Stella Dimoko Spontaneous Tuesday Post...


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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Spontaneous Tuesday Post...

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Good Morning all.........Another of rest and enjoyment for you my fellow Nigerians!!!
I hope everyone is OK?When i see that some people no longer comment i get worried if they are OK but if they are then fine.......

I hope those missing in the comment section are fine?where is BV Dada T?BV Manna Bee in the US,please contact me,we have some unfinished gist oh...

Is the BV that won the IHN quiz OK?She has not contacted me for her prize.

I have good News,the Bv whose hubby abandoned her when she was pregnant has welcomed her patter of tiny feet....such an adorable baby,will post her photo inside in house news today...Baby arrived on Sunday night......Those of you who reached out to her and gifted her stuff when she pregnant God bless you and keep you...
The lady who gifted her baby bed,thank you!

If anyone has baby girl things to gift her,please reach out to me..If anyone wants to visit her,she lives in Surulere,please reach out to me.

What else?

Doppelganger honey can you or anyone else inbox me that stuff to treat and Manage natural hair again?I didn't save it last time and now ready but cant find it...

Have a nice day ya all,Remember that the best things in life are free,dont take them for granted!


  1. John 14:27 "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."
    I pray for you today that the peace of the Lord which embraces wholeness, good health, abundance, harmony, completion, perfection, calmness and more be yours this this weekend and forever in Jesus' name. Good morning.
    Do have a peaceful and wonderful week.

    1. Amen.
      So i decided i was gonna fast today only to realize i have broken the fast after downloading a plate of rice and beans before time! Na wa.
      God bless us.

  2. "I am not BOUND to my EX husband.

    1 Corinthians 7:15 provides a second cause for divorce. Paul said that a child of God is not BOUND or under any bondage if your unbeliever EX separates himself/herself from you.

    And so, by authorizes a subsequent remarriage by grounds of desertion.

    I know and read my bible, ANG." Perxian.

    Madam, you are bound to your HUSBAND (not ex) until he stops breathing as long as you regard yourself a follower of Christ. He remains your husband. Any other man having anything to do with you is desecrating your body. Marrying another man is nothing but engaging in adultery, except the cause of your "divorce" was sexual immorality on your part. Besides this, if you go ahead to marry another man, you, your real husband and your supposed new "husband" will all be guilty of adultery - says the bible. It is proper to put things in their proper perspective so as to guide people that haven't had the privilege of having proper knowledge of the bible. We shouldn't confuse them. You are an informed woman. You definitely know the truth. Stop playing around with words.

    1. This is one part of the bible amongst others Christians dont follow or agree to.... they dont even want to read it twice. But they want to enter heaven.

    2. I wish we can all go to heaven and still come back. My head just dey scatter with all these confusion from everyone and everywhere.

    3. Ceaser come and answer because this is getting more complicated by the day. What if infidelity was the reason why the marriage ended, and it was on the part of the man so the woman will still remain single because in my Church the preaching is different o.

    4. Hi, Ceaser. I'm not about to divulge my situation with my ex husband but I will let you know this..

      My ex partner was a heathen (1Peter 3:1) not to mention the sexual indecency (Mattew 5:32, 19:9) on his part which are the implications for divorce.

      You have your interpretations, i have mine. Let Jesus be the judge on the last day.

    5. Ceaser, you’ve been more honest and true to the word of God on this matter more than others. Please why don’t you believe in God? They say you’re an atheist. The Bible also says “ The fool says in his heart there’s no God” Psalm 14:1

      08:40 If you know the way divorced pastors interpret this scripture just so they can marry another you’ll be confused.

    6. So you actually believe all atheist are fools? You'd be a fool to believe that.
      If you agree with that passage of the bible, then you must agree with all what the bible says right??? No pick and choose here.

    7. @ perxian, you have time to be replying all these people who want to use style to hear your gist.
      My dear, it is between you and God. Do not divulge or share nothing with no1. Even Ceaser thst calls human beings despicable and inhumane names is quoting bible?? Weldone sir.

