Stella Dimoko Saturday In House Gists - The Lies People Tell For Love..


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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Saturday In House Gists - The Lies People Tell For Love..

Some people can lie when situations they do not expect face them................Lies that can turn eyes and make one feel Dizzy....

Or is it you that lied to someone because you wanted them in your life?you told big lies that you have to keep telling small ones because you don't want to lose them?

Have you ever dated or married (still married to) someone who lies so much that you cant keep count anymore?A Lady in Nigeria who was introduced to a guy who lived in America agreed to marry him after one year of talking....They went to the Village to pay bride price and for the last 8 years,she was applying for a visa to join him but they kept rejecting her without a reason....

Someone who knows him decided to help her out of her misery by telling her the truth..he didn't own a house like he told her,wasn't working and didn't even have papers to file for her.....

She found out and took a walk because the lies were too much to stomach....

This one of my lies for love..

Lets gist eeeeeh..


  1. my ex lied about being a graduate, imagine Omo boy lied big time.found out he was lying when I snooped

    1. Why should anyone even lie about being a graduate when they're not?!

      I realized that its mostly Nigerians that takes being a graduate like a huge thing. There's a difference between being a graduate and being educated

  2. I honestly don’t get it when people lie to someone they want to get with, it’s utterly revolting and a huge turn off
    And usually they are petty lies that didn’t even need to be told, and the little lies irritate me more
    One useless man in my church that was toasting me and that I might have agreed for told me he dated one other girl in my church
    He Built an entire story about their relationship and break up reasons. Turns out they never dated and they weren’t even as little as acquaintances. I was just very confused as why he’d form that entire story. I sha walked because I saw him as a pathological liar and I can’t deal with such

    1. The girl must have been way out of his league. He probably felt you would readily accept if he made you believe he got someone like her.

    2. @14:53 I believe you're right
      When I told a male friend about the whole situation, he told me that he wanted to probably gain cred for dating such a hot girl
      And true, the girl is pretty hot.
      Well if that was his reason, it's an unfathomably dumb one. I am not a teenage girl with low self esteem, I don't date for superficial and vain reasons. Too sad he has that mindset at 36 years of age.

  3. Lies and Love do not mix
    You just don't lie to someone you love.
    Lies go with Lust, infatuation.
    Many Naija girls pretend to love the truth but they don't. They shoot arrows at any truth๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
    Many listen to only what they want to hear;
    "I have sky scrapper...Obama is my younger brother...bill Gates senior me...i will take you to the moon ๐ŸŒ™
    Sisi who want to marry only abroad dudes, your brothers dey abroad; won't they get married?
    Ajuju o.o๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  4. I was lied to but thank God find out before we went into the marriage. I took a walk without looking back, a broken engagement is better.

    Even if I got married to him and find out all what he told me and my family was a fat lies, I will still dump his sorry ass and move on.

    Why telling lies to someone, if you cannot afford something be truthful. You can still find a person that will love you just the way you are.

  5. This will be interesting ,I will be reading comments

  6. That girl wanted to marry the guy for papers and going abroad. So like met like. Lies met lies๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿค๐Ÿคgold digger hit sheet ๐Ÿ’ฉ

  7. If they come with that line, if i have seen you earlier, I wouldn't have married my wife. Sis runnnnn Na dem

    1. Simple answer

      It was not meant to be

      That is past

  8. I never used to think of lies as such a big deal. I mean, I know it isn’t good to tell lies and all, but when people make a fuss over it, I think they are being overly dramatic.

    Until I saw how lies almost destroyed someone very close to me. We could see how she was being lied to by “the love of her life” but she couldn’t.

    Now, if I come across anyone who lies, I do a Usain Bolt. Heck, I’m faster.

  9. Many people who lie and claim it's cos of love are just wicked and trying to control, trap or ruin someone. Some years ago, a former classmate accused me of leading my husband on (when we weren't yet married). That I was already engaged to someone, so why am I deceiving an innocent man by pretending to be single? She had been holding it inside for a while and that day, she lashed out.

    I was confused. Turned out one idiot (who later confessed to taking my name and pic to his pastor, then to juju) attended her wedding months before & told her and a lot of people who knew me, that he & I were engaged! They all believed him. Meanwhile this was a fellow that I had said a clear "No" to, countless times. A creature whose laughter (even over the phone) irritated me, the thought of him merely holding my hand made my skin crawl, and I'd have nightmares and feel polluted after just hearing his voice. It was the way I exploded that made her realise I wasn't lying. Babe was genuinely surprised cos of the confidence with which hunkle had gone round, trying to close road for me and claiming he was in love. I got in touch with him and told him off. When I saw that my husband is Facebook friends with many of those who had heard the lie, I threatened the liar and made him go to each person to un-utter his disgusting lies. I was like, "No demon is going to pour sand and gravel in my garri." Got a message from someone the same day saying, "We wondered what had gone wrong with you, that you would agree to marry him." Turned out he had a history of going after women out of his league, just to suck them dry (including spiritually).

  10. So i had this friend,that we connected so well,spend time together, All of a sudden he dissappeared .

    I called, chat. Up, text, no reponse

    Only for him to reply afterawhile say he travelled out of d country, say his sorry

    Shey person wey travel out cant reply text or chat ? Liar oshi

    Me ,just said okay ooh ,i cant fit argue

  11. My roommate in the university was dating this young "successful" businessman and was so engrossed with his lies, it was crazy greediness did not allow her see road but everyone could see through the guy. Turned out everything was for an aunt he was living with. The cars, house, etc

  12. so right now am confused, i hope what am doing is not defined as leading on, cos we are just getting to know each other, i want to see the yawning before i tell him abt my kid, is this lying too?

    1. Madam tell him you are a single mom o.

      This is not something to hide AT ALLL. Especially if kids are involved. If he loves you, he will also accept your kid but you hiding it if he discovers it on his own he will not take it.

      Trust me men are like that when it comes to single moms.

    2. It's best he knows from the onset, tell him right away!

  13. I once had a crush on a guy in uniben, after graduation. We connected on Facebook after graduation and got talking , bobo said his gf just died whereas he is in a serious relationship . Found out later on Facebook and reach out to the girl.

  14. If I talk na everywhere go spoil

  15. I've never said a lie from my mouth because I want to fuck a girl or want her to be my girlfriend or my wife. I would tell you how it is. Like me for who and what I am or leave it.I don't see why people should lie because they want a man or woman in their lives. I can only lie on something that I know would bring me money as in business.

  16. I almost made a mistake of marrying a looser, a 419, deceiver of women, his name on FB is Alex carovin, you can check him on gram, any woman who is responsible should stay away from him, he almost destroyed my life


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