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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Amebo Column - Na From Back Palava...

Una wehdone o! How markeit?

You see, if some women can open their mouth to tell you the deep things going on in their marriages and relationships,you will cringe o!

I have been made to understand this same an*l s#x some of us are frowning upon has been in existence teh teh!

Infact, alot of our pregnant 'aunties' make it an option to keep 'uncle' at home. Little do they know these acts would gradually become addictive.

How about the women whose husbands no longer appreciate their 'down below' after the massive head of their child; which was as a result of his 'handiwork' came out through and expanded the 'arena'!

Some of these women unexpectedly find their husbands knocking on the 'rear door' without prior notice while doing the do...

The women who object have tales of infidelity to tell while the insecure ones are either wearing adult pampers or looking for remedies to shrink it back.
It is only a woman whose husband is the size of a pencil that can get away with it. The ones whose husbands 'carry' nor dey too get luck!

The thing women suppose know about this anal matter be say, the moment he carry that same instrument comot from inside 'backyard' and put in 'front yard', that is the beginning of infection for the woman!.
Small time dem go begin parade gyneacologist or 'elewe omo'.

The earlier women realize a man who does not want your 'down below' to change status after giving birth needs guidance amd counselling!

It would amaze you how some of these men would destroy the backyard at home and then continue outside with a 'small geh' that can willingly service him with her commodity.

Stella, the way young girls desperately open their garage for this demonic act will leave your jaw open for centuries!. Alot of them no longer have control over the anal fluid and have to insert tampons to keep it dry!

Some cases have worsened that even perfume cannot curb the stench!.

These are the same girls our 'uncles' patronize on a daily basis or weekends under the pretence of 'traffic', emergency work trip or hanging out with the boys!

The act is not exempted amongst teenagers either. Infact primary school students are now professionals in 'fingering' and testing the 'backdoor'. They sometimes do this for the fear of pregnancy or being caught by their parents for not being a virgin!

I will be back to give you a real life instance of this practice and how it affected the life of the concerned.
Na me,


  1. Replies
    1. This is very sad. Its common practise in Turkey as they explain that that way, their girls are sure they will curb unwanted pregnancy and also remain virgins till married. I have a friend also who dated Kola Aluko and that was what they engaged in. By the time she decide to marry her boyfriend, she taught him as she said she does not get pleasure when taken from the naturally assigned avenue. She even advised I try it that I will never do vaginal again. Na so I thank am waka.... God help one o. What is this world turning to?

    2. World is running to its end

      Don't be carried away
      The road to hell is wide o!

      Many passengers are there running fast to perdition grabbing those not well grounded along with them

      People permanently switch on your filters o over your 5 senses a d Spirit man

      Watch and Pray
      Trust GOD and do good!

    3. If u followed house wives of Atlanta, u wld one Kola was servicing ( what’s dat her name again) from d back door. She once mentioned her Nigerian price was so good at it

    4. Useless married women everywhere, reason dey wan die at d mention of side hen or baby mama. Wen you people will sell yourselves sort in marriages as if is life and death! Tufiakwa. Allow a man use u till finish and wen most of u start stinking he starts looking elsewhere and Una blood go begin boil. Idiots. Just look at this DISGUSTING nonsense, most of u will Die from deadly infection he gave u in d name of pleasing him and not allowing him look out awwwh tufiakwa . Wise up, you die he remarries ! Stay alive for ur precious kids

    5. Waoohhh.... very bad... how can people indulge in this act.. and the lady is made to settle for a remedy... this world we are in... it's all heading in the wrong direction.... very bad... God save us all... and protect our children...

  2. Na wa ooo.
    After 3 kids still enjoy the do wella,I was having fears though that I might not enjoy after my last kid cos of the way it was open down for a long while .
    Anus is a no no,had a bf who tried it back then,.But I did not go on with it.the pain was something else.
    How do people penetrate and enjoy such .
    Less than a second attempt made me hate that shit.


  3. How can it be "love making" when your wives are enduring pain and wearing
    diapers and menstrual pads at the same
    time? 😯😯😯 Which "love" is destructive, does not love build up?
    Ajuju ooo
    How persin go prefer browsing ike nsi -sheet hole instead of the natural one Baba God created tire me kpata kpata.😯😯😯😯😯

    Do these dudes know about infections of
    the urinary tract?
    Please let's not talk about the "baby head" issue at all. The natural process of childbirth takes care of that one.
    After five babies from there, mine is still as tight as it was originally. Ask any doctor this truth and they will tell you that the hormones during childbirth has a way of resolving/restoring this.

    If there is anything that expand the tohtoh and it ends up losing its elasticity it is D&C. When they dilate the vagina during shoot offs πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά, the natural hormones are not optimal to withstand the stretch and restore elasticity.
    I know that a lot of you Sisis will take this one go south-south.
    Whosai. I dey yarn truth and I no mean any offence ma ncha -at all.
    If you like shoot πŸ”«, but please before shooting, why not confirm what
    I've written here from your doctors?
    No be obygn for obodo oyinbo teach me
    these ones?
    Na them.

    Ajuju azaa 😊😊

    1. Those that had to do d&c after a miscarriage nko? Please be sensitive when you type sometimes.

    2. Is not true,I have a friend u had to do 7 miscarriage due to miscarriage.
      She said she and hubby still enjoy the do.

