Stella Dimoko Saturday Breakfast Post..


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Saturday, July 06, 2019

Saturday Breakfast Post..


Hi Stella,

So this morning, after doing some house chores, I had little energy left in me so I decided to have noodles and garnished gizdodo for breakfast.

1. Rinse and boil gizzard with regular seasoning
2. Dice all that needs to be diced (onions, pepper, carrots, green pods, ripe plantain)
3. After gizzard has boiled to tender, bring out and set aside to cool
4. Fry diced plantain and set aside

5. Gizzard must have cooled so dice into smaller units
6. Fry diced gizzard like you fried diced plantain
7. Take a clean pot, add a little oil and add onions to fry
8. Add chopped pepper, carrot and green pods and stir fry
9. Add fried plantain and gizzard
10. Stir stir stir and stir fry
11. Serve with noodles!!

Gizdod photos sent in by blog visitor


  1. Nice, a different recipe for gizdodo ,the one I'm used to, blended pepper and tomato is usually added.
    Will be having rice and oil stew with fish .Chop and sleep levels

    1. Yes, that’s the recipe with the sauce. This is just stir fry gizdodo without sauce and can be eaten like finger foods.

  2. Well, I'm a noodles girl so yum! Looks like hard work for just noodles. 😣

  3. Just finished taking oats garnished with shredded coconut and miliki...

  4. Thanks for this recipe

    We are having unripe plantain and ofada stew this morning

    1. You kike ofada ehnnnnn.... do you make it daily?
      I like it too but get tired of it easily except i use the sauce to eat yam.

    2. I make the stew weekly
      I get tired of ofada too

    3. Please share the receipt for the stew

  5. Cereal and toast with peanut butter.

  6. What kind of thing is this? Pure wickedness! How will you just post such pictures this morning?
    Do you know i can percieve the aroma from the pic?
    Not fair at all.

  7. All these stress for ordinary Noddles??
    I will rather pass.
    If I see anything less than oil and onion in noodles,I loose interest.
    No breakfast for me..
    I have a lot to do this morning.
    When I eat before doing chores I get lazy.
    Will heat up fried rice I have in the fridge much later.

  8. Enter your comment...looks so inviting. I had palmoil rice with scent leaf.

  9. Nice. Will give it a try.

  10. Nice recipe. I would rather have mine with boiled rice than noodles.

  11. Bread and tea.Am sad

    1. Tomorrow has hope
      Please cheerup

    2. Please eat your bread and tea with all the happiness in the world. Never let sadness win.

    3. Not bad having bread and tea,pls cheer up.
      Many doesn't even have.

  12. don't feel like eating. I'm missing le boo seriously.

  13. God bless you lovely Stella and all SDK fans,this post always make me feel I am guest in your various homes,I love you all.-femi Anthony's

  14. Pls someone should teach me how to prepare white soup(Ofe Nsala) and Sauce for white rice plssssss


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