Stella Dimoko Men Who Reportedly Attacked Maersk Boss' Home Hid Weapons In The Neighbourhood Days Before Attack


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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Men Who Reportedly Attacked Maersk Boss' Home Hid Weapons In The Neighbourhood Days Before Attack

The two men who attacked the Luggard Avenue, Ikoyi residence of the Managing Director of Maersk Line Shipping Company, Gildas Tohouo had smuggled in their weapons and hid them in an empty flat in the estate several days before the incident.

An estate electrician Goke Olamilekan and his friend Akande Adeyinka allegedly attacked the family on Sunday night of December  1,2019  killing Tohouo’s wife Benedeth after robbing her of cash, ATM cards and other valuables and left him critically injured.

Fresh information gathered on Friday revealed that the suspects, who have since been detained at the homicide unit of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID) Panti, plotted the attack on the family for three weeks.

It was gathered that Olamilekan had told his friend to tell the security men at the gate that he was in the estate to see one Mr. Max, a name that coincided with that of a resident there.

The Nation gathered that the duo did not know that Touoho was at home at the time they struck as their main target was his wife.

According to a police source, the suspects would have escaped but for the insistence Commissioner of Police (CP) Hakeem Odumosu that a thorough search be conducted in the neighbourhood.
The source said one of the suspects was found on top of a mango tree by the CP who flashed a high-definition torchlight in surrounding bushes.

“The CP received the distress call and raced to the scene in less than an hour. He was on patrol when he got the message. Everywhere was dark and so, the CP brought out a very bright and big torch from his car.
“As we were going there, he called both the Area Commander and the DPO (Divisional Police Officer) in charge of the area to join him.

“He practically smoked the suspects out from their hiding places. Those suspects would have escaped if the CP had not taken the urgent steps he took.
“He insisted that everywhere in the estate be searched despite everyone else itching to go home. He insisted that the police must get a lead that would help both investigation and quick arrest of the suspects if they had fled.

“With his insistence, all other officers had no choice but to obey. It was while the search was going on that he flashed his torch up and then saw one of them hiding atop a mango tree. He was promptly arrested,” he said.
Asked why the suspects were yet to be paraded before the media, the source said the Inspector General of Police (IG) Mohammed Adamu planned to personally question them, adding that the detectives handling the case were also avoiding sensational reports.
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  1. Rubbish reasoning,you are all team mates,it was all a joint effort to catch the thief,why hyping up just one officer

    1. Naija mentality to appear very good in the eyes of his bosses.
      I won't bw surprised if someone else found the guys but agreed for CP to take the glory.

  2. God why are people so Wicked, you didn't think of the innocent child before you took their mother away from them. God will purnish you for making this little children motherless. Your generation will never be able to have a mother or be happy.

    Father please console this family.

  3. Why police wants to shine with this is beyond me. This is your job police, this is what you are there for, you dont have to over flog it or take too much glory. Haba!

  4. I wonder what the woman did to them that could warrant this treatment. May God rest her soul

    1. NOTHING she did can warrant this.

    2. Absolutely nothing, though I read on another blog they were sent by the husband's mistress.
      Its just a very sad situation and the kids are so young.

    3. @Coco Arielle

      Are you actually OK ???? Which husband's mistress ????? The way y'all cook up lies/rumours is absolutely unbelievable.

      Please next time connect your brain to your fingers.

    4. @Coco Arielle You and fake news are like 5&6.

      Did the mistress tell you this ??? The supposed mistress will kill the madam but also try to kill the man she's in the relationship with. What is her gain ???

      Pls y'all should wish the man survives this for his kids before carrying hurtful rumours while the family is still mourning.

      Have some sympathy !!!!

    5. Anons chill na. She said she read on another blog and I equally saw something like that also.

  5. So sad
    If a common man and family were attacked, would police have shown up: not to talk about CP, DPO IG etc?
    Will the CP have insisted on combing the area at the risk of his life?
    Why does it take Nigerian police 1hour to respond(to their ????)
    Shouldn't Nigerian police have an emergency line like 111?

    1. Learn to sympathise with people without looking for irrelevant complains..look at those kids and tell me you don't pity them.
      Common man bla bla bla bullcrap

    2. @Too blessed to be cursed
      You just cursed me and I thank you for that your last word.
      I did not curse anybody. I did not tell you or anybody that I
      did not empathize with the kids. I only exercised my freedom of
      speech and expression to ask relevant questions.

