Stella Dimoko Rapper Eva Alordiah Gives Tips On How To Handle Breakups In Relationships


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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Rapper Eva Alordiah Gives Tips On How To Handle Breakups In Relationships

If you are nursing a broken heart then this post is for you...........

According to her

Why is it so hard for you to Get over your #Ex? Have you thought about this at all or are you simply just deciding that you cannot get over them?

Breakups are hard, especially when you have spent time connecting and building with someone.

Unfortunately, sometimes, things end. They just do. But it’s up to you to realize when it is time to let go and stop fighting to hold on to things. Do understand that the #Universe will always, always, bring to you that which is good for the nourishing and full evolution of your Soul.

If someone is meant to be in your life, they will always circle back to you. No matter how long it takes. But right now, you cannot continue to fight and to grapple and hold on to people especially when they aren’t holding on to you. All you’ll be doing is picking at the wounds, making the pain worse and delaying your own emotional healing.

As bad as Breakups are, they are in fact good for us.They help us reflect on who we were in the past relationship, and who we want to be moving forward. Breakups introduce us to a whole new Self that we never before knew existed.

So I challenge you today to face yourself, to get back into the sweet rhythm of your life and to Live again.

And stop telling yourself that you cannot get over them, for this is a Lie and Time will prove you wrong.

Stop holding on to the past, stop wishing them back. Because you doing so you cut yourself off from the present moment which is where Life is really happening. In the Now.

Let Time glide you slowly through the stream of Life. Let time help you Heal. No matter how painful it feels right no, you are going to get over them.

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What bout him getting over her?


  1. you are so correct, no matter who the person is you will get over them, all you need is time and you will heal completely.

  2. Very insightful! Well said Eva.Only those involved can understand.

  3. Most often it is hard to get over because sex was involved. Young ones, let us learn to FLEE fornication. And to cope with this decision, remove everything that leads to lust. Pornographic images, videos, night clubs etc. Put God first. Fornication and Adultery have the same foundation (sex with someone who is NOT your spouse). If you avoid fornication, you can easily avoid adultery. You prepare for marriage when you are single. Discipline your body by clinging to the Lord. Let us pursue purity and chastity. Righteousness and truth. May God help us.

  4. These days Netflix is the way lol.. I can't come and die on top of another human being, when Netflix uploads a new series like every day...

    1. Honestly. Netflix to the rescue.

  5. Men too get heartbroken tooo but their overbloated ego no go gree them...

  6. And the moment you stop thinking about them, you discover how ordinary they were. Don't hold on to d past, don't give them chance to say i'm happy i left him/her.

  7. Replies
    1. I hope it does, its not just opposite sex break up. Does it heal betrayal? The hurt that came from back stabbing, like the one brutish gave ceaser or like the one banana island gave stella? I want to know cos I'm in that kind of situation, Does it even go away? Did getting even make it feel better.I want to get even at all cost and then I will think if am ready to spoil my hands. I have never done evil to anyone? Never stood in the way of anyone progress, never messes anyone relationship not even in a dream. I want to make this person hurt, not even the way they did to me. Not necessarily, but I want to hurt them to the bone.Dont know if I have the heart to go all the way. Of course she thinks I can't get to her. Don't if I can sacrifice all to find vengeance . Am hurting. In the past, I have left people to karma and he hasn't disappointed. But this person thinks she got away with , and I can't let her get away with it.i feel like her karma may not come, even though it hasn't been that long.In the past, God has replaced everything people destroyed in my life but I can't keep letting people mess my life and go Scot free.I don't know if time will heal would heal this wound. Or vengeance. Does vengeance heal wound please? I need an answer

    2. Yea time heals all wounds ...and time wounds all heels!

    3. Anon 19:45 let go of that hurt. Forgive and forget the offender like she doesn't exist or never betrayed you.
      Go an extra mile by praying for her salvation. This won't be easy at first but keep at it.

      I have been terribly betrayed 3 times in my life by people who were very close to me. I chose to forgive, forget and love them though from afar.
      I lost contact with 2 but still get calls from the third (even today).

      It does not bother me if they reap their evil deeds. That's for God to decide (seed time and harvest).

    4. Anonymous 19:45, yes vengeance heals and also teaches the person a lesson. Your vengeance can ensure they learn that what they did is bad. Also you will save more people from being victims. You also won't transfer aggression to your next relationship. Some people who preach forgiveness just transfer the aggression, pain paranoia etc to their next partner hurting an innocent person and ruining a good relationship. I seriously don't believe in karma and whatever happens that people call karma isn't always sufficient and swift enough. Eg Adolf Hitler committed suicide after killing 2m innocent people. Can you call that karma? Has he sufficiently paid for the lives of each innocent death? NO. Let's take for example if someone duped you of your savings of 5m naira. You will be skating for karma right? Well while you are waiting for karma that yahoo boy is using your sweet to pop champagne and buy I iphones for runs girl. He will use 200k to get high class olosho every weekend till your sweat finishes. If karma exists why are our leaders still enjoying from generation to generation? Now, let's assume you went to mountain and did seven days dry fast with the yahoo boys pics or name. Or you went to your village to tie his spirit down or attack him with bees you think you won't get your money back? You will get your money back 2x and with begging and respect. He will repent sef.😂😂. If you will find closure please get even but don't kill anyone sha. Maybe you should just attack the persons finances so he/she will live with the consequences. Whenever you feel they have suffered enough you can pray that God release them. Note: God's own will only work if your hands are clean and your heart is innocent. It won't work for a cheating wife who's husband was cheating too etc.

    5. I will think about it. Never been to juju house so I will choose mountain own. About karma, I think it does exist. Evry single person that has allowed envy push them to ruin or take what's mine have never grown, never progressed. Even if after I would be down for years and get back up. I will find out am still well above them. What has kept them down all the time they pushed me down. They always come back with their stupid apologies. Anyways, no mountain where am, what's equivalent of mountain where I can say my prayers.yes, my hands are perfectly clean and E jim offor.I mean an coming to equity with clean hands

  8. Make una tell these tippers say I need sand to make bricks o

  9. Hmmmmmm,thank you beautiful black woman.

  10. is well!i hope God heal me fast...

  11. is well!i hope God heal me fast...


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