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Monday, August 19, 2019

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative.....



I had a close friend back where i resided. Their father was a stunch Islamist who had no room for indiscipline of any kind. He had 3wives and lots of children especially girls.This friend of mine had 4sisters and she was the second child from her mother who was the second wife.

Her father expected all his daughters to remain chaste and virgins till marriage and every month he would invite a family nurse who was a matron to come and 'investigate' the 'down below' of the girls.

They all did well to pass the tests and their father did well to ensure they at least were doing well in their studies or trade as chosen with his approval ofcourse.

The elder sister to my friend was soon dating a boy from same religion secretly. And nobody knew except I and my bestfriend.

We somehow knew that she was doing 'badthings' with the boy but we had no proof plus she was always in her hijab and never failed the monthly virginity test.

My friend got admission into the university before me and her parents insisted she goes from home as the campus was about 1hour drive from our house then.

She soon began to date a boy in her school and i knew something had changed about her but i could not place it. I enrolled in a fashion design school and we would go to events with our boss then. I met a young boy who was pestering me for s#x and I was reluctant and he then left me for another girl.

I was devastated and shared my ordeal with my bestie and her elder sister. Then my jaw was ajar on hearing how they were keeping their boys satisfied through the back door!

Apparently, that was how they passed their tests without any suspicion. I began to wonder how the matron never noticed the change there?

She made me understand the matron noticed once and asked if she had been having issues moving her bladder or was forcing out waste products due to dehydration. She said she feigned ignorance and the nurse asked her to drink lots of water and eat fruits.
Her sister escaped their father's eagle eyes and got married to the same boy.

My bestie was not so lucky when the matron relocated to another state and her step sister (first wife's/ Iyale's daughter) who was then an auxiliary nurse with the approval of their father carried out the monthly practice.

Her step sister threatened to spill the juice to Alhaji but was restrained by a secret known to us that she had helped her own sister through an abortion and has been covering for her since.

The whole matter scattered the day a woman came to the compound raving that one of Alhaji's daughter was a bad influence on her daughter and she should be warned to desist from being friends.

That day, my friend's mum tried to pacify the woman on behalf of her 'iyale' but the outburst was unexpected.

We stayed on the balcony watching the drama unfold as the woman revealed how Iyale's Nurse daughter was collecting money to help girls abort in the area.
Alhaji was seated quietly on the balcony without a word and was watching the drama downstairs.

The woman mentioned how 'backdoor' was the deceit mode my bestfriend and her sisters were applying!

You know what they say ' keep your secret inside your stomach alone'!

It turned out Sister Nurse told her own bestfriend (complainant's daughter) the secret she discovered about my bestie's sister.

While dishing her own daughter the beating of her life after finding out she attempted abortion, her daughter began to 'jam talk' which her mother came to display in our compound.

As the woman left, there was dead silence in the compound... Even I, was afraid on their behalf.

That night, Alhaji invited one of his brothers who gave these girls the beatings of their lives! Kai! They were not allowed to scream or wail o but we could hear the lashing belt sounds!

I did not set eyes on my friend for almost a week. It was as though someone died in their house.

Alhaji retracted his grace and my father mentioned how Alhaji felt betrayed and how he hides his face in shame from his colleagues who blamed him for giving his daughter's education rather than marrying them off after secondary school.Alhaji was a very nice man.

Many years after, I hear he is well and fine as his girls including my bestie turned out well in businesses and career and do not joke with him o!
It gladened my heart knowing that incidence 'reset' their brains and for a man with no son, he has daughter's who have repaid his discipline with success!

*This is a different kind of Narrative and very entertaining.....All those people looking for boys dont seem to Understand yet that  the sex of a child does not matter when God blesses you with a child.


  1. The sex starved husband on today’s spontaneous post, I am also a sex starved wife and I’m very interested in your offer. No strings attached, we just gbensh to stupor regularly or anytime we are both starved. The only ish now is that I’m currently preggy and can’t allow another climb me LAI LAI. But I wish we can be in contact and discuss health checks etc. till I put to bed so we can start from there. I’m over starved and i seriously need this.