    8. Ceasar how true is your truth if your intent is dubious? As you judge so will you be judged.

    9. 9:32 sis, will do. Thank you

    10. What I do know is that 1st Corinthians 7 vs 12 to 15 says 2 things:
      - we are not allowed to divorce an unbeliever who has consented to remaining in the marriage. (So if there was already a marriage, and one person get converted, that is not grounds for leaving the unbelieving spouse so long as that person still wants to be in the marriage)
      - if an unbelieving spouse should leave the marriage, the believing spouse is not bound to the unbeliever. This implies that in this case, the rules of divorce discussed by Jesus in the gospels do not apply in this scenario.

    11. Perxian dear, please don’t allow anyone break you, do what makes you happy and leave the rest, for God do not see us as humans do.
      Don’t let no one make you have doubts about entering this your second marriage.
      Much ❤️❤️❤️ Sis.

    12. Biblical interpretations should not be scratching just the surface. You must understand - pretext,text,text,agenda and history behind every chapter, See Acts- 15- 1 to the end. The Jews had their unique way of life, the apostles understood this hence, the reason for Acts-15. Africans need to understand that we had our unique way of life before Christianity, even Christ practiced Judaism, how many Christians practice Judaism today? Reason- because Judaism is for the Jewish. What does your culture say about divorce. In 1 Corinthians, Paul wrote to a particular audience, that's where context and agenda comes to play. What did he say to the African church?

    13. This blog eh, the best way is to comment on post and dust your ass off .Giving out privy informations about yourself gives people the opportunity to make themselves judge and jury over your life and decisions .people that don't know you or your struggles o. They'll start typing nonsense as if they are most perfect .

    14. @Perxian
      How is it that you accuse your ex-husband of "sexual indecency" but you have been boasting
      about your sexual exploits right here on this blog when you are not married; is that one not
      And he is "a heathen", really? What are you? Please do not throw stones when you live in glass

  3. Arising and shining ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

    Congrats to the BV with the new baby. God bless and keep you both.

    Lol @#ramislamb.

  4. Thank God I have my own break today.

    Congrats to the new mum. God bless you and your baby.

    Enjoy your break everyone.

  5. How do u get this dandruff gone? Its been tormenting me for months, itch itch itch.... and i wash my short hair every 2 days with Head and shoulders shampoo, it still remains.

    1. Get Nizoral shampoo. Wash your hair, rinse and dry, then apply more Nizoral shampoo, leave it over night then rinse, do this for like three weeks and see how you feel.
      I was going crazy a few weeks ago. I've only used Nizoral twice as described and no more crazy itch.

    2. Wash your head with your morning urine, then rinse.

    3. Thank you 08:51 I’m not the one who asked but I’ve been going through the same thing

    4. Try vinoz shampoo and conditioner, it worked for me

    5. Blackbery, sperm nko?

    6. Blackberry or Dumbberry learn to shut up sometimes, not every thing is a joke.

    7. Use Selsun blue shampoo instead.

  6. Good morn bvs ! I'm reflecting to yesterday's chronicle poster. Early this year I thought I was in love with this married woman, we painted our world colorful but deep down I know we nt gonna end up together, she got two kids already. She told me how are hubby weak in bed but still cheat around.

    PS she's 9 years older than me but I play up my mature then we blended, later I got to know she was striving with her poor sex life before we met, it was deep chemistry most times I pass the night in that same house even while the hubby is home cause is a duplex house and her hubby is a state politician but married her as virgin she has never for a day enjoy sex with him according to her so due to this she become addicted to masturbation that during sex with her hubby she always pray in her mind for the man to cum first so she can go into her room for masturbation. She never came during all her life , so first we made love she came within 4mints and she was making it a big deal all through the day kikiki" won a trophy abi?" We day make five times a week for four month straight"pam nt your calabar boii thou" we finally fell deeply in love that she was considering divorce she passed her car papers to me and told her hubby am bro he never met .. All bcos of dick*LOL we did a lot of stuffs travels with these few months

