Stella Dimoko Actress Uche Ogbodo Says She Wants To Find Love,Get Married And Have More Kids


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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Actress Uche Ogbodo Says She Wants To Find Love,Get Married And Have More Kids

Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo looks wild and crazy but she says she is drama free,gentle and reserved....
She also talks to The New Telegraph about a lot more....

Tell us a little about the kind of hair colours that you love. We have seen you tint your hair gold, red and other colours, what is your natural hair colour?

My natural hair colour is brown. But like I said earlier, I love living spontaneously. It is fun. I get bored being one person for long. So I change my looks a lot to lift my spirits and be happy. If it takes me changing any part of me to be that way that’s what I’m going to do, because at the end of the day I’m not hurting anyone.

Many of your fans see you as a crazy stylish actress, are they right?

They might be right. But leave the crazy part out. I am only Fashion crazy. Life aspect I am actually really reserved and gentle. I don’t have the Heart to do the real crazy stuffs.

You once said that being a single mother is a tedious job, are you looking forward to get married again and have move children?

I have never been married and I will love to experience what true marriage feels like. I would love to have a complete family with a man I love wholeheartedly. And have more Children. I will love to have two more children by God’s grace. I already have one as a Single Mum. If it pleases God I want two more with a man who loves me.

How many children more do you wish to have? Boys or girls?

I’m not about Sexes. I just want children, either boys or girls. It won’t be bad to balance out. I would love one boy and one girl more.

Meeting you outside movie locations, what side of Uche Ogbodo will we be meeting?

Meeting me outside the movie Scene, you will be meeting the real me. You will meet the Uche Ogbodo without the drama, the good girl, the mama’s girl, the drama free girl. But when you meet me at a movie location, you will be witnessing the GODDESS my alter ego. You will meet the Actress, the drama queen. The bad Girl hahahahaha.
from New Telegraph


  1. May God grant her heart desire

    1. Uche be ready to stand by your partner if you ever get one. Don't abandon them in difficult times especially when they're sick. You abandoned the father of your child on his sick bed after your marriage introduction. Now you go around telling people that you were never married. There's no perfect marriage custom made in heaven with your name tag on it. Marriage is not a bed of roses! When you see those who have held it together over the years they will tell you that it's not all merry go round! Don't get me wrong, marriage is very sweet but it requires a lot from both partners to make it sweet. Also God and hard work help. You actresses live in a world of fantasy and illusion, thinking that what you act on the screen is how real life is. The reason it's hard for you guys to keep your marriages!

  2. May God grant you your heart desires. Take it or leave it, family is everything.

  3. She should go to God and tell all that to Him and He will answer her period, there is no too much turenshi

  4. Everyone deserves to love and to be loved.

  5. God will grant you your heart desire


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