Stella Dimoko August Meeting.....


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Thursday, August 29, 2019

August Meeting.....

This is a yearly thing with Eastern Nigerians all over the World and it is normally celebrated in August..Hope we have not missed it?

How was your August meeting celebration this year?
Where did the August meeting originate from?What does it mean to celebrate in August?why not another month?

I hear Ladies try to out do each other with their dressings and Jewelries...
Some Marriages have even crashed because of this August meeting.......

Where did the August meeting hold in Germany?Please i want to be invited next year but na Denim pants i go wear come

Do we have similar celebrations like August meeting in other tribes?Please share!


  1. August meeting? Na title of film now, I don't know some people taking this seriously o

    *Larry was here*

    1. It actually exists in Anambra and IMO states. Before or after the new yam festivities, I think. Not so sure.

    2. They travel to go celebrate the new yam festival. They do not eat the new yam until after the celebration. #Culture

    3. No, is not just a title of a movie. It is an integral part of Igbo culture. It is done in August because August is that time of the year when most part of Igbo land celebrate New yam festival. And new yam festival is very important to many Igbo people. Me for example can not eat new yam until my town Ezeh cut the new yam traditionally during the new yam festival. So a lot of people travel for this celebration, that is why the meeting is being fixed during August. Again marriages use to crash before when women come home to show off their husbands wealth. But all these has changed now, you only wear uniform wrapper and white blouse which the style must be 'keep right'. Again alot of ladies get married during this period because many guys always come home during new yam festival to look for wife.

    4. Wow!
      Thank you blessed Princess. We learn everyday

    5. Blessed princess, you be ezigbote nwafo igbo 😘😘😘😘
      Ikwutechala ya πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    6. Thanks everyone. I am glad you guys appreciated my input

  2. I feel August meeting is always done in August because that is when most Igbo's celebrate new yam festival. There is uniform in my place, so the issue of outshining each other is no more. The wife top and Ankara has different qualities but looks alike to a lay man. There are instances they wear branded t shirts and jeans trouser. Its a time women home and abroad gather together to deliberate issues concerning women and the community they came from. So many activities are lined up during this meeting. Side attractions, gossip and serious issues.

  3. August as it is celebrated presently meetings originated from hell.
    The original intentions of Umuada Igbo -the married women of Igboland communities was to foster developments. They used to make monthly contributions and come together once a year at the verge of harvest to plan how the money will
    be used to build a development project e.g. market stalls, village square, etc.
    But now, the "twitter/faceback" girls have turned it into snatching, juju fights, poisoning, maiming, adulterous and incestuous meetings.
    It is a tragedy.
    Yes, a lot of marriages have broken due to it. A lot of kids have been rendered orphans due to it.
    It is a social tragedy of monumental proportions in Igboland today.
    "Darling, you must buy that mkpuluoka wrapper and German gold that mama Ejima wore to August meeting... if you saw her jeep eh...?"
    And when darling does not have money to buy it and could not steal,
    the Sisi will spread her tohtoh to
    buy it 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯
    And the resultant "bastard" is passed on to the man...
    Una sabi say I no dey yarn wetin I never know first hand?
    Odiegwu ooo


    1. Na before. Old things have passed away, and all things have become new. There is uniform In place now and it is compulsory to everyone. people don't show off again. New yam festival is one of my favorite celebrations.

    2. ANG nwannem!

    3. Twitter/Facebook girls attend the August meeting? LMAO! 90s Nollywood has messed up my head. 🀣

    4. ANG, not anymore, things have changed oh.
      Our ndi nne mama are now born again 😁

    5. ANG, I'm curious on your first line. Can you elaborate more on it? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

    6. Nwokem things have changed now,why are you still existing in the old ways,you must sha look for a way to call *totoh* in all your comments..pervert like you,if they check well now u no pure as u dey make us believe.yes am angry and tired of this your *Holy nweje* attitude, cos you ain't Jesus so u no perfect as u dey claim.*twitter/Facebook* naija girl like you..I know u will still come back to dance *atilogu*under my comment,well I chufusters not..Uchuu

    7. @Amanda
      That first line suppose to read; "August meeting as is celebrated presently originated from hell..."
      Yes, na me yarn am so.
      The key word is "AS CELEBRATED PRESENTLY"

      2 Cor. 10:12 We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves.

      Unhealthy competitions will never be from God almighty. Ask God to open your eyes to see how many have
      been bewitched (of course those not in Christ) by simply attending August meetings.
      Anything that scatters a home is from the devil. A lot of foolish women are scattering their homes because of
      the competitions ("comparing themselves by themselves") that go on in August meetings.

      But if one is strong in the Lord and Jesus sends you to go and bring a change, why not? He wants to save those
      women too.John 10:16

    8. Thanks for clarifying @ ANG. Those unhealthy competitions have stopped (to some extent though) in some parishes I know

    9. @Bekkeee
      So your whole problem with my comments na tohtoh?
      I have never seen you call "perverts" those who yarn (with pride)
      about snatching (horsebands), shooting off (babies), offloading husbands (for abroad dudes),
      being in marriages and having fiance 😯😯😯😯🐀🐀
      You don call them perverts before?
      Ajuju o
      Make you browse ya dictionary and find the meaning of that word "pervert" inugo?
      Yes, I no perfect and I no dey dance atilogu inugo
      You happy now?

