Stella Dimoko Presidency Set To Verify Gov. Makinde’s Source Of Wealth


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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Presidency Set To Verify Gov. Makinde’s Source Of Wealth

An anti-corruption agency under the Presidency, Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB), has said it will verify the N48 billion worth of assets declared by the newly inaugurated Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State.

The Director, Oyo state office of CCB, Mr. Moses Atolagbe, disclosed this to reporters in Ibadan on Wednesday.

He stated that the verification will commence as soon as relevant directives were given from the CCB headquarters

Atolagbe also said assets of the officials of the last administration in the state would be verified.

He added that there were a few people in the last administration of the state who were yet to comply with asset declaration.
Governor Makinde declared personal assets worth N48bn.
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*Is it standard procedure to do this?If he has declared his assets,why are you checking again`???


  1. Replies
    1. They will check when a man declears N48b worth of assets because many think they are smart and declare excess in anticipation that by the time they leave office they would have stolen up to that and would escape prosecution.

  2. This is the height of it!
    This administration is nothing to write home about and has nothing to offer.
    Aeon clout chasers gbogbo

    1. Aeon clout chasers gbogbo.

  3. Did they verify the one of El Rufai last tenure when he declared 90billion? Even when El Rufai was challenged in law court to make public the said assets of 90billion, he refused till that tenure expired. Is it because Makinde is a PDP governor? How many APC governors have been verified?

    Ganduje declared his assets shortly after he was rigged in by INEC, the presidency didn't come up with investigating him but suddenly they want to investigate a PDP governor. Where is the integrity of this fraud called President? Makinde is more noble, honest and with integrity than 100 Buharis put together including his cows at Daura. At least we know Makinde as an Engineer with assets across Nigeria and America. What do we know Ganduje, El Rufai and Buhari for?

  4. What happened to the immunity clause governors have?..

  5. What a waste....integrity baba,,where are u


  6. Jobless government thunder fire una๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

  7. You want to investigate someone that has never being in the helm of Nigeria governance before?

  8. Are you kidding me? Investigate his source of wealth, which means they have to rewind and investigate all those who haven't even declare theirs. This is a man who has been in the oil and gas business for a long time, what he declared is even smaller considering his foot print in the oil sector. This is absolute bullshittttt.

    Nigerians are so freaking comfortable with poverty, hence the poverty mentality; that you must steal national/public funds to be rich, or a woman must fuck her way through acquiring property and wealth. What an example and a very detrimental, backward mentality to instill into the psychic of the upcoming generation. Sad, sad, sad.

    No wonder the youth spend all their time begging. They cannot even use their brain to think of a legit way to help themselves with innovative ideas. Such lazy and daft bunch.

    God gave this generation the internet via social media to empower themselves, get out of slavery under any boss, be their own bosses, make an impact no matter how small it is, improve on the well being of mankind. Alas, no oo, na gossiping, trolling, abusing elders and amassing curse's on their heads. Then change account to beg the same person they trolled who is even making money by number of views on IG or YouTube. Instead of using that data to create a content that can change their lives for the better. If they can just look around them, Naija has so much potential in any form that can be translated digitally. Just one simple example that just happened, the girl that recorded the little Warri kid who was driven away for school fees. She made money out of that which has helped to open a new chapter of elevation in her destiny. The whole thing changed the life of that kid and her entire family & in a way the community too. She just looked around her and used her data wisely.

    Let's pray for wisdom to rid our mentality of poverty inspiration.

    1. U are blessed indeed with your analyis.very impressive one from a real graduate.Tell d so-called leaders of tomorrow the truth

  9. They should go ahead. This Makinde Man, is one of a kind. He never declared excess. He has worked hard and more outside Nigeria. His Company and everything else is there. Very easy to verify.
    When PMB states he had x amount of cattle, did we go and count them?

  10. Makinde is his own Man. E never go beg them for anything so they think they can harass him.

  11. This is getting to the height of it. It was a serious mistake voting change 2015. This administration has no clue making this country great at all. Chasing shadows is all they are good at. So regretting ๐Ÿ˜ž ๐Ÿ˜ž

  12. The Makinde guy is as authentic as authentic comes as far as I know. He's my brother's friend. They attended unilag, engineering students. Very hardworking dude


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