Stella Dimoko Pastor Tunde Bakare Says Nigeria's Next President Should Come From The South....


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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Pastor Tunde Bakare Says Nigeria's Next President Should Come From The South....

The Senior Pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly and televangelist, Tunde Bakare, has said that Nigerians should only hope for a pan-Nigerian to takeover from President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.

He suggested that it should be the turn of the South by 2023, adding that it cannot be North alone dominating the rest of the nation forever in terms of leadership of the country. He said this will not augur well for the nation.

“A Nigerian president is possible. It can be from the South, it can be from the North,” he told Sun.

“For peaceful arrangement and for the stability of our country, even those in the North had conceded in times past when it was the southerners’ turn.

“When Obasanjo came and Yar’Adua died, a southerner still took over. A Northerner is there now. It cannot be one part of the country dominating the rest of the nation forever.

“It will not augur well for the nation. Whoever that person is, I pray he will be a pan- Nigerian to plan progress and who will think about how to move our nation forward.

“It is no brainer that someone from the North had eight years of uninterrupted tenure. Then, someone from the South should also do it.

“Fair is fair. But again, it depends on the party that will produce the president. We seem to have two major parties and that was because of the merger that took place in 2012 that produced Buhari’s presidency in 2015.

“In 2023, depending on the party that is producing who because if your party is not strong like those small parties there is no headway.

“They are just wasting time. If we are going to have two strong parties, usually you cannot determine forehand which party will win.”
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  1. Greed and personal interest won't allow it go round

  2. Na them know. The president can come from any part of Nigeria as long as he makes Nigeria better and bring Nigeria out of poverty.

  3. Anybody that is passionate and determined to steer Nigeria in the right direction deviod of tribal and religious sentiments will do... Anybody pls!
    God help us all.

  4. Igbos suppose to produce the next president so that everyone will see how intelligent and focus the Igbos are.

    1. What have the igbos done at the state level?

    2. Alternative Facts28 July 2019 at 18:48

      Is it some business arrangement? Nigeria can never move forward if we do not do away with this northern/southern/ religious sentimental bullshit.. We’ve just refused to learn our lessons. Maybe it’s the black man’s curse. But then again, I see Rwanda and the progress they’ve made in 25 years under the same leader.. smh

  5. Which south exactly? The same south that produce Jonathan? Oga talk something else.

    1. How has the north fair that produced Buhari? Don't just stare up argument, so we don't have to walk down history lane on how the north has held unto power for over three decades and are still the most impoverished and poor people on the Nigerian soil.

  6. Wasn't the immediate past president from the South?

    Please, pastor go and pastor the flocks under your care and stop causing division

  7. Let the best man lead this nation,the geopolitical zone not withstanding mbok

  8. Osinbajo or Fashola is our next president. Yesssss!


  9. I will vote for any body with a good pedigree who is intellectually sound whether he/she be Yoruba, ibo, Efik, Hausa, ijaw . Enough of this zonal politics!

    1. I wish we all can start thinking in this direction without anyone shouting marginalisation so that the country can grow.


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