Stella Dimoko FBI Arrested 80 Nigrians For Fraud But ALL Nigerians Are Guilty Of The Crime


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Monday, August 26, 2019

FBI Arrested 80 Nigrians For Fraud But ALL Nigerians Are Guilty Of The Crime

Before we revel in the misfortune of the 80 who got indicted for fraud, we must remember that we are all guilty.

Every one of us.

There is no Nigerian that has not benefited from 419 or corrupt government money. None.

Every Governor, Minister, Senator or Representative has stolen from the people and also paid their tithes to churches. There’s no other way to survive in Nigeria as we all know it. Nigeria thrives on trickle down economics.

I knew two of the guys, one of them is Isoko and every time I’ve filmed in Nigeria within the last five years, he helped me convert and transfer money from Dollars to Naira, making me part of the problem.

Rather than cast aspersions, we need to use this time to reflect on why it is easy to bring any of us down. I recently decided not to touch corrupt money and it has been Uber rough!

The 80 people are a mirror of us; we are them, and anytime anyone of of us goes down, the country does too. I’ve been answering questions from journalists all day, wanting a statement from me seeing that they just remembered that I’m Nigerian. The only time they remember me is when an unarmed black man gets shot or when Nigerians are arrested. I’m never thought of when the news is good.

It’s the system.

For us to change collectively, we have to change individually. We have to stop our quests for self preservation and think of a lasting solution for Nigeria. We need to have a restart with Africa and bid farewell to the name, Nigger Area (That’s how Nigeria was named. Niggerland, Negroland.)

We need to see ourselves as more than the names they give or call us.

It would have been very easy for me or anyone of us to collect money from any of those guys as investment, they could have said “Na dagbo o,” and it would have been easier to ignore the warning, especially when it’s rough.

We need to be frank with ourselves. We were raised in a culture of “Na where person dey work e dey chop.” We dance to songs celebrating “maga.”

Those guys aren’t the guilty ones, the society made them, we are guilty, especially all the leaders who have purloined our monies; and their children who use same wealth to oppress.

Then again, all looted funds are in western banks. The FBI would have been doing Africa a favor if they arrested 80 Nigerians with wealth not acquired through honest means. So once again, the 80 are the sacrifice while the big guns buy houses in Bel Air, and own more than one private jet.

How do Nigerians own two or more private jets?? What the fuck!!

Every rich man that made money from government in Nigeria did not steal from government, they stole from you and me. The private jets in Nigeria are enough to start a major airline.

There are!

How can any airline work when all the investors own two or more private jets? They don’t risk it anymore with the recent mishaps.

Yes, we need a revolution; however, our revolution is the unity of Africa so every community can control their resources. The Niger Delta needs to keep money from oil in the Niger Delta. I’ve said it in the past, Nigeria is an illegal entity, there is no contract binding us together. Nigeria doesn’t have one, the British don’t have either. We were deceived.

We need to be our own people so we can own our own. That is the way to stop 80 people from pursuing the white man’s money. We need to take back control of ours from they colonial masters and their corrupt goons.

By Jeta Amata


  1. Please stella sound it, Nigerians always condemn something when its no longer repairable, i am ashamed for my child sometimes , imagine going to an office like FIRS they want to collect bribe from you so you can pay less tax , imagine these folks are well paid oh, but everyone of us has big eye, we want to live in houses we cannot afford put our kids in posh school to show we have arrive, we always want to pepper imaginary enemies , showing off is our logo that why our politicians keep fucking us over, i have said it WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT WE WANT AS A NATION AND NIGERIA WILL NEVER CHANGE UNTIL WE CHANGE OUR PERSONAL ORIENTATION.

    1. @Jetta Amata, you are terribly wrong; me and my household are not criminals and do not partake of the proceeds of fraud. It is a shame that someone of your status will write this nonsense in a public forum. I am beyond disappointed.

    2. Thank you jare anon! I live in L.A. and I don't know any of those guys. Please check your followeship or friendships.
      That said, Africa waz also some white man's name, so how I wan do am? It's not just about name changing, it's much more. One of which is to refuse and reject being stereotyped negatively. We haven't negatively stereotyped those that came to kidnap people and take over our land, we instead worshipped them. Long or short, I'm not as guilty as these people defrauding others, you're on your own

    3. The fact he knows them or does things with them doesn't make us all criminals, he has spent and enjoyed their money his problem except he partcipated in their crime at a time.

