatar

  8. You are smart and lucky to have escaped from such fraud, many people have fallen into such scam.


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