Stella Dimoko Actress Belinda Effah Gets Epic Advice As She Shared Movie Location Photos With Colleague IK Ogbonna...


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Sunday, August 04, 2019

Actress Belinda Effah Gets Epic Advice As She Shared Movie Location Photos With Colleague IK Ogbonna...

Actress Belindah Effah shates these photos from set with Colleague IK Ogbonna and after she posted,she got epic advice from one of her followers.....LOL


  1. Hehehehehehehehe. He must have a VSVD 🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♂️

    1. Nina phone history reveled his dick is as small as my last finger.walks away from post

  2. Belinda and I.k are fuck buddies. I'm suspecting he's the father of her child.

    Stella if you like don't post.

    1. You were d referee during the fuck session.

    2. lolzzz maybe he/she was the referee indeed.

    3. Belinda has a child?

  3. Ik doesn't last long during the thing, and beside his rod is not big,. This is why the wife left him for someone better. The wife even confided in a friend and the friend advised her to try one product like that if it will work for ik, but it didn't. Naso the wife take japa oh.

  4. Na wa. See as some of you have been trying to downgrade his gear handle, whether big or small.

    Is it not the big wetin call that so many girls want? Women ehn, if it's the size of a pinky finger, they complain. If it can't stay strong for great than 40 secs.,you wee publish his predicament. If it is long oo, ah, she go blame it for shifting her bladder. If it is short oo, ah no oo, she wee not feel it like say man do smtin. What do you all want? S'il vous plaît? Una be God? Did these men create themselves? Haba.

    If the men start to openly describe their female counterpart wet in call now. Ah, he is so petty. He kisses and tell. Useless man, immature & son & so forth. They (she them) will even gather in the name of fighting an imaginary war against feminism.
    I tire, I no fit shout .

    all she does is Scream to emphasize her point, just like 70% nollywood eg Mike ezeronye, Desmond Elliot.

    You scream while acting when acting a simple scene I put you in my trash bucket of actors


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