    4. Well said Jeta. That you don’t know them, does not exempt you. Do you know a politician? Do you celebrate them? He pointed out other things up there, and if you answered yes to any, go figure!

      May God help our country.

  2. You are wrong uncle,not everybody is a thief if you are one let us know in time before EFCC comes for you .I am hardworking guy and I won't compromise my faith in God and hardwork

    1. Bravo๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

    2. Hes right AF
      When u give people money abroad fo convert to naira instead of making the transfers thru your bank account regardless of the charges , you are helping in laundering funds

  3. "those guys are not the guilty ones bla bla bla" be encouraging them, maybe you were even part of them. So because the government failed us, we should all dive into crime?. I've seen graduates sell okpa, drive keke, okada, wheelbarrow pusher, mamaput, etc you think they don't love the luxuries? They do...they also believe there's dignity in labour. Anybody involved in fraud is lazy, greedy and selfish.

  4. So society makes those 80 people a fraudster... What about people who work so hard and legit with the hardship going on in the country plus the corruption, people like this guy benefits from corrupt government and fraudster.

    Oga this one no be talk abeg,find another thing talk

    1. Exactly, everybody is now blaming the society.

      Nobody want to take responsibility for their actions again

    2. Hes right
      Our society celebrates the Tokes , a-money , pretty Mike, and politicians of this country ; looking down on the average people with legit and honest means of income

    3. 11:18, I don't know about u, I celebrate NOBODY I question their source of income; and for those I don't, I still see nothing to celebrate 'cos it's all God's grace. Kapish!

  5. Northerners are coming for you.

  6. Absolutely true ...

    "Those guys aren’t the guilty ones, the society made them, we are guilty, especially all the leaders who have purloined our monies; and their children who use same wealth to oppress."

    "Nigeria is an illegal entity, there is no contract binding us together. Nigeria doesn’t have one, the British don’t have either. We were deceived.
    We need to be our own people so we can own our own."

    1. The society made them my foot. Why have you Teejay not taken to crime? Are you rich? Are you not hustling to make ends meet? It is called "choices". If we all take this route, then every criminal sure has a good defence.

      If a nurse steals your baby because she was paid heavily, blame the society because who knows if she hasn'tbern paidfor months..

      All those armed robbers you are lynching, why are you lynching them? Afterall, society made them!!!

      Wadume, Evans and a host of others should not be blamed as well, society made them.

      Nonsense!!! People do all sorts to survive these days. Go to inhouse news, people run errands, offer cleaning services,sell ponmo, ankara, even omugwo so what the hell are you guys talking about. How much did Ola start with again for his ankara bus?

      These people do their fraudulent nonsense and even after hitting it big, they continue. Why can't they back out and start a business or do sonmething with the stolen funds? Oh please miss me with the bulshit.

    2. When they say the society made them so, it doesn't mean there should be justification for crimes but that the society contributed mostly for the decayed in the system. Do you know the society influence peoples way of life? When a good child from a good home becomes bad as a result of the environment he found himself, what then has happened? When government failed in their responsibilities, what becomes of the people? If things weren't this bad in a nation, crime rate will be minimal. Of a truth, the gap between the rich and poor in Nigeria is too big. And again Nigeria teaches one that hard work hardly pays the reason we celebrate mediocrity and best brains are abandoned. In all I will never justify crimes but know this, the society we abuse today, will haunt our children tomorrow.

    3. Teejay society will definitely affects anyone who wish to,if you can't stand firm to the pressure. Tell me why can't you go into fraudulent activities?
      Or is it that you are not affected by the flashy things going on in the society,everyone gets affected but it is a choice we made to be upright and diligent in the little thing we do by working hard day by day.
      It is what you choose to do with your life,everyone knows what is right and what is wrong,please don't tell me society makes some people go into crime.