    One fateful day sometime happened . I came over the house we kissed from the door to upstair as normal thing for us and ended up in the bathroom before bed and she made this bounty statement " MY HUBBY DICK SEEMS NT TO BE RAISING FOR THE PASS ONE WEEK NOW " Joking saying and go further to say " ANYWAYS I DNT SEE THE USE " she was laughing I stopped and a have a deep think... Touch her for that dripping areas again make one never before love to her with squirting till the bed was soak like she had a broken water after that I desisted I don't wana pass a night, I went straight home take her how she can make her hubby a man again . how to treat it and places I told in her body that came easily make her cum then I blocked her everywhere I can! She was broken .. One of her Frnd that knew about has talked to me. Few weeks I saw her she dropped some weight already I hugged her and left too wasnt easily for me but I don't have to let a brother like me down because of sex

    Here in Nigeria we are hypocritical we love sex but don't wana talk about it...
    permit me if I kill English

    1. Is this epistle to say you can treat poster’s fiancรฉ abi what? You were having an affair with a married woman and calling Nigerians hypocrites, smh.

    2. A sex with a married woman?Another man's wife in his own house? You broke brotherly code tufia... Please as you have said never go back to that act. Nothing is forever hidden, if that man catches you brother you're dead.

    3. Don't judge him. He saw the errors of his ways and stopped. Had a good talk with the woman. He felt guilty letting another man down by sleeping with his wife.
      Go read again before you play assistant judge. If God was a man..........

    4. If that politician saw you in his wifes bed and killed you, you'd say hes wicked abi? Dont think youre now free oh

    5. Wehdone sugar boy. Why you run?

    6. Keep growing fat in your sin.

    7. Oga u didn't just kill English, you murdered it kpam kpam.

    8. Anon 9.35am....I don't think anyone has judged him. The reverse, to me, is the case. What has nigerians got to with the epistle he wrote up there. You got yourself into a situation, gladly you have fixed it. Why bring in Nigerians into your situation?

  7. Congratulations! God bless the baby.
    Good morning SDK & BVs, how we dey? I have been TTC for some months now,i take folic acid daily. Last month after my period,i took the bicarbonate of soda, Banana, peak milk & egg combo.On 1st of August I started having heavy & sore breasts with heartburn, I goggled, there were pregnancy signs, I was already happy that I was pregnant. Only 4 my period to show up on Sunday. ๐Ÿ˜ก.
    Should I still take the Combo again after my period?

    1. I declare that this is the last period you will see for next nine months. Amen. While you are at it please be calm and keep your faith alive

    2. No dont take another one just yet. U seem so anxious,anxiety and pregnancy dont go hand in hand. Try to relax, get ur mind off it and u wont even know when it will happen. TTC is not easy, i pray this shall be the last period you will see till after 9months of that sweet journey.

    3. I pray that the blessings of conception locate you soon in Jesus name, amen.

      Please how does this combo work? How is it mixed et al? I'll like to share it with someone. Thanks

    4. May God almighty grant you your heart desire. Amen.

    5. Dear calm down, God will surely show up in your matter and you will take in and carry to full term. Amen

    6. Blessings
      Take another after three months
      I repeat, wait till after three months

    7. Thank you all for your prayers. I appreciate.
      @Allure, 2 banana, 2 eggs, 1 tin of liquid peak milk & a pinch of bicarbonate of soda Blend together and take on an empty stomach immediately after menstruating.

  8. Good morning lovelies ❤❤

    Congratulations to mama baby....God bless you and the new born.He will provide all you need to carry on.Amen.

    Do you have a low libido??
    Try water melon and milk....blend and drink with hubby or you drink alone....take your bath and wear perfume.... Then you will see result above all mindset and prayer...

  9. Good morning to you all
    Bring the gist already Stella and stop writing in riddles ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

    Lamb is a baby sheep of either sex. Think of the word "lamb" like the word"child." A youngster of either sex. Ram is an intact(still has testicals) male sheep, used for breeding.
    An adult female sheep is referred to as a ewe (/juห/), an intact male as a ram or occasionally a tup, a castrated male as a wether, and a younger sheep as a lamb. Sheep are most likely descended from the wild mouflon of Europe and Asia. ... A group of sheep is called a flock, herd or mob.

    Okay, time to get ready for the seaside, the day is bright, fair and beautiful ๐Ÿ’–

    #hashtagreader ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Congratulations to the lady that put to bed. God bless you and your baby.

      Yeah, so many old BVs missing from the comment section.
      The comment section on SDK blog is actually the life of the blog. It is what draw readers to the blog.

