Stella Dimoko Nigerian Pastor Lands In Serious Trouble As Female Friend Who Visited Him Dies After Being Intimate With Him


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Monday, December 02, 2019

Nigerian Pastor Lands In Serious Trouble As Female Friend Who Visited Him Dies After Being Intimate With Him

When 52-year-old Yemisi John packed a few clothes and personal effects and embarked on a journey from her home in Akure, capital of Ondo State, little did she know that she had set in motion a sequence of events that would put her family through months of trauma.

Her disappearance was a mystery for five months until detectives attached to Inspector General of Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT), head- ed by DCP Abba Kyari, traced her footsteps to her last known whereabouts: Summit Road, opposite Ra- dio Nigeria, Benin City, Edo State capital.

It was the home of a pastor

Enter Pastor Joseph Kofi Martey of City of Fire Ministry who is now the primary suspect.
He didn’t give the police too much trouble. He confessed that Yemisi died in his house hours after they had sex. Fear of being lynched by neighbours, he claimed, pushed him to dump her body by the roadside.

As a preacher, Martey knew a lot about the wages of sin. He knew he must account for his sin, and given the gravity of the crime, he appeared resigned to the gloomy fate ahead. The police, however, are not buying his confession hook, line and sinker. Detectives are saying the story is not as simple as narrated by the pastor.

Solving the mysterious disappearance

Relatives of the missing woman at first reported the matter to various police stations in Ondo state. On November 5, they wrote a petition to the Inspector General of Police about their daughter who went missing since she left her home on July 28, 2019.

When they were directed to IRT office in Osogbo, Osun State, all they could tell detec- tives was that a certain Pastor Kofi who was Yemisi’s Facebook friend had chatted with her days before she left the house, but when contacted, the man claimed they were just friends on Facebook.

The Osogbo IRT team, led by CSP Akindele, dug deeper and discovered that the pastor was more than a Facebook friend –– Yemisi had called him severally on the day she allegedly left her home in Akure; he was in contact with her when she arrived in Benin City; also Facebook chats and text messages showed that they had agreed to consummate their relationship, prompting Yemisi to volunteer to visit Martey in Benin.

The evidence was indicting enough to warrant arresting the pastor. IRT operatives subsequently tracked him down to his residence in Benin City where he was arrested days later.
Martey, 42, confessed to the crime, claiming he dumped the corpse by the roadside. Who took the corpse away? That is the big question he could not.

In an interview with Saturday Sun, Pastor Martey gave a background of how he arrived at his present Golgotha.

His story: “My father is a Ghanaian, but I was born and raised in Offa, Kwara State. He was a pastor and because of that, I was drawn to- wards serving God. As the child of a pastor, I was always in the church for one programme or the other. At a point, I wanted to stop because they were gradually turning me into a pastor.

Unfortunately, I became sick and was at the point of death, when one of the prophets, who is close to my father, said that I must be a pastor for the rest of my life.

“After my secondary education, I relocated to Lagos and started to learn how to make shoes. I also found a good church and became a member.

I started with Life and Life Christian church where I attended Bible school and was or- dained a pastor. While in the Bible school, I got a job in fruit juice processing company where I served as a marketer.
He further claimed that he moved from one job to another until 2013 when he met his wife and they got married.

But she lost her first pregnancy “because she had excess sugar in her system.”
He continued: “I treated her and a year later she became pregnant again. She was able to give birth but her sugar level was still high.

We started moving her from one hospital to another till her family insisted that we should relocate to Edo State. Her family helped to pay for the apartment.

I joined City of Fire Ministry where I was made an assistant pastor. I could not work because of her ill health and the little baby that needed attention. We barely survived on the little allowance that the church was paying me. When her illness became worse, her family took her away. She died months later.”

Meeting on Facebook

Months after the death of his wife, Martey decided to join a Facebook group known as Single Parents which was where he met Yemisi. “I know her as Titilola John; it was at the police station that they told me that her name is Yemisi, “ he said.

From casual chatting, they became friends. “We also exchanged phone numbers. I have written a lot of Christian books, but I need an expert to edit it for me. She suggested that I should allow her do it free of charge.”

He suggested it was the woman who pushed for a relationship: “She was based in Akure and had been disturbing that I should visit her. I told her I did not have much money to send to her. She then insisted that she would borrow money from a friend and travel to Benin. She kept saying I should allow her to be part of my life and help me take care of my son.

“On July 28, she called me that she was already in Benin and cannot trace my house. I was surprised but because she was already in Benin I decided to go to the bus stop and pick her up. She was carrying a small bag. As soon as we got home, she took her bath and relaxed. I prepared Indomie noodles for her and she ate a little and drank malt.”

He also tacitly blamed the de- ceased for initiating what happened afterwards. “At about 9 pm after praying, she asked me if I was just going to allow her sleep without touching her. I told her I need to remarry and have children––but she was 54 and above childbearing age––but I told her I cannot marry her. She kept pleading that we were a good match, arguing that I am a writer and she was good at editing and she could get pregnant by the grace of God"

“She pleaded with me that since her husband left her, no man had touched her and that she needed sex. I agreed. We made love. It did not last more than 20 minutes because I was tired. She was satisfied with the little time we spent. We slept off and around 4 am.”