      I have spent 35years on earth and I have never tasted alcohol, do you think I don't have friends who smoke weeds or take alcohol, but I was determined never to go that way because it was a choice I made to myself not to get involve in alcohol and the likes.

      As long as you are greedy and not contended you will do what you are not suppose to do.
      Or is it the society that makes one get greedy and not contended?

  7. Indeed...majority are indirectly guilty of this, definitely not all , but majority.

  8. What of Mama Chinedu that wakes up by 5am every morning to go to her crayfish shed at oyingbo market, is he also guilty?

    She hasn't dreamt about getting dollars. Her only chance of going abroad is (maybe)her very brilliant daughter who is about writing her final year exams.

    She does her business with integrity and her customers and co sellers know her for that.

    How has she contributed to the rot in the system?
    If the writer says majority, I will agree, but saying all of us, is a bog slap on my face please

    1. apt and accurate, My mum wakes up everyday 5am to go buy from Oyingbo and sell at the market, even neighbors have testified that my mum is one who can live with the devil because her patience is top notched, they shouldn't drag all of us into this shame, we have hardworking Nigerians who are legit and not interested in doing fraud, truly this incident is a shame to us as a nation but then people should learn how to take responsibility for their shameful actions.

    2. If you are not looking, mama Chinedu will use the back of the cup to dish out crayfish. Stay woke. Nobody is honest in 100%

  9. The society didn't make anyone a fraudster, the society didn't turned them into criminals, they choose the high and easy way themselves.

    I always preach about "choice", choice is a very serious topic that people hardly talk about... Anyone that has come of age, can use their head, mind and reason for themselves; whatever decision they make is all and should be all on them.

    I am so tired of people accusing others and the society falsely. A woman turn to prostitution to make money, it is the society's fault, a man turns to scamming people and stealing with harms and ammunition to make money, it is the society's fault...
    Are these people brainless?
    Are they handicapped?

    I believe nobody doesn't reevaluate their thoughts before taking the bold steps.
    Please, you people should stop lying on the society's head and start owning your shits.

    I derail sometimes and when I realize, I take all the blames and beg for forgiveness. And when I beg for forgiveness, I do not feel entitled to be forgiven because it is all God's choice or the person that i wronged decision to forgive me.

    Those that have chosen the path that leads to destruction should continue, even those that applauds them, their enablers, they should all continue... But, they should not forget that the future is not and won't be smiling at their generation.

    I know how the crimes committed by wicked Nigerians have affected me and the people that I love.
    In the eyes of the white men, one black commits a crime, all blacks committed the crime.

    I remember few years ago when Stella made a BEP post on having supernatural power and what one can use it to achieve. Almost all the answers were about going to take, take, and take... That is how the mindset of most Nigerians are. Almost everybody want to take, take and keep taking without knowing the source or even working for it.

  10. What is he even saying? You can be one of them but I am not! I work hard for my money, I am content with all that God has blessed me with, I don't go about defrauding people and I am reading to wait on God till he upgrades my level.

    These ones are just greedy, lazy and not ready to follow the right route to make it. The society didn't make them, they chose to turn out this way. Don't put all of us in one room please.

  11. No matter how bad/low the society is, we're still taught to do good instead of bad and the consequences of each....whoever chooses to do bad made their own bad decision. We all are not opinion

  12. No Mr Amata, not everyone is guilty. Its a matter of choice. Ego of I better pass my neighbour no day let us see road. Also for your information I am a proud Nigger or monkey or whatever I am called because its a perception based on ignorance. A name tag can not determine who I am - a noble lady from the great Benin Kingdom. The earlier we stop playing the victim as blacks the better for us. The blacks that have seen the light are busy breaking boundaries all over the world and u are here trying to justify crime. I beggy!!!

  13. Nigger ko, negroe ni. Well of course it's nigger area, it's the largest black nation on earth! A nation with so much potential for greatness. If only she can harness her resources right. Thankfully, some of her ppl, home and abroad, are doing great. That's by the way, nevertheless. What's important is that Nigeria quits paying lip service to the issue of reorienting her values. The government will have to play an active role in ensuring that all institutions: family, church, school, etc. are involved in steering the nation on the right course. Mr. Amata, speak for urself, abeg.


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