      I thought I saw a comment from sweet mother yesterday in one of the posts.

      Sweet mother, good to know you're doing fine and still here.

  10. My fiancee has an erectile issue and after much consideration I decided to let him go, I have never had sex before so I was scared of what may happen when I start having sex and gets addicted to it and what happens when he can't satisfy it. But I miss him, my whole life misses him, I don't know if I can get any other person like Obim. I chatted him up and he seems welcoming but won't I be making mistake going to rekindle the love again and still leaving him. please should I go back or just learn to live without him.

    1. Poster do you really love this guy? Please advice him to seek for solution, erectile issues can be corrected or solved.

    2. You dont really love him, so dont go back...
      Erectile issues happens to ALL men at some point in their life, its just longer with some men, or lifestyly choices brings about the long lasting ones... if you could abandon him for something beyond his control, that has remedy, then stay your lane...
      What if he abandons u when ur boobs fall and not perky again?

    3. Fast

      Ask GOD
      Keep quiet, no idols

      Hear His response
      Thank Him
      Act accordingly

  11. Congrats to the lady that put to bed. I pray God makes everything new for you. Good morning everyone.

  12. Good morning fam.

  13. Goodmorning BVs. Today is ojude oba festival, I’m so happy, it’s gon be fun all day.

  14. Goodmorning all,
    I saw BEP LATE,going through those post broke my heart.
    Majority of the people were complaining about the men not taking charge of fiancial responsibilities and also reporting them to their family,
    I saw someone say she is scared of marriage.
    See, marriage is the greatest institution by God.
    When I was a single,I never dated a guy for a friends know me,
    I will say what will we be doing,I easily get bored.
    I met my hubby feb,agreed to date him March
    On the very first date he said he wants to marry me,
    Long and short of it,we fixed intro for may but we lost my big uncle.
    My intro was moved to
    the same time my hubby's business suffered a big blow.
    Everyone kept telling him to stop wedding plans but my hubby said no,
    I also wanted the wedding,we had our court,trad,and white wedding done in November.
    That short period we went through so much that I felt I was making a mistake.
    Today I will say I am happy,
    We have our HIGH'S and lows definitely.
    My hubbyy to the best of my knowledge does not cheat,smoke,take alcohol nor womanize.
    He respects how I feel,always ready to apologize,
    Makes me happy,
    He loves his family to the moon and back,
    We discuss our finances,
    In my family we always have one thing that brings us together including the kids,
    It used to be ludo(my kids will be cheering and jotting score) to card,
    Right now it's Johnson and wrestling.
    Marriage is the best institution,
    Why am I saying all these,it for you single to know It is not how long you date a man,
    My mom loved him from day one,from my experience this is what I will advise single ladies
    Always pray and sow seed for what you want.
    Look out for a man who who has a sense of responsibility,my hubby must buy something coming to the house even when he did not have much,my mom stopped him.that was much,mind you he was a average guy managing then.
    A man who sees what he wants and goes for it,no Dilly dally,
    A man not controlled by his people,my hubby has lots of senior sisters but none treats me wrongly cos he did not allow it,
    A man who allows you bring your suggestion,
    A man you can argue with,talk freely with and not a man who sees marriage as slave and master relationship.
    A man who keeps the family unit sacred,he never wants a broken home.
    A man who does not keep Malice nor stay in an environment like that.
    Lastly a man who knows God and the word because when the storm comes so you both will know where to put ur trust no matter what,
    And you as a lady know that marriage definitely will have it's storms,
    Don't allow it define your home.
    You should have a centre after all the challenges to always resolve things,
    I hope this helps someone.,
    Thank you

    1. You married a good MAN.
      A real MAN.

      We are here with Twitter Boys.


    2. ANG assistant with smooth nyash.
      Una well done.

    3. May God continually bless your home sis๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

    4. May God continue to bless and keep your home in love, peace and harmony

    5. This is sweet. Reminds me of bv Courage. May God bless your home.

    6. This is beautiful, Tenth. God bless you and yours.

    7. Thanks for this. God bless your home๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    8. Nice one! God continue to bless your home.

    9. This is beautiful. God bless your home

    10. Nice

      Bros hustling ikebe and chest?

