Stella Dimoko Ten Year Old Girl Births Baby Girl...


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Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Ten Year Old Girl Births Baby Girl...

A 10 year old girl, Masenengen Targbo was delivered of a baby girl yesterday at a Makurdi hospital in Benue State. 

A man, Ukan Kurugh, told Daily trust that when he learnt about the incident, he rushed to the hospital after arrangement with some kind-hearted people and sought her transfer to the Foundation Hospital in Makurdi. 

 “At 1:00am, she was moved out of the General Hospital and straight away into the theatre; on arrival at the Foundation hospital and in less than an hour, Masenengen was delivered of a baby girl weighing 2:5 kg through caesarean section,” he said.

This story has killed the Sun in my day...WHAT!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Who is the sick animal that put her in d family way? Jeez!

    1. @Blackey
      Have also considered that her fellow 10 year old might be the "animal".
      These kids are exposed to pornography on internet and all the social media
      lewd pictures and conversations of adults.

      I once caught two little kids (8-9 years) having intercourse on a corridor in
      a family house. I shouted at them and asked; "what are you doing'
      The boy answered confidently, "we are playing".
      I know those kids family background; the boy especially and what they watch.
      Naija women should spare time from their full time social media occupations and
      pay attention to what their kids are exposed to.
      I don yarn finish. Let the arrows land 🏹🏹🏹

    2. When I read about the girl, I cried, who did this to her?a baby to start nursing a baby?
      May God protect our children and may the man who did this to this girl rot in jail. It is well.

    3. Who do you this thing? Always running your mouth and typing rubbish.

      She was raped!!!

      Btw, what are you yourself doing on SM madam holier than everyone and I know it all? nonsense.

    4. Only Nigerian women should take time off social media? What of the men? Is parenting not the duty of husband and wife? One sided bulshit as usual!!

      For your mind nau you get sense and you are a woman of wisdom, oponu!!

    5. @18:25
      The news as posted did not tell us "she was raped"; did it?
      If it was presented that way, I probably won't have written all that.
      thanks for all the insults.
      Pray for me so that I won't be "typing rubbish"; will you please do that inugo?
      Thanks again for all the insults, you made my day.

    6. Pray for yourself nau sebi you are a prayer warrior? Tell God to heal you of your judgemental spirit and give you the wisdom to reach out to people appropriately, shior.

    7. You know what, read through all the comments on this post, you will see yours is distinct, the only one that hastily concluded without any iota of sympathy for a 10 year old girl who just had a baby, without even knowing the full story.

      See how you are quick to talk about the kids you saw having sex, so because of that this little child also had sex or does not deserved to be pitied? The information up there didn't say she was raped neither did it say she was having sex so why are you quick to judge?

      Your message is always lost in transit because of the judgemental approach. That is the bit that you need to work on.

      Same message can be passed with the right choice of words and some empathy.

    8. Deserve I mean

    9. 🏹🏹🏹🏹
      Ndi arrow shooters, I received all your arrows.
      Thank you all.
      I must not say to agree with whatever anyone else said. Yes, I am distinct and
      proud of being so. I speak my mind and no apologies.
      All I had said there is that "kids get exposed to sex so early these days...and
      their mothers are busy minding other things instead of them..."
      I talk of things I have experienced or seen/know. Talk, and I will talk, if you
      have any problem with what I say, please scroll past.
      Those who know what I write on this blog know that I am very protective about kids
      and females being raped. My talking about what the kids are exposed to is just my
      protective nature as a mother.
      Thanks for your insults and arrows. By the way, I've never called myself "a prayer
      warrior" on this blog; just read that here from you now. Even Jesus asked Peter and
      co to join him and pray.
      Dalu for your insults, you made my day. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    10. I am not surprised, people like you don't take corrections. You are so opinionated and want to force yours on other people but never take correction. You must not agree but you want others to agree with you? The joke is on you sir/ma. In your little mind, you know it all.
      Take a seat, you know nothing, not even about Christianity!! What have you even experienced? Lol.

    11. @22:49
      Thanks for the insults. Sleep well.

  2. Replies
    1. God will punish whoever it is that did this to her. What an unsafe world for girls! God I cover my daughters with the blood of Jesus

  3. randy tiv men...the poor girl is an orphan oh. the state should just take both of them into custody cos she cant give that child any reasonable care. whoever her guardian was is wicked and must have known who impregnated this child.. the lord keep her in good hands and make her and her baby great in the mighty name of jesus

  4. Replies
    1. Exactly. Something similar happened in the 90s. It was aired on NTA Newsline then. A 10yr old impregnated by a 70year old😈

  5. A child giving birth to a child. This is pathetic what could have happened. Parents need to put more eyes and have more time for the children

  6. Stella you can say that again.This is extremely heart breaking.I can only imagine what this would do to this little child's life.I pray shes able to go ahead and live life like a kid and the baby taken care of too.Jeez

  7. Jesus is Lord!!!! A 10 year old going through pregnancy ordeal??? The man that got her pregnant should be killed.

    1. He should die a very slow and painful death.

      And her people shouldn't have allowed her carry it this far. This tummy size on this child should almost be full term. The pain & confusion she must have been through is unimaginable.

  8. This story totally broke me. A baby, having a baby..... I don't know what to call the sick beast that put her in dis way., How will a baby go through labour and delivery pains.

  9. Omg🙄 i'm not gonna read the whole story, the headline and Stella's view has already broken me to pieces like wtf..

  10. I was weak when I saw this today.. The beast that did this to this poor child is CURSED! Amen.

  11. This world sha, and mature women dey find pikin them no see #sadface

  12. My heart is broken. Society failed u baby girl...

  13. An breakable curse on the head of the bastard who did this to this child and on all his accomplices. Some men are truly scum of the earth.

  14. That Paedophilic Animal should be castrated with hot sizzling RAW Acid...

  15. I jumped reading this story on Facebook. I saw it here and had to read with so much sadness.

  16. OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!! 😱 😨😨😨😨🙆🙆🙆💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  17. The bastard is cursed forever...
    Feeling sad reading this post...

    Tufia akwa

  18. Oh God, let the culprit be found

  19. I read this yesterday and I cursed and cursed amidst tears. The animal that raped her would be devoured by wild animals , Birds would eat his flesh and dogs would lick his blood. Demons everywhere.

  20. It happens I had mine 3days to my 13th birthday, am 32yrs & my son is 19 yrs but I thank God I didn't have him tru CS I had him per vaginaum

    1. Did you raise your son or a family member did? This story doesn't move me much. It is not uncommon in the north. The reason we know this is because she was abandoned. She is probably also 12. If you were raped then I hope you have found healing. If not and that you had sex with a man 16 years and under then girls need to learn from your story. This happens EVERYDAY in Northern Nigeria. I'm surprised people are outraged.

    2. What!were you raped? is the person still alive?

    3. I hope you let your son know that his dad is a dead ass rapist! If you don’t tell him, you’re a wicked person.

  21. Tears in my eyes Stella. What a wicked world.

  22. My heart is broken 💔💔💔💔

  23. I hate men! The world will be a better/safer place without them. I wish women can please and impregnate themselves without those vile creatures roaming the earth.


  24. Oh my dear child! ..... Poor little thing. May the good Lord keep you and your 'younger one. You will fulfil your destiny in Jesus name.

  25. i hope he will suffer though i wonder if anything actually happens to these wicked men. many of them go on to live long lives and the rich ones get richer. meanwhile the culprit's wife will probably defend him till the end and start blaming young girls for being 'wayward'


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