Stella Dimoko Former Beauty Queen Omowunmi Akinnifesi Shuts Down Those Who Advised Her To Stop Parading Her Sucess Stories..


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Friday, August 02, 2019

Former Beauty Queen Omowunmi Akinnifesi Shuts Down Those Who Advised Her To Stop Parading Her Sucess Stories..

Omowunmi says someone asked her to down play announcing her achievements and she does not agree with whoever it was that handed her the advice...

Last week the paragon of beauty announced that she was studying at Harvard Business school and made a few posts to celebrate.....

''Stop it...just stop it 🀜. Morning my darlings 😘😘😁. 


I was once told to down play myself. Hell, I was even told to slow down on achievements. Woman please strive high. They would put you down, they wld say you do not deserve a seat but take that seat anyway because till you fight for it, no one wld give it to you. Build and be greatπŸ’ͺ🀜''


  1. What people call "success" is really appalling.
    They will tell you where they are studying (abroad)
    They will tell you about the cars they acquired
    They will tell you about the mansions
    they built
    The number of Dubai trips they make
    But will they tell you;
    Who pays for all these?
    What do they give to the payer in exchange for all these?
    Where they hope to spend eternity?
    "For what shall it profit a person if she gains the whole world and lose her soul. Or what can a person
    give in exchange for ones soul?"

    1. It is her life, let her live the way that pleased her and let her face her creator. God's ways are not our neither are his thoughts our thoughts,and when talking about people that will make heaven,do you think you are measured up to that standard,the criteria for entering the kingdom no be seresere.....and what makes you think you are better off than her in righteousness?

    2. @17:25,thank you!
      Madam fork,you no dey tire to yarn all these ya sanctimonious yarns?

    3. @17:25
      Is anybody preventing her from living her life the way she likes?
      How many times have you questioned those hailing her on social media?
      Once she posts things on the internet for people to see and comment, it is no longer "her life?"
      Nne, the criteria for those who will go to heaven is clearer stated than those who will go to havard.
      Just like that of Havard is written in their brochure, that of heaven is written in the gospels.
      I do not measure up to that standard, that is why I put my faith in the one who has measured up to
      that standard to help me and I live according to the principles he stated in the gospel.
      Thank you inugo

    4. As in you 'live according to the principles stated in the gospel'? Just pray for grace the criteria as I said earlier is not seresere, nobody prays to live in this worrisome,sinful world and miss the heavenly kingdom where you will spend the eternity,as it occurred to you yet that we will live longer in heaven than on Earth? Sis,my own is that do not judge anyone,preach,help the weary in prayers and pray for grace not to miss it, you remember Moses if that little thing he did then almost cost him eternal life,what more we in this cursed world.Do not judge so as not to be judged because I observe on this blog that you judge people alot,admonish them in words and prayers and not condemnation. May Almighty God help us all because no body prays to die and end up in hell for it is very REAL

    5. @18:52
      cursed world?
      I only asked ajuju n' ese okwu above and you called it judgment?
      If you are displaying what you called "riches/success" and I asked "how did you get it?"
      That becomes judgment?
      Please carry ya phone google "judgment meaning" and read the meaning of judgment.
      It is only in Nigeria that people have/do things without telling how it came about
      and no one dare ask questions, just worship the person who seems to have it.

  2. Whatever floats her Canoe.

  3. Ok sis, we've heard you. Sho de tan?

  4. Help me tell them. Petty pple. Glorifying God in sin

  5. No body holy pass . Out of d Ten Commandments, there is one u, yes u are guilty of. If u no follow man for money, e get d one wey u dey do that Is a sin b4 God. So all of us human are sinners in d presence of God.

  6. I just like this babe. Keep it up!

  7. Is the world against women, I don't understand but we all av our challenges.

  8. @ 16:36 Showcasing her success does not mean she's not mindful of her heavenly race. I see some atom of jealousy in your post. Learn a think or two from her success story and pray to God to elevate you.

  9. There is a thin line between arrogance and confidence, confidence is calm,quiet and trusts in their abilities and achievements, arrogance is loud so loud that the only person talking about it is you and it then looses its value. Imagine Michelle Obama constantly telling you she went to Harvard and was the former first lady of America I bet most people would have found it disgusting. But you see, she empowers women/youths and does a lot for the community that in turn pushes her to be remembered as well as her legacies everlasting impacts made are much more remembered than what is being said. We could careless honestly.

  10. Your success is from Tunde Fowler


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