Death after s#x

Martey recalled being terrified to discover the woman whom he had sex with some minutes ago was lying dead on his bed.

“I tried to wake her up so that we would pray. Her body was cold and when I turned her around there was foam on her mouth,” he narrated.

“I panicked and did not know what to do. I have not lived for long in that area. If neighbours discovered that a woman died in my house, they would kill me before I get to the police station. I am the only one living in the compound, so no one saw us when we walked into the compound. I decided to dispose her body before the day break. I dragged her from the bed to the street and dumped her by the roadside.”

When he came out at about 5am, he saw people gathered around the corpse snapping pictures.

“They wondered who dropped the dead body there. I walked past them pretending to be an onlooker. After- wards, I went back to my room, knelt down and prayed. At 6 am, I came out again and discovered the body was gone.

“Three days later, I received a call but refused to pick it because I was scared the caller could become suspicious about my shaky voice. No one called again till three months later when I received another call from her family member. They asked me if I knew who Yemisi was and I said yes. They asked if I had seen her recently and I said no. I told the caller that we were just Facebook friends and I have never seen her in person.”

Martey claimed he was tormented by guilty conscience.

“I couldn’t even tell the General Overseer of the church because I was scared that they will condemn me,” he said, “Everyone will say that I committed fornication and this was the way God chooses to punish me.”

He added: “I never had peace of mind. This was why I kept her phones and bag; my mind told me that one day, police might come for me.”

Martey insisted he did not poison her “because I ate from the food.”

He said: “If I killed her, will I stay in Benin and wait for police to come and arrest me? Police should go back to that street and ask them if a certain corpse was dumped on our street around June. How I wish that police can find the corpse, this is the only way that I can prove that I am innocent. I have a lung disease, so I cannot even have sex with a woman for more than 20 minutes.”

Once more, he admitted his guilt: “I have sinned against God that is why he is punishing me like this.”

Case not closed yet

Nonetheless, the police did not believe his confession is the end of the investigation.

“We are still looking for her (Yemisi) dead or alive. Whatever he is saying is his own side of the story. It’s only when the body is found and an autopsy performed that we can ascertain the circumstances surrounding her death,” a police source claimed.

“Finding the corpse will confirm or refute his claim. It is possible that she was murdered,” said the source.

Posted by Abba Kyari on facebook


  1. Replies
    1. "I noticed that she was dead when we finished having sex, Called her for us to pray " 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this wan off me

  2. This is why I’m scared of cheating on my husband. He is a cheat and I want to enjoy same privilege but I’m scared of things like this. How will my children feel if they hear my adulterous story

    1. Lol. All na 50-50. Millions of women cheat and go unscathed, yet many bite their fingers in regret afterwards.

      I remember the story of a woman with five kids in Lagos who died in a hotel the night she told her husband she was going for vigil. 😂

      Chop your own abeg. You fit dey lucky

    2. Where is the 'cheating'(a stupid word if I ever heard one) here? The man is a widower and the woman too is apparently not married.
      Lots of people out there have mental health issues and these two people fit the bill!

    3. Erase cheating from your mind, thank God you still have a conscience.

  3. We are truly in the end time. May God save us.

  4. This man looks sick

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Like something toxic left him and went inside of her and killed her.

      He is a demon in the flesh. Dumping that woman on the roadside like trash after enjoying her body for his pleasure only hours before.

    2. I swear, like a demonic drug addict!

  5. Hmm this is a real pastor Omenuko...It was not your calling to be a pastor however I dont understand the prayer he had when he had done wrong by dumping that woman's body...Is it to wish away the crime or what? I really dont understand...May her soul rest in peace...

  6. His statement doesn't add up at all. Two contradicting Sentence I just spotted out;
    1. ' it did not last more than 20 minutes because I was tired'

    2. ' I have lung disease so I can't have sex with a woman for more than 20 minutes.

    Oga pastor go pay for your crime.

    1. There is no contradiction because people with lung disease experience shortness of breathe and fatigue.

    2. candix please read again and understand. Don't be too quick to comment.

    3. Fck him and his lung disease. He didn't have shortness of breath to haul and dump her body on the roadside though.

  7. What a pitiful death!
    Will my friends, Naija girls learn from this?
    Persin say his church na "city on fire" -That's hell na;
    If you have had a vision of hell or
    encountered people who have or even
    read your Bible, it is like a "city on fire".😮😮😮
    All of una wey they sneak out ambush
    "pastors" with fork, na the results of
    una "night vigils" be this o. 😢😢😢😢

    1. Why are you always yarning dust? This is a lesson for both men and women.Everyone should learn from this horrible story. Or was the bible written for women alone? I wonder what type of Christian you are. You get sense so?

