Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 266


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Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Labour Room Drama 266


I sent in my first labour room drama few years back, this is the second.
The first was so easy,but I cannot say the same for this second one o Stella,but in all,God glorified Himself.

My first Edd was early December, subsequent ones were between late November and December. The last was 24th December.

All the Edd came and went but labour did not start. My gynecologist just kept giving grace until the 42nd week was almost over and then the last antenatal I attended,I met another doctor, immediately he saw my file ,he asked that I be induced cos have gone far past my Edd.

I begged that he gives small time again but he refused. He said it will be written in my file that he scheduled me for an induction,if I refuse and the baby dies, the blood is on me.

On hearing that, I quickly agreed and then told him I was going to be back in few hours.

That day B4 going for antenatal I had not eaten so when I got home,I first made one solid eba, munched it with fear, hunger, anxiety and what have you. After eating, I went to pick up my daughter up from school, left her with my house help and then I and my husband went to the hospital,got there,by then my file was on their table.and then I was admitted and induced. I already googled about it so I knew it takes 6 hours before you start feeling the effects.

They said I won't be able to stand up till after 30 minutes so it doesn't fall off cos it was inserted into my virginal .I waited for close to 2 hours and then I told them I wanted to poo cos I wouldn't want it to happen when it's push time. The nurses refused o, saying I should hold the poo. I kept holding o. By 9pm it was 6 hours and immediately the pain started. The pain was as strong as the final stage of my previous delivery so I thought this was so fast and then I started thanking God that it was faster than I expected, not knowing that was the beginning.

Stella the pain is something I don't pray for my enemy to experience. From my experience, induction is many times more painful than normal labour(cant say the actual number of times so it doesn't seem like an exaggeration but it's many times more painful honestly)

Induction takes longer time . The previous delivery labour started 9pm and by 12:15 am baby was out. This started around 9pm and like I said the beginning was like the stage of the Ring of fire of my previous delivery. I thought it was fast o, but that was the beginning. I want to poo o but no they won't allow me. 

They kept telling me to hold it. The pain was increasing steadily, the nurses were checking babys heart beat at regular intervals and checking frequently to see if am dilating ( that checking is another thing I hate, so painful and irritating).

By 12am nurse checked and I was just 4cm( I died) for how many hours?. 

Thank God for my pastor's wife o, her presence and that of my husband was really helpful. While my husband was busy scabashing, she was encouraging me to continually take deep breaths, she said it helps with the pain and also helps labour move faster. The pain kept increasing o, at a point I started begging for CS but no. The nurses did not even have my time again ,they were busy sleeping. When it was some minutes past 2am, I was checked again and it was just 6cm,God!!! 

I was discouraged. 

After, say like an hour, I was checked again and it was 7cm. Then prayer started again o.
My pastor's wife joined hands with mine and we prayed that God hasten it.and God did o.

By 3:20 or there about,I was 9cm dilated. At that time, I felt like pushing, went to the nurse at the delivery room, madam said it's not yet time, remaining small. I was asked to lie down on the delivery bed and wait. Madam nurse was busy sleeping, when I told her to please attend to me, madam said I should not disturb her, that I just came to disturb her sleep. Then I said this woman attend to me now.

 Stella, na so this woman vex o, that she's not doing again. Why will I refer to her as this woman. I started begging o. Someone that collected all the things needed for delivery before labour even started.according to her, she likes arranging baby things before labour starts for everything to be organized, na so she start to dey look for things o. See confusion.

Before you could say Jack. The first push on my own o, na so heavy poo and baby head came out,she was still busy looking for what I don't know. Second push like this, baby came out. Thank God she was fast enough to catch the baby. My baby came at 3:38am

I was asked to cough for placental to come out, I started coughing and after few coughs, placental came out. If you see the placental eh. Like it was rotten already. The tears no be here o, nearly reach my anus.

The sewing nko? Honestly I doubt if I was given any anaesthesia, the pain was raw, hotter than the labour pain I went through.
After that nko? The after delivery contraction pain that comes especially when baby is breast feeding. That one was on another level o. More than labour pain. The annoyance due to the experience and all that, just made me tell them to discharge me that morning.

Subsequently, I noticed that I always experience back pain, forget things easily and I still experience mild contraction once in a while. I asked many women who had been induced before, googled the after effects and more and I discovered those and many more are the side effects but that it will wane with time.