    3. @Too blessed
      The reason the government is docile is because people who should ask the relevant questions aren't doing so. No one holds the governmental institutions to account. No matter the amount of pity, it aren't going to solve the problems we face in this country. Learn to ask questions, hard questions.

    4. I am not too blessed but I am looking for where she cursed you though.

    5. @18:43
      So Bullcrap is a blessing?
      Please try and use your dictionary before you type.

    6. Your questions are valid. But we see the same behavior right across the world. Higher property tax paying areas with homes of greater value will get a quicker response from both the police and more follow-up on their cases. The sad truth is money is power, and those with it are perceived to be of greater value than those without it. That's just how it is, and all the talk about equality and being brothers and sisters in God is total bullshit.

      With that said. I am shocked at how quickly they solved this case. If every case could be solved as quickly then Nigeria would be the most peaceful country in Africa.

      I hope the children are being well taken care of and surrounded with love.

    7. Cursed you? Where did she do that?
      Get a life and gerraout of here 😏😏😏.

    8. I know Ang can be annoying but this time her comment seem okay,too blessed to be cursed just had to attack her for even writing anything at all,I don't like Ang myself but i don't see what she done wrong now with her 14.47 comment.

    9. Ang i don't see anywhere too blessed cursed oo,are you reading comments with 3 eyes ni?i don't think you did wrong with your first comment before she came for you though.

  6. And they say these ones are just robbers?

  7. Maersk security system is so poor. How can a stranger tell u he is visiting a resident and you are not confirming from the resident if he is expecting the man? And another line says everywhere was dark,really? In a company official building?!!!.. that has to be the poorest security system a company shld have.

    1. They tampered with the electricity.

    2. Nepa dey on strike,no light in VGC for a whole week,imagine that.

  8. Heart of men are desperately wicked. May God heal the husband so that he can train his children. Rip to the dead.

  9. The apprehended criminals should face the law.

  10. Sorry to say this, but the husband should be investigated thoroughly. Something is severely off with this story. And criminals will take a long prison sentence if they know that their family will be secured. From the criminals easily gaining entry to the premises to only the wife being killed. This reeks of a Lifetime movie.

    1. You are extremely STUPID for this statement. And i'm sure you are one bitter woman who wrote this.

      So you didnt see/read the part (in previous reports) where the man was made to drink poison and he is currently in the hospital battling for his life. In your mind he wants to kill his wife but also asked them (those criminals) to almost kill him.

      Sooo you want to render these three beautiful babies orphans.

      Silly human being for writing this. I hope you will also ask your brother to be investigated if this happens to him. **SPITS**

    2. Madam be Sorry for yourself.

      The man is currently fighting to remain alive ... He was also almost killed in the mess, you are here talking nonsense. Instead of wishing him a good recovery for the sake of those beautiful kids up there.

      Next time keep your useless comment in your demented mind. Anuofia !!!

    3. Be sorry for which self, my statement is based on the article. Where did it say he was battling for life? Where? Where in this article did it say he was almost killed? Where? This is the Internet as long as I have Internet access, fingers, and electricity one hundred like you cannot stop me from commenting. So try with who will run from you,it ain't me.

      And to the earlier comment about asking brother. You go ask your own. Did you born brother give to me? All either of you had to say is that the husband did not escape, he was also attacked. No, a simple answer is too much. Because the over emotionalism, and vile language that you both subscribe to must be used. I didn't even speak badly about the man except he should be investigated, not even a curse word. You both showed yourselves for the violent, evil imagining beings that you both are. Look at the words you typed and think it is the justified way of expressing yourselves to provide clarity. Why won't evil things like this happen, you are both part of the problem with your ugly and violent words. Sowing violence into the land with your thoughts and words.

    4. Madam, but you read that the husband is critically injured.
      Person dey dey that situation parry abi na selective reading you do.
      It is well

  11. Food for thought ,Anon:19:38.

  12. Poor people in Nigeria are wicked.

  13. This is a case of jealousy. Nigerians cant take it when a foreigner is at the top in their land. Imagine a foreigner being the managing director west africa of the largest shipping company in the world ... Soo much hatred for their fellow black brothers winning and doing well for themselves.

    Its a inside job from work, someone wanted to take his place as the MD. I pray he recovers and gets his job back for the sake for his kids. Evil set of people.

    Soooo much anger and hunger in the land. My uncle is also there living in Lagos a manager director in one of the biggest oil company in the world. He even just got married. God please his life is in your hands AMEN !


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