    Ps: I’ve never cheated on Hubby so I might need little time to psychologically give in but trust me once I start...we gon enjoy this.

    I’m sure I won’t feel guilty coz the one that is obligated to satisfy me in this department doesn’t have high libido and still cheats on top, can u imagine sharing the small libido that I’m supposed to be enjoying 😭

  2. Wow I love this but that Alhaji is a very funny man. Thank God they turn out well.

  3. Religion and its laws never save a soul. Only Jesus saves

  4. If you think having a girl child is sin and you must have a son at all cost, look at Okonjo Iweala and Evans as a case study.
    Ire o

  5. woah! woah!! woah!!!
    backdoor sex... can our parent do better these days, we mostly tell kids not to do something without telling them the consequences of their action if they do it. But honestly raising children in this generation and present day requires wisdom and grace. May God give every parent the grace to raise their children well and great.

  6. So if you have anal sex often enough you will get used to it. Shudders...

  7. Imagine what those girls went through, having anal sex because of fear...I have a daughter I won't tell her not to have sex but always play safe and do it for what you can gain not love

    1. Did I hear you well " do it for what you can gain not love " please tell her not to do at all except when she's married.

      The most Complex

    2. Oh dear!!!I feel sorry for that poor child already.

    3. Here we go again....How many people can wait that long?

    4. Try and feel sorry for yourself anonymous...If I had followed love my girl would have been born in okokomaiko where my first love resides(No disrepect to people living there) But as smart girl I followed someone in πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ and have my child here....Who love help

    5. How many people actually wait for marriage? You that is typing did you wait for marriage? That's how some of you dont do practical parenting and cry wolf when reality hits. Abeg jare

  8. I am still shuddering from the thought of Anal Sex

  9. Anonymous 15:34...U were making sense with that 2nd sentence until U spoilt it with d 3rd...

  10. If you need someone that will take good care of you in your old age, have a daughter. She will not allow you to suffer at all. All your son will do is send you money and not see your welfare.

  11. Interesting, l'm training my daughters to always stand out and be the best.
    When they are of age, I will teach them more on the dangers of pre-marital sex, i have been teaching them but will go deeper,will also teach them the dangers of going through the back door. May God help me.
    Daughters are golden.

  12. Things dey happen o,I once wrote that I will advise my kids to always play save from teenagers and someone said I want to expose them sexually. I that wasn't expose sexually but our neighbor(my friend's dad) was making me give him BJ steadily at age 7,I grew exploring o. Thank God I was able to marry early n no child outside wedlock

  13. My Dad was/still is not a christian. My mum is but they never Played the whole virginity card with us. Their matra was get an education..Do something meaningful with ur life and . All things will come in due time. They gave us a choice and freedom to be women we wanted who were responsible for our choices. They did guide too but they never played the virginity and purity card, we just chose to be. We are 3 girls. My eldest sister married a virgin. I am 25, done with uni, working too. Am in a relationship that is not sexual.We plan to remain that way till marriage. It was a choice I made because I wanted to meet someone who was worth it, and I have.
    I advice parents do not play the virginity/purity card with ur daughters shrouded in fear. My mum told me that my body belonged to me and I will always be grateful for that.

  14. These days most men prefer having girls than boys. They say boys will marry without taking care of their parent's which is not the same with a girl child

  15. I know somone still a virgin but she has been collecting from the back since she was 16 or so. She says she's saving the front for her husband ONLY. funny right?? Its good for Alhaji sha. Overprotective parents and co. Lol

  16. What kind of rubbish is this? So there are special morals or stress involved with raising girls? Or the worth of women is in their vaginas? No wonder so many women’s personalities revolve around sexuality or rather the lack of it- little else. I’m so confused. And they won’t raise the boys properly so I wonder who they are raising these “chaste” women for

  17. I don't owe any man my virginity, is it the men that would still cheat


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