    3. Ang Na lie. D expansion is caused by different women’s body textures, same way some ladies do D and C once and d boobs sags , while others even after 3/4 D &C there Bobbi still stand like mine
      Some girls do d do 2 much. Express by upper iweka, does grass grow on highways? No! d frequent the do especially different sizes of peeper, the wilder and expansion
      After 1yr and 7months of having my baby with big stitching ,me and Dh had to go buy KY gel because of tightness, y cos it wasn’t touched all tru. But if I was busy fucking fucking fucking ard, the stuff wld have expanded so pls that ur Dand C theory can’t b completely true Biko

    4. Chai, see the way these Naija girls leave matter being pursue mattress?
      So the talk don shift from backside to D&C and even big boob??? See the way 17:07
      is doing everything to justify her 4 D&Cs? 😯😯😯😯
      So D&C made you boobs big and that justifies it okwa ya?
      Nnes eh, it is called conscience. You all did not even bother to take my advice to
      ask you doctors to confirm or disprove what I wrote up πŸ‘†πŸ‘†there?
      Okay please make una do plenty D&Cs unu anugo? Shoot off as many babies πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά
      as imerime as una like unu anugo?
      And Nne Tenth, even if you did 20 abortions, if you have genuinely repented from
      that, that is what matters, God has forgiven you if you are determined to follow him
      and consecrate your body to him inugo 🌹🌹

    5. D and C is dilation and curettage. It's the cervix that is dilated. Stop spewing rubbish please.
      Be guided

    6. @18:46
      So what does cusco's speculum do to the Vagina?
      Google it if you like. If you do not want to confirm what
      I am saying from you doctors.

    7. ANg u r such a dumb dumb. Am married and wasn’t ready for babies. D and C in also part of family planning wen misfired EWU

  4. Ewwwww!!! So irky!! Why would you have anal sex for God sake..I wont be surprised all these fake boot ladies are all wearing pampers..There will all be looking like walking mama cooking pots...

  5. This is so sad.
    We women need to draw lines in marriage, lines that represent absolute deal breakers, things that you can’t deal with or accommodate simply because they threaten your quality of life, either physically, emotionally or otherwise!

  6. I have given a babe Anal before and trust me there’s nothing fascinating about it! No sensation at all! But the babe was in Cloud 50! So what’s the fuss about it???

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. Wait what? She enjoyed it more!?

    2. With adequate care, nothing like leaking anus, how do porn stars manage? It's when you force it and give the person a tear that there's a problem .
      Just like the vagina, the first time and subsequent anal for a while has to be gentle. You do a clean up process before the deed to avoid jamming poo.

      Don't be an ignoramus.

    3. Yes she did!... don’t let them tickle your anal area o! You’d be lost!

      Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  7. And my husband will be using style to yarn apako. Uncle, nor even try am. If you want to explore, go to Space and explore it.

  8. No doggy style is comparable to it but it's all a no no. The pain on the babe took away the supposedly fun years ago. Have not tried it again and won't

  9. Hmmm.
    If una won do something, make una do am finish.. no need to pretend here, "someone I know" have done it and actually the first lady he used to do it with is the one who switch the 'D' between both holes. "My friend" don't understand all this pampers shii una dey talk about. When most of my fellow Naija brothers no dey even allow woman wet before them begin force their gbola enter dry puna.. or is it the pretentious girls that will continue to pretend to fight until the guy some how forces his gbola inside, that I'll blame (this is one of the major cause of premature ejaculation researched by "A Friend")..
    If una won do something, make una commot shame and pretence put for one side enjoy una life, if not, then it's better not to do anything at all.
    How can you be doing 'backdoor' but refuse to give him deep throat head first, or him rimming or eating the ass first or lubricating the hole with a very oily lubricant like olive oil,pears bby oil etc..and expect not to have tears and infections. omo na una Sabi abeg.

    Though, having said the above, 'backdoor' is the easiest way to contact an infection if one party isn't clean cos of the tears that may occur and from the mucous membrane especially cos of lack of lubrication or enough lubrication. Ever wondered why a lot of GAYbrails have that stuff no one wants to have.

    What do I know sef.. I'm just an unexposed local virgin boy😐😐


  10. Can we stop being slaves to sex and pleasure?
    So many are in bondage
    Thinking they are enjoying

    Then now add pornography
    Many are finished

  11. Chimoooooo! Mmmmmmmmhhhmm.
    Fear is freaking fearing me on reading this. Truth it is.

    Be advised y'all, (some of us already know).
    ***That the anal canal is highly vascular and the tissue lining it is not that tough or sturdy. It easily breaks down opening your blood stream to absorb infections, viruses, bacterias. Infact this route when the lining breaks, is a direct entrance into the blood stream! Be advised.

    Moreso, bc of it's highly vascular xteristics, those who indulge in an*l gbenshing do bleed a lot (i.e the receiver of the rod). The area is highly supplied with blood vessels.

    Unlike the VJJ that has it's own flora and acidity level , which sometimes, just maybe sometimes, can wade off absorbing some infirmities.

    ***Evidence based research and the resulting statistics shows a high prevalence of HIV in the gay (man to man) community. So the receiver of the long thing is MORE at risk of STDs. However, the giver is also at risk and can transmit diseases, virus from one canal to the other.

    Dear GOD in your patience and long suffering, forgive us. Do not re-visit your judgment like that of Sodom & Gomorah.

  12. People should stop giving anal. I just pity gay people.

    No wonder different pampers full market

  13. Let she that has not pooped hard large log of shit cast the first stone.

    All this sex talk and demos, why do u suck dick and pussy? Is that what ur mouth was made for? The same mouth u use to pray, u use to suck dick and pussy. Why should God answer u?

    Why do you finger or allow to be fingered? The same finger u use to eat and open the Bible!

    Like Ecclesiastics 7:16 says, don’t be over righteous and destroy urself


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