Stella Dimoko Presidency Says It Outlawed The Criminality Of IMN And Not Their Freedom Of Worship....


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Monday, July 29, 2019

Presidency Says It Outlawed The Criminality Of IMN And Not Their Freedom Of Worship....

Presidency says proscription of Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) has nothing to do with banning the larger numbers of peaceful and law abiding Shiites in the country from practicing their religion, instead it was to discourage wanton violence, murder and willful destruction of public and private property.

The Presidency explains that contrary to the claim by IMN that it had been banned from practicing its religion, President Buhari's administration has not banned Shiites from observing their five daily prayers and going to Mecca to perform the Holy pilgrimage.

Their position is blatantly false and deceptive.

The IMN is deliberately changing the narrative in order to gain sympathy and divert the attention of the world from its terrorist activities, including attacking soldiers, killing policemen and a youth corps member, destroying government ambulances and public property, consistently defying authority of the state.

The Presidency notes that the banned organization was taken over by extremists who didn't believe in peaceful protests and instead employed violence and arson, driving fear and undermining the rights of others and constituted authority.

The Presidency agrees that the constitution protects freedom of worship, but not to the detriment of the society, especially where such freedom harms others, and breaks law and order.

The Presidency insists that such criminal behavior and disregard for rights of others and human life will not be tolerated by any responsible government, explaining that everywhere in the world protesters operate within legal boundaries and conduct themselves peacefully without molesting others, or engaging in murder and killing of security personnel or destroying public and private property.

The Presidency regrets that despite all efforts by the government and other well-meaning Nigerians to make the IMN militants to see reason and abandon violence, such appeals fell on deaf ears as they killed, maimed and destroyed willfully, constituting daily nuisance to workers, commuters and other innocent citizens.

Having defied appeals to operate peacefully, and given their seeming determination to destabilize the country, the government had to act before the situation goes out of control, after admonishing many times over that people should not use religion to perpetuate lawlessness.

"We are fighting lawlessness and criminality and not pursuing a policy of discrimination against any group,” the Presidency stressed. “You cannot be in court while at the same time engaging in violent protests, molesting people and inflicting pains on others, which includes taking innocent lives.''

Garba Shehu
Senior Special Assistant to the President
(Media & Publicity)
July 28, 2019


  1. Who are the people advising the presidency? How can you say you proscribed a group of people and at the same time say it doesn't affect them from carrying out or practicing their religion. Imagine the reasons they gave for the proscription. Haven't the Miyelty Allah Fulani herdsmen done worse than the Shittes protester? I believe the government are very confused in handling security challenges in the country.

  2. TEEJAY be realistic pls no sentiments.. stop "PDPLIZING" and am not "APCLIZING" either.. this guys are all confused and they are "one" what's the diff between herdsmen and IMN? bunch of wicked people.. they should all go to hell...biko...

    1. I don't even understand what you are saying. Please can you make it simple for me to understand? So I can respond.

  3. They are not peaceful people..we need peace.. many life's shouldn't be wasted in the name of a leader... there is more to life...

    1. Okay, I get you now. The Shittes protester said if their leader is been released, they will all leave the street. How do you see that? Before their leader was arrested, has there been any negative news that the shitte Muslims were associated with in Nigeria just like the Fulani herdsmen? Do you know Fulani herdsmen are rated fourth most dangerous terrorist group according to global rating? Yet the presidency is handling them with kit gloves. Do you think if it was the Suni Muslims, the one in which Buhari practices, he would have labelled them terrorist.

      Have you asked yourself why always in a hurry to label people terrorist without armunitions by the presidency but those with arms(herdsmen) are been covered.

      Now, the Presidency is making statement that the banned didn't affect their religion. I want to ask, did they say that to IPOB when they arrested the people performing their Jewish tradition? Now you see the double standard. If they can stormed the arena of people worshipping in a Jewish way, saying they don't want Judaism in Nigeria and then say the shia religion is allowed, doesn't that speaks volume
      and tells you something?

      So much for an exparte order from the government. Remember, it was an exparte order IPOB was labelled terrorist the reason government failed in their case to prosecute them. Today, IPOB is waxing strong internationally. The same exparte order CJN was removed and another called upon. Now, another exparte order banning the shitte movement. Who did this to Nigeria?

  4. Stella, I haven't seen my rejoinder on Na me talk am.


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