Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 275


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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Labour Room Drama 275

The Fear..........

Good day Stella. I have been reading the Labour Room Drama series for a while now and I thought of sharing mine. So I got pregnant at 36.I was a little scared because it was my first and at that age,I had already ruled out vaginal delivery. A particular doctor actually told me point blank that having a first pregnancy at that she is risky and that I should pick a date for cs.

Despite all, the pregnancy was a smooth one except the never ending morning sickness I experienced. I had spoken to my antenatal doctor about getting an epidural due to my fear for labour pain.

5 days after my Edd, at 12 am midnight,the contractions started and I was able to get to the hospital early enough for an epidural. I was 4 centimetres dilated but still felt some pain before my epidural was administered. I delivered my beautiful baby girl 13 hours later.

The anaesthesian (hope I am correct) later told me that I had not even reached the active stage of labour where the pain is excruciatingly unbearable .

When I got pregnant with my second baby,I started drumming it into my antenatal doctors that I would want an epidural. 

Anyway fast forward to the delivery day, I started feeling contractions .My husband said we should leave for the hospital but because I thought the contractions were mild ,I told him we should wait till morning .So we left for the hospital around 6 in the morning. 

On getting to the hospital, the contractions were more intense and closer. I thought my waist was about to explode. I was walking down the hospital corridor,lifting up the gown I was wearing because of the pain. Chai I was shouting the whole hospital down. I was shouting that they should give me an epidural and that I have paid for it. 

A nurse wheeled me into the delivery room and I was sweating profusely.At this stage,the pain was unbearable .I still cant describe it but it felt like menstrual pain multiples by 1 billion. I was laid on the delivery bed and I felt like I wanted to poo. Within 10 minutes I pushed so hard It was as if fire was set inside my bumbum. 

It was my vagina tearing or so I was made to understand. I heard my baby boy crying and I felt relieved. The doctor then injected my vagina and stitched me up .Didnt feel the effect of the injection as I felt every stab of his needle and thread.

Mmm. It was as if God wanted me to know what labour pains feels like and allowed me to delay till I reached active stage of labour. I am glad its all over now as I just can't stop staring at my boy. Thankful thankful thankful. I gave birth like the Hebrew women.


  1. Congrats ma..Women are really strong

  2. Congratulations poster!! Like you, I'm already drawing my epidural plan with my obygyn and sticking to it except for unforseen circumstances.
    God bless you and baby boy.

  3. Birthing another human is a great miracle. Congrats ma'am.

  4. Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 to you and yours ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. God did not want you to feel labor pains, your delay caused it. There's no extra glory for the pain.

    Thank God for a safe delivery.

    1. She wanted to be like a Hebrew woman na, I don't know if she has ever met 1 before..

  6. Hebrew woman or not, is your first child any different from your second? Thank God for safe delivery let's stop these Hebrew woman talk abegi

  7. Thank God for you my dear. Kisses to your baby.

  8. Physician/Nurse Anaesthetist nothing called anaesthesian.
    Congratulations, next time don't procrastinate. There's no glory in pains. There's no award for it.

  9. thank God for you and congratulations


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