Cngrats on your but the narrative with the Nurse left a bad taste in my mouth....Such should be reported to the Appropriate is so wrong.
That was how a governor visited a state owned hospital and No Doctor was on call and of over thousands of Nurses only 10 were there...Imagine!!!
The health system in Nigeria is being Killed by the health practitioners complaining.....


  1. I'm so scared kai... women are too much

  2. Congratulations. Any abnormal pain after childbirth should be reported to Doctor asap. Do not listen to old wives tales

  3. Congrats dear
    That was how I was induced with drip. Dilation refused to increase and I was operated on at last. Painful experience. Emergency C-section is very painful especially after serious labour pains. I almost died. Thank God I was compensated with a very beautiful and smart princess.

  4. This narrative sent fear down my spine. God na beg I beg o help when the time comes and let provision be made available. Well-done ma!

  5. Wow what an experience. Congratulations on the birth of your baby.

  6. WOW, Thank God for your life o.. I dont think i can deal with that kind of pain o, thats why I prefer CS anyday and anytime

    1. Honestly. CS any day. Just reading this alone I felt all my strength going down already. Poster thank God for safe delivery.

  7. OMG what an experience. Thank God it ended in praise o.

    Some nurses sha.

    Seems this induction works differently. I was induced when I had my first baby. Didn't feel much pain at all. In about 5 hours it was all over.

    The doctors and nurses were all using me as a case study sef.

    God is awesome. The way he created us ehn...

    1. Same here, i was induced in my first pregnancy and didn't feel much pain i thought it was normal. Induction started at 8.30 and baby came 3.15 and no side effect later

    2. It's really different strokes...😊

      I greet you sis.

  8. wow that nurse needs to be sacked, like seriously, sleeping when two lifes is at stake😳😳i always thank God my parent sent me abroad to live o be ause giving birth in nigeria is like a suiside mission.. Congrats on your baby

  9. Thank God you listened to the doctor and went to be induced.

    You see the placenta was already "rotten". It would have gotten to the point where there wouldn't have been nutrients getting to the baby and not sufficient oxygen and it would have been another story.

    I'm everything give thanks.

    Also that nurse ehn.., couldn't you report her to the doctor or management?

  10. Nigeria health practitioners many of whom are evil. Thank God for safe delivery.

  11. Chai,what a painful experience, my sister was immediately booked for CS at 40weeks n no show, no need waiting till 42weeks, its dangerous. Thank God for you dear!

    1. As in ehn, very very risky. Thank God it ended well poster and congratulations.

  12. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. May God heal you and provide for you and yours, may your baby (babies) continually bring you joy. Amen

  13. Congrats dear for safe delivery. May The Lord keep you and your bundle of joy. Your next shall be faster n easier than this in Jesus name.! πŸ™

  14. Congrats dear for safe delivery. May The Lord keep you and your bundle of joy. Your next shall be faster n easier than this in Jesus name.! πŸ™

  15. Choiii congrats my sister.
    Cos of all these rubbish my husband insisted on elective cs from d beginning of my pregnancy... didn't want any story dat touch oooh, it will only cost money, bt at d end u get what u want. Thank God ooh 7 weeks after delivery I'm all healed up, no pain anywhere. To go another one done dey hungry me sef 😍😍😍🀩🀩🀩🀩

  16. 9pm to 3am that's 6hours.
    It's very ok biko

  17. Mehn...I can feel contractions in my uterus just reading this 😭😭 What kind of punishment is this eh? This can only happen in a public hospital. See eh, CS for me any day and time abeg. I know the after pain is something else to deal with but abeg, it's better..ah ah. Congrats, my sis.

  18. TankGod for u ur baby..congrats

  19. I believe u had these tears CP's of the nurse's negligence. If she had been on hand to massage your perineum and guide the baby's head, probably u might of had experienced the tears.

    God bless you and your baby.

  20. Chai they should start using epidural in NIgeria please. It's very safe now. The world has moved past such horrible birth experiences. Na wa o.

  21. This LRD came just at d right time.
    I will be induced in an hour time.
    U can imagine whats going thru my mind....
    Lord take all the glory kos I know I'm coming out victorious

    1. Yes you are sweet! The Lord has already done it. Congratulations!

    2. Amen sis.

      The Lord is your strength.

    3. You will birth your baby peacefully. My second baby's birth was through induction. Labor started by 2:30,@3:30 my baby don show.Its painful but dilation is faster than in natural labor

  22. Virginal = Vagina/Vjay/Ikpu/Obo/Ohu/Pussy

  23. Yet the way they complain abt salary ehhh


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