    2. @15:05
      Thanks immensely for your insults o.
      Make I ask you my ajujus o, if you read this story to the end;
      Who left her home to seek out this man in his house?
      Who offloaded her husband and was sex-starved and begging for fork?
      Who takes the decision to offer sex -man or woman?
      Whether you like it or not, a woman decides if sex should take place
      otherwise it becomes rape.
      I chose to address my co-ladies
      You can choose to address the men
      The blog is big enough to accommodate all shades of opinions
      Thanks for your insults. 😊😊😊😊 and please give me some sense inugo?

    3. Learn what? What is there to learn. Anybody can die in any manner, ppl have even died on a pit toilet and fallen into the latrine, should other ppl stop using latrines? It's your lot that have no mercy and who always meet horrible deaths. How she died is not the issue here. The fact that he dumped her body and pretended like he knew nothing of her or her death is the only problem I see here. He denied her loved ones the opportunity to properly mourn her and perform the appropriate final rites on her body, to send her off to the spirit world with love. He took from them the precious moments that they will never get back. She belonged to somebody, she was loved and valued by her ppl, she was precious to somebody.

    4. @15:57
      You just stated "the only problem you saw there..."
      I also stated the plenty problems I saw there...that no
      responsible woman will leave those "people that loved her"
      and go and spend the night in the house of a pastor she is not
      married to, someone she just met on facebook? 😱😱
      A few years ago, it was beautiful Cynthia -that retired army
      officers only child... and we read it here
      and you are telling me that "there is nothing to learn, really?"

    5. You can answer your silly questions yourself!!! Afterall you are all knowing.

    6. Anonymous 17:10 why are you so bitter?

    7. jeez you are such an irritant

  8. 🙄🙄🙄🙄.

  9. He may be saying the truth, I pity both the dead and him, may the truth prevail.

  10. This is what happens when parents make their kids pastors and rob them of
    what God actually brought them on earth to do.
    This man could have been a happy
    shoe manufacturer.
    what a pity.

  11. At 4:am you tried waking her up to pray after committing fornication together, chai oga Pastor, you have no fear of God. This God is so merciful.

    1. I am telling you, that wan really off me 😂😂😂

  12. Eh God... Just a little sin and BOOM, everywhere is hot. See as fear dey catch me for the pastor.

  13. Fake pastors everywhere and some people can trust anybody they meet on FB. I hope other women will learn from this.

  14. Na wa oh, things are happening.

  15. Whatever happened to her, I hope she had time to repent.

    All of you that say, "E say I should visit him", una see? No defined relationship. Nobody knows where you're going. You just jump up and embark on adventure of no return. As if you were raised by wolves. You're woke so you can do anything you want, oh! And look at the kind of story they'll be telling when you're not there to defend yourself.

    And this pastor that had mind to (according to his story) sleep with a woman he just met for the first time; what if she was not a human being? Then, he woke her up to pray, ke?

  16. Why did he not go quietly go the police to report himself instead of dumping the body? Hmmmm Nigerian film makers, script don landooo.

  17. This is sad.. He seems he is telling the truth though. Rip to the deceased.

    1. The truth? Seems like both of you won't recognise the truth if it stared you in the face.

  18. I think he is in the business of killing women and this yemisi is not the second. The police should do their findings properly it's possible there are many like yemisi including his late wife

  19. Maybe is the lungs Diseases he had that killed the woman... i doubt if they both use protection....Rip...

  20. Pastor has dobo daran

  21. One of the prophets said I must be a pastor for the rest of my life😂😂😂😂😂

    Prophet 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. What about his late wife?

    What killed her? Some of this men slowly poison their wives to death.

    There is more to this story.


  23. Na just 20 minutes pleasure put you for eternal trouble so ooo...pp

  24. Examine this guy very well,he is not of God as he claims, how does he carry the woman alone from his bed to the road side??,a dead body is heavier than when she was alive and if you are one of those that said his story might be true well I pray you don't have anything to do with crime that will take you to police station,right there you will learn that most chronic criminals will present a case as being innocent by the time evidences begins to takes it toll on them they become a jelly fish.

  25. NA WA O!! please we all need to be very CAREFUL! as a woman,be very cautious in going to a man's house to spend the night(s). as for the men, be cautious also in allowing women spend nights with you.some people just drop dead and put one in we've only got his word on what transpired. NA WA O!

  26. Nigerian pastor

  27. all these pastors are live double lives. go and check

  28. My dear friends this is no time to point accusing fingers, devil has his own ways, the both parties are wrong, the lady is dead and the pastor might die as well, the pastor might still make heaven but no one knows where the lady will go, the pastor is totally wrong but I think the devil caught him unaware, something must have pushed that lady to go see the pastor and same thing might have killed her, come to think of it, which of you here will be in that pastor's shoes and still be in that state, or you received a call from any member of her family and still use that SIM card, her family members claimed they love her yet she must have told someone about him and yet they didn't advice her. Have you people bothered to ask how the family members of the deceased got the pastor's number! This is life my people make una nor surprise say na one of her family member still use black magic kill that lady oh.

  29. God have mercy because the truth of it all is known to You only.

  30. I've learnt a precious lesson from this story. May God help us all in times of our frailties. Thank you for publishing.

  31. he has not say the truth i believe he kill the woman becsuse if not he cannot have the mind to dump her body just like that


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