      Don't you know that it can now be ordered like Dr Laser?

      The heart
      The brain
      The attitude
      The belief system

      That is what will determine marriage

      Not hanging leg
      Or doing reverse Fulani herdsmen

      Or giving N50 for vegetable and feeding 60 of your friends from it!

    11. I feel you, Tenth. I feel like I wrote some part of this myself. Marriage is sweet when you marry right.

  15. We've been together for 2 years and few months, I loved him dearly, I was faithful, I helped him when he was down and broke. I treated him like a mother would, none of his friends or relations knew what was happening. They didn't know when he was broke or had a problem.
    I really tried I swear. Even his brothers were wishing I was their girlfriend, because I have a good heart.
    Few weeks ago he stopped calling me and when I tried to find out, he broke up with me over the phone. What was my crime? He couldn't give any meaningful reason. Now I'm back to being single, It is well.
    Some people prefer to loose diamonds while picking stones, good girls are rare to find so when you get one, don't let her go. It hurts but I know I'll get over it, it's just a matter of little time.

    1. He will call back after some time n say he was confused.. Na dem.

    2. Never mind Dearie......where we see impossibilities and failure, God is preparing a beautiful table ahead for you.Your man will locate you soon. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

    3. Big hug , time is the healer , I mean it's not going to be easy but eventually you'd look back and be grateful, I had a similar experience but he wasnt broke , our paths crossed after so many years and trust me I looked up to the heavens and I thanked God for taking him away from me ,
      If you need to cry ... go ahead , but do not feel shattered or worthless always tell yourself that only the best would come to you .
      Really sorry .

    4. He might be fighting a battle that nobody can see or understand.

      I will advise you let him be, cry if you want to cry and then, wipe your tears and go give yourself a good treat.

      The one for you will locate you soon.
      Hugs ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

    5. All will be well sis...God knows best

    6. You’ll be better off in the long run. He’ll come back begging but by then your own man would have claimed you.

    7. One girl have taken over his heart. He will soon come back and say he was hypnotized or tricked. He may even blame Satan. I hope you will not be stupid enough to accept him back with the way you are sounding so. Let them know they cannot just walk in, walk out and walk into someone's life like a supermarket

    8. New doors,new beginning sis,may God give you the bone of your bone!!!

    9. Eeh yah!! Dust yourself and move on. He doesn't deserve you

    10. Maybe he is going through stuff he can’t tell you.
      Give it sometime, I am sure he’ll come back.
      You can just drop messages for him once in a while to know how he is doing. Don’t expect any response.
      You will be fine dear❤️

    11. Please sis be strong dearie. ..You will meet someone better that would cherish you.He doesn't worth your tears honey.

    12. And when he calls back, you'll gladly take him back, then when he has gotten a fair share of your money and the cookie jar, he'll disappear again. Sister give yourself sense, he doesnt want you, he wants what you have.

    13. Take it that it is for the best.
      That is why I don't pity some guys, if you look back to what they have done ehnnn........

    14. It's better he let you go now that you still got time and age on your side. You stand a better chance of meeting your soul mate still.
      You will get over the pain as time goes on.
      I always use myself as example to young ladies. I was so in love and grew up with this guy, when I was 26, after graduation and all, we started preparing for our wedding only for him to literally disappear from my life with no explanation and his family pretended they couldn't locate him. I felt I had a problem and that was why he left. I tried but never found him. My heart break was so bad I couldn't get close to men and I also had a mindset that he must have left because I have a problem that I don't know of which left me with very low self esteem. By the time I found it that he left because he impregnated another lady wider than me,my mindset was already damaged.
      Today I have everything I need except for a man and a child. I can't go into details cos it won't end.
      Move on and don't waste your life away.

    15. Sluttychick you say what?
      What kind of stuff is he going through? If he can't open up to the one he claims to love then he is not worth it, why shut her out like that? This is the type that some women marry and they will just start keeping malice in the house without any reason, they will do it for weeks without saying a word to anyone. Devils.
      My dear sister, carry your sandals on your head and run far from him, infact, block him everywhere so you won't be tempted to accept him back if he comes crawling back. Nonsense!

    16. You said "something"
      Stones instead of diamonds
      That shows the man is ignorant

      Did you really want to marry an ignorant man?