    10. A married Igbo woman doesn't know jack about current things happening in August meetings
      ANG you're a man na stop deceiving utself & fellow olodos

      @elizabeth bathory pls he's a man who copies Bible references to divert his personality.
      A big time pervertπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

    11. @16:59
      Where Eliza comment up there?
      I can see you are hallucinating
      Okwa ogwu ike abago gi ubulu -drugs don enter ya brain?

    12. What a Wawu!!!!!!!πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†

      ANG is ignorant of happenings in august meetings.

      God don catch you.
      Busted Mr man, your busted

    13. Which Twitter babes dey go August meeting?

    14. This AnG, I think your obsession with young girls have blinded you or in this case exposed your ignorance. Which Twitter babes cause problem in August meeting? That is a big fat lie. Please you do not have to say something if you do not know.
      It is not today that all these communities brought out uniforms for the meeting. It has been at least 20 /25 years since uniforms were introduced to curb the discrimination but he wealthy ones, they even have specific styles and there’s no pressure to change uniforms.
      In your dogged obsession to make the young girls the evil ones, you have exposed your ignorance and hatred. Do you know the people that ‘turned it into something else’ we’re the older generation? People who are now in their 50s, 60s?
      You think snatching of husbands and men just started now?
      Lol. I don’t even have energy sef.... continue... one day, one day, we will know for real way you’re doing what you’re doing, shebi na this blood we Dey

  4. August? Should be new yam festival na.

    1. Lol 😁😁 shantelle. They celebrate both in August, new yam festival and women's August meetings

    2. Wow....thanks for enlightening me.

  5. i don't think people still attend august meeting. This shit has send some many marriage to hell .

    1. It's only the marriages of those that wants to be sent to hell that are being sent. I have attended for more than 30yrs.. In the whole of my town women in Lag, there has never been case of any marriage being sent to hell. There is nothing hellish or evil about August meetings.
      Women from various branches all over the country converge in the village to discuss matters affecting progress in the community. Gone are the days when women had to travel en masses. Now in my town meeting we just nominate just two women who are willing and we sponsor them. Those branches like Kano, Abuja and Lagos only send delegates. No more fashion competitions. Just put on your uniforms. Unless you want to pepper with your shoes, bags and jeweleries. . Some of the health centred are equiped by women thru August meetings. Local markets are built too. There is also empowerment.. women give out tricycles and motorcycles on hire purchase. Widows especially are empowered (donation of grinding machines, sewing machines etc. There are also scholarships for indigent/orphans. Too numerous Biko.

    2. Thank you Anon 17/20. You know the real deal not that wicked comment up there

  6. It was formed before the civil war by Catholic Women Organisation (CWO) Onitsha Province.

  7. I have never attended before but I pay my dues through my mother-in-love. We in the abroad that do that come will always be made to pay for not coming. It's usually funny, bcos I tell my mum in law, that if I aren't going, why should I be paying. Although heard it's usually interesting but I no kuku like meetings join sef

  8. It is held in the whole of Igbo land and beyond. It's a time of the year when women gather in their respective villages of marriage to organize, plan, strategize, appraise and work for the development of their villages. It has home and abroad parts/sections. Abroad for those living outside the village and home for the women living in the village.

    It is a very strong and seroius organization or meeting.
    Absentees are fined. Dues are paid. Elections are held if it fell in the year of elections. Different colors of wrappers are used by different cities or towns to differentiate from others.

    It's been there from days of old but being modernized over time.

  9. It's happening everywhere here, my mother in-law and even my mom have been dragging me to register 😩😩
    Lemme keep attending my living Faith Church abeg😁
    But on a serious, ndi CWO dey try oh, they single handedly renovated and donated chairs to my village community primary school

  10. Blessed princess please finish your ibo you did not tell us what it has cost in most marriage....
    If you dont I will be back with the full gist...

    1. Maybe it caused problems in marriages before when women attend just to show off. Maybe that was why nollywood started acting moves with it. As it stands now. It is building HOMES. Women attend to watch each others back. The uniform thing is compulsory for every woman even if your husband is Trump. Some of you married to Igbo men better attend August meeting before water enter your eyes in your husband's house o

    2. My darling 15: 25. Nothing had or has been caused in marriages. The only thing is that some women just like unnecessary competitions. Every "abroad" meeting have their various uniforms. Then when you get HOME , you won't need your abroad uniforms. They have one particular wrapper everywoman should tie with the white blouse. It's quite interedting. People get to meet old school mates and friend's if you're you are born and married in same town.

  11. Beautiful Beautifier29 August 2019 at 17:25

    Anonymous 13:16,pls say what you know don't comment just became you want to be vulgar. August meeting has being imparting positively in the lives of participants over the years.make your findings then come back and comment.

  12. The comments have been educating


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