Stella Dimoko Actress Chioma Apotha Says Her Christian Faith Has Cost Her Movie Roles


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Friday, August 30, 2019

Actress Chioma Apotha Says Her Christian Faith Has Cost Her Movie Roles

Nigerian actress Chioma Akpotha has revealed the struggles she has faced in keeping to her Christian faith.

In an interview with JoyNews entertainment show host Becky, the Nollywood actress said, she has lost out on movie roles because of her faith.

According to her, producers and directors find she has “too many restrictions” even when they come up with “beautiful scripts” suited to her personality.

She called the conflict between faith and her movie career “challenging.”

“I feel as if I’m punishing myself. I am being restricted because I have to stay a Christian but this is what I enjoy doing”

She would not give details of movie roles she lost out on except to say “most of those projects are high grossing projects.”

“…quite frankly it hurts!” she said on EWITHBECKS show on Joy Prime last Sunday.
But she maintained, her stance will not change because her faith comes first.


  1. So does it mean shes refeetting or what?
    Abegi.... does that took all the roles and acted however they presented the script, how far have they gotten in life?
    No be Glo dash you ambassador?

    1. Anonymous 11:18 what are you saying? Respect people's views/opinions.

    2. Regretting*

      Lol... wetin i type up there?

    3. Get some education 11.18 and leave Chioma alone. Your English is horrible

    4. Anon 11.18. Such a judgemental nonentity.

  2. Chioma, money and fame are not everything oh! Don't go and do any role that will make God regret allowing you to be in the limelight, or that you know you won't be able to explain to your children.

    1. Read to understand and stop talking trash.

  3. Good one! May God who sees everything give you your reward.
    People think keeping to their Christian faith is a walk in the park, you can’t if it costs you nothing!
    Problem is that people have created for themselves a ‘god’ after their own heart, a ‘god’ that fits into their idea of the all forgiving all accommodating ‘god’; forgetting that he called all sinners but didn’t ask them to remain sinners.
    If your brand of Christianity doesn’t change you to align more with His word, question that brand.

  4. Forget that one abeg queen don overtake u that's d teuth

  5. Her stance in this interview is contradictory. Abi wetin I sabi self

  6. Chioma, I believe God put you in the position that you are today. The Holy Spirit has always be your guard and has relentlessly spearheaded all the project you have taken part in.
    Please, do not fall for the pressure and the limited pleasure of world. You will be the one at the receiving end both with your maker and the people who believe in you and look up to you.

    It is not always about fame and money, it should always be about you, your pride, your principles, your virtues, your faith and beliefs.

    Some have since fallen, but you are still standing tall, be grateful to God and keep asking for more strength and grace.

  7. Beautiful narration
    But come o
    is this not one of "the infamous four"?
    Are the other three "friends" like what she is presenting here?
    Who you go with tells a lot about you.

  8. That's a bad lie. Who does Chioma think she's deceiving? Is this not the same Chioma that wears short clothes, bum shorts and behave anyhow on the gram? If you post such photos and videos of you dancing to secular music why can't you act any role?

    I can't be deceived anymore.I use to think that Chioma was a Christian until I started following her on social media. Her fans are even surprised too because this Chioma they know now isn't the same Chioma they thought they knew. They thought she was a Christian. She sees the comments, why is she pretending?

    Chioma, please, go and sit down.

    1. Exactly.. she is not what I used to think she is.. now she is pretending as if it’s because she is a good Christian that’s y she doesn’t get roles.. it’s not so Chioma cos we’d e see u for Instagram .. it’s because other people don take over

    2. no issues dey your dey make chioma dey her own dey!


  9. She gives romantic hug and small small smooching and French kiss in movies is a Christian suppose to do that. Abeg park well

  10. If you say you are trying your protect your marriage, I will understand. But faith? Naaa.. There are countless other things you do publicly that is against the Christian faith, even for a liberal Christian.

  11. Enter your comment...some people can be so judgemental, if she kisses or not, it depends on her relationship wit her God. so its non of ur business

  12. Chioma is very rude. I thought it was a joke when I heard until I once visited a church where she attended sunday service. She was so rude to an usher, in the full glare of everyone. Brushed passed, doung everything short of pushing the usher down as the usher was trying to allocate seats to she and her friends. Only cos she wanted a seat of her choice.... IN CHURCH. With very short skirt and chewing gum in her mouth. Is being a born again Christian only applicable when one is taking movie roles? Girl bye 👋🏼 Your rudeness is making more news than your acting.

    The 'anon' will come here and start replying people. All these pipu doing as if they dont read blogs. Lol


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