      Then you were mothering aka covering up completely for him


      Never, ever, ever do that for any man

      Assist a little but the day you take aka covering completely the resentment starts to build

      How does he get the chance to behave and act like a man when he has been emasculated?

      I know you were trying to help but don't help to kill the relationship

      Allow him be a man
      Pray for him to be a man in marriage

      Be wise next time!

      Those in marriage carrying man responsibilities even the zillionaires know that it is not the best

      Men are hormonally and logically driven EXCEPT when GOD has broken and remoulded him to become a BETTER MAN

      The Bible said "Men love your wives", through actions you will know if he loves you
      See the actions of love

      Women respect your husband
      If you respect him, you can love him
      So therefore choose a man you can RESPECT
      His thinking

      GOD knows choosing based on these two points is best even though it is Naturally harder of both genders to do so after the sinful order of the world
      We pray that manipulative, confused, narcissists, psychopaths people lose our house addresses in Jesus Name, Amen

  16. Just lost my dad. So sad

    Ladybird banks

    1. Oh dear, so sorry for your loss.
      My God comfort you and your household
      May his soul rest in peace

    2. OMG.....So sorry sis
      Please take heart.... May God console the family

    3. I am so about your dad. May his soul Rest In Peace.

    4. So sorry for your lost. May God comfort you

    5. Dear Ladybird may the Lord uphold you and your family.

    6. Awwww may his soul rest in the Lord!!

    7. Sorry dear

    8. So sorry dear. God comforts you.

    9. May God console you and your family. May your dad soul rest in peace. Be strong dear.

    10. Accept my condolence sis. May God grant him eternal rest in his bossom. Please stay strong.

    11. Accept my condolence, sis. Be strong.

    12. Take heart dear. May his soul rest in peace.

    13. Sorry for your loss may his soul rest in peace

      The most Complex

  17. Good morning all
    I forgot to discard the cucumber I used to masturbate on out room table and travelled.. my roommate came back and ate it.. I'm sad๐Ÿ˜ข

    1. Sad about what?
      Do you have HIV or genital warts?
      If not, nothing will happen to her, free your mind. People suck dicks and pussies everyday and they did not die

    2. Chinekeoooo,take your room mate to the hospital

    3. You shouldn't be, just ask for God to forgive you your sins

    4. Puke ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ
      Masturbation is bad enough on its own, you now had to abuse veggies too.
      Nobody can stop me from eating my cucumber.

    5. Well, i hope your roommate washed it AT LEAST before eating.

      Stop endangering people around you with yo nasty habit, smh.

    6. Yaba left escapee13 August 2019 at 09:44

      Hospital for what?
      Does she have sniper in her pussy as pussy juice?....

  18. I am glad the most of the comment of BEP post was a yes.

    If you are not married yet, pls pray ooo. Marriage is meant to be once in a lifetime. Don't make a mistake that you will be bound to go the rest of your life.

    Look for attributes of eternal value.

    May God help us all.

  19. Good morning bvs.
    Congratulations to the new mom. May help arise for you and your baby

  20. Congratulations to the new mother. I pray God keeps both mother and baby. I wish myself and other expecting mothers a safe delivery. Baby dust to those ttc, God will surprise you with double.

    Pls, Stella when is a business advert post coming up for people like me. My phone won't be able to give me what i want when i snap and i can't picmix to send as ihn. Biko, no let hunger kill person pikin o. Thanks

  21. Good morning everyone
    Congratulations to the new mom.

  22. Good morning house. May the Lord bless our day and cause it to be fruitful!

  23. Good morning fan, wishing us God's blessings.

  24. SDK
    Bv Dada Toyosi changed her name to Living Testimony. She was not smart enough to get a brand new ID, she only edited her old name and did not lock the profile like some others, so I went back and clicked on the old name some days back and boom! it gave me Living Testimony. She might have locked it by now or gotten another id

  25. Many people that I know, travelled for this Sallah o. I just discovered some of my customers have travelled. Safe trip to all that travelled.
    How are you all my SDK neighbours?
    I am just coming from the BEP post, it was lit.

  26. Congratulations to the new mother.God will continue to bless and keep you both in Jesus name.


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