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Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Prophet Of Doom

What!!!......This man should be called in for questioning......WTF!!

The leader of God’s Crown Chapel, Ghana, Prophet Reindolph Oduro Gyebi has predicted that some Nigerian celebrities will be assassinated.

In a viral video, the prophet stated that Psquare, DJ Spinal, DJ Blaze and DJ Perez need to pray against facing assassination.

According to him, “And I asked God what is this? And God said there is an attack coming after the music industry in Nigeria.

“And I saw some popular people that were being assassinated in the music industry of the Nigerians.

“With all due respect as the voice of God and the mouth-piece of the lord, this message needs to be carried to them and they have to be fortified in their prayer.
In the music industry of Nigeria, there’s a wind that is blowing demonically entering into the music industry.

“Some of them are the bread-winners of their families, some of them will one day become transformers of peoples’ lives and we have to pray and preserve their lives.

“I saw a list, to be honest with you, I saw a list, on the list I saw, I cannot mention all the names but I’m urging them to pray as a prophet of God with the eyes of an eagle that travels.

“I saw a clear vision. If there’s any person called DJ Perez, DJ Spinal, DJ Blaze and others I pray for their lives. I pray for their destinies. The PSquares and whatever. I don’t know their names but I’m standing as a voice.”


  1. Replies
    1. Mugu with a title called pastor,how did you know them are they gospel musicians? So at ur own time you enjoy worldly music

  2. Is it time for these celebs to go and pay homage. That is if this man is known to be greedy.
    What I know is that one of the p2 made a covenant with Satan and so they split.
    The public won't know this.

    1. They joined the ilu business. Majority of our nija singers have joined all because of fame, money etc.

      It is well with them. When i heard and from confirmed MOG
      It is well. I dont envy anyone again o h

    2. With that knowledge, you are either one of the Psquares or Satan.

    3. @Yori Yori
      What is ilu business?

    4. @Kamikaze
      Or he/she might be an angel of God?
      Why always think about Satan all the time?
      Why do you always glorify Satan but never God?
      instead what you do here is always to attack any where
      you see God written.

    5. Anon 14.08, I pity you. Get well soon.

    6. @Kamikaze
      Truly your name means suicide bomber. You have exhausted your bombs?

  3. God forbid ...Back to sender...It will never happen in Jesus name.Amen...

    1. I no blame him sha o. As his country no get celebs to assassinate.

  4. He should be arrested and jailed.

  5. Is money is looking for because only God’s word can speak in someone’s life.

  6. Hehehehehehehe... lol... I did not intend to laugh this loud but just wondering why they don't see good visions. Now, oga prophet left celebrities in his home country and his vision traveled down to Nigeria.

    1. Well, one Nigerian actor also saw vision about the Ghanaian president lol so allow this man also see things about Nigerians, abeg lol.. All these prophets sef..

  7. Much as the world we live in is worst, everyone needs to intensify prayers.

    I don't care about the names he called, what I cared about is that everyone should hold God Almighty tight and keep praying to avert evil.

    The world is really evil. Everybody is a suspect until proven free

  8. End time prophets.
    He wants fat offering visitation from them.
    You cant use death and be scaring people.
    Last last everyone will die.
    Just live right

  9. May God keep and preserve them and us. We all should be very prayerful...evil times.

  10. This one is a "Hip Hop" prophet o!...

  11. Play me liar liar pants on fire...
    Sick men on suit parading themselves as prophets.

    How market with the other prophet of doom that said Funke will not be able to have a child of her own?!

  12. Prophet Of The Under World Holy Ghost Fireeeee.... Ndi Ala Prophet.

  13. As humans is important we learn to pray. Nothing will happen to any of them.

  14. Hip hop pastor I wonder how he know the names of these artist. Fat offering and money rolling in the bank is what majority of these prophets are looking for. Why is he not seeing vision to upcoming artists? Why was he not able to for see the death of mad melon one of the danfo driver? I laugh in Swahili.


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