Stella Dimoko Singer Omawumi Reveals The Secret Of Her Ageless Beauty


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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Singer Omawumi Reveals The Secret Of Her Ageless Beauty

Ageless Omawumi!!!

In a chat with Vanguard the crooner revealed how she has managed to maintain her beauty and physique.

“The secret of my ageless beauty is having a peace of mind. Peace, not like the world gives, but peace from the throne of grace. I don’t let a lot of things stress me; and even when they manage to, I try to sort it out and dump it in one corner. I’m not the kind of person that dwells with stress. I just enjoy life”, she revealed.

The singer who recently released a body of work titled ‘In her feelings’ explained the inspiration behind it and why it seems all of the songs were about her.

“Basically the LP is just about me ‘in my feelings’. Sometimes, when I write stories and I get inspiration, I write from other people’s back stories. So ‘In her feelings’ is pretty much me; every song I wrote and everything I was talking about, from socio-political issues to just taking life easy, to just relaxing and not fusing over things and love, in the relatable sense of it was just all me”, she said.

She also explained why one of the songs was written specially for her husband.

“I’ve never done it before and this is how many years now that we’ve known each other. If I’ve done it before it’s usually out of quarrel. Maybe he does something very little to me then I’ll magnify it and use it to write a song. So, this is pretty much the first time that I’m intentionally making music and dedicating it to him. And he was happy I did.”

Speaking further, she explained why she released a couple of sensual photos of herself prior to the LP release. “I released those sensual pictures before the release of my LP because they were basically in line with the LP. And being very vibey and sultry, I wasn’t forcing it. I was just in a place where I felt the need to interpret it.

“There’re a lot of times when we as women feel like we don’t feel pretty enough within ourselves. We might be but we’re busy, if we’re not chasing our children around we’re busy with their school issues or any other thing. So sometimes, it’s just good to make yourself look pretty, seem pretty and then when you look at yourself you’re happy that you’ve still got beauty.”

From Vanguard


  1. How can you call yourself "ageless" without even mentioning your age?

    1. Oma wonder the Boubou woman.

    2. Elizabeth Bathory22 July 2019 at 12:14

      Ageless how? Ageless should come in when you don't look your age.
      People have to describe you as ageless, you don't call yourself ageless.

  2. I'm now looking at her differently, after that her last photo shoot.

  3. Peace of mind makes u younger

  4. Omowunmi l know you well,well, you nova even near the category of women wey dey talk of ageless, young sis like you.
    Come back with this post in 15years time, then we can compare.
    Ageless ko, agefull ni.

  5. Ageless at 37. When she actually looks like she's in her 40s.

  6. Ageless beauty? Omawumi is not fit to talk about Ageless beauty.

  7. This one too is talking about ageless and beauty. Hianest
    It's like SDK coming to talk about ageless beauty

    1. What brought SDK into this talk ?
      Why the sly comment ?
      Smh yet you come to her blog .

    2. you piece of slim shit...why dont you show your face when you throw shades?idiot....i dont have your time if you think you are ageless contact are only strong as anonymous but frustrated in the real must be a lady or a shemale.....silly Goat..and not i dont mean G.O.A.T;i mean goat!!!,meeeeeeh

    3. Stella abi you haff vex? It haff not reach like that na take am easy😂😂 anon pelle o, na you find trouble.

    4. Stella I wish you will stop replying all these people, they know how to rile you up, if you don't respond they will get tired.. it's hurts them the most when they are ignored..

    5. Lol@ meeeeeeh.Sdk finally made it to funny comment.

  8. Yes omawunmi you look good for your age of 47yrs old
    If want to see ageless beauty look at Angela Bassett, Sanaa Lathan, Regina hall and Gabrielle Union.


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