Stella Dimoko Four Man Gang Including 'Medical Doc' Reveal Why And How They Killed Anambra Business Man


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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Four Man Gang Including 'Medical Doc' Reveal Why And How They Killed Anambra Business Man

On Tuesday January 21,2020,Bob Ibeaji, 42, kingpin of a four-man gang
Ibeaji the leader of a four man gang that include : Solomon Cletus, 30, Arinze Igwe, 26, and Israel Obigaremu, 35. killed Mr. Ignatius Odunukwe revealed that the lust for money led him to commit the murder.

Ibeaji, who claimed to be a medical doctor, during the parade of suspects at the Zone 2 Command, Onikan, in Lagos State, told NAN that “Unnecessary lust for money and my greed for immaterial things clouded my judgement and made me commit the crime,” he said.

The suspect said that in 2019, he saw an advert for the sale of a property at Katampe, Abuja.

He added that he approached the security who linked him up with the deceased through his cellphone number.
from the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)via dailypost
“I told him I was interested in the property and I think he (the deceased) had a function in Abuja at that time so we were able to meet once in the city.
We later met again at Artican Beach Resort , Ajah in Lagos State, on Dec. 1,2019 where we discussed after which I murdered him with the help of two of my gang members,” he said.

Ibeaji said that he met Cletus when he was remanded at Kuje Prison, Abuja and discussed the dealings with him which he promised to help out with.

“I lured Odunukwe into my hotel room through a N900million business deal I was pretending to go along with.
With the help of Igwe and Cletus, I was able to distract him and hit him on the head using the butt of an axe.
After then, I injected him twice with shots from a lethal injection. His body was later cut into pieces and dumped somewhere at Ogunbo Forest, in Ajah,” he said.

Cletus whom he met at the prison said that he was lured into the act with the promise of a N2 million loan to be given to him if he would participate in the evil plan.

Ibeaji said that Igwe, who was a staff member of the resort, was the one responsible for navigating the culprits successful exit from the hotel because of his knowledge of its layout.

However, Israel Obigaremu, the Uber driver, said that he knew nothing about the evil plan and was unfortunately involved because he allowed Arinze to park the deceased car in his compound.

He said that Arinze usually called him for jobs of transporting his clients that lodged in the hotel and that was how he met with Ibeaji whom he drove around town.

“Arinze brought the victim’s car to my compound and told me that the car belonged to his boss who had travelled and he promised to come pick it up the next day.
I do not know anything about the killing. I was home sleeping when Arinze brought the vehicle to be parked in my compound,” Obigaremu said.

The Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG Ahmed Iliyasu of Zone 2 Command, Onikan, told journalists during the parade that two similar incidents had been established against Ibeaji in the past.

“The first was that of a civil commissioner in Bayelsa State, where one Depologa was murdered and his remains found where it dumped along the Abuja Expressway.

“The second is the case of Jude Efulue, a property developer in Abuja, whom he held captive in an apartment and forced him to sign a document transferring the ownership of the victim’s property to him.

“He almost killed Efulue but the intervention of Efulue’s neighbour led to Ibeaji’s apprehension by the police which landed him in Kuje Prison,” the AIG said.

Iliyasu advised the public to be careful about what they post online and desist from revealing too much information about themselves on the social media.

The late Odunukwe was a renowned billionaire from Anambra, who was into property development and the owner of Fireman Generators.


  1. Ive always seen people that showoff on social media as small minded people, people like Emoney. Whats are u showing for? To pepper who?
    May his soul rest inpeace, he didnt deserve to die like that. So sad.

    1. Biko how does this gruesome murder show small minded people?

      Did the deceased show off? Na wa oo, until you are dropping E-Money's name. Are you planning something against him? See witchcraft flying at daytime o!

  2. I had goosebumps reading this

    1. How can someone enjoy killing his fellow human being. How did he even get out of prison in the first place? NIGERIA OOO

    2. That is how my husband was saying I shld advertise my old car online when he sent a new one.
      In dis day and age,me a woman for that matter. So robbers and killers can contact my enemy they want to buy.
      Seems the Europe he is staying doesn't let him think well .
      The car stayed for 6months in my house before I finally sold it through a neighbour at a cheap price sef. I didn't even meet the buyer. Transfer was done to my acct and I handed over the key and papers to my neighbour to give the buyer. Nigeria of now you have to be careful.

    3. How can you say your husband doesn't think well? Please, words are powerful, let's be guided.

  3. Wicked souls. I'm just so speechless

  4. That same lust and greed will be the end of y'all.
    I hope y'all rot in whatever dungeon they throw y'all in. Idiots!

  5. How did this Ibeaji man get out of Kuje prison in the 1st place? He had previously been involved in a commissioner's murder and tried to kill a property developer... How did this criminal and murderer get out of Kuje Prison.????
    Now i understand why the billionaire was comfortable enough to go alone... He had had previous contacts with this Ibeaji man and trusted him enough to be alone with him. What a horrible way to die.

    1. Exactly Essa! how can a man with such records be allowed to roam freely!!!

      Our system once again has failed us.

    2. He who kills by knidtgo by same way, thats by the way, a billionaire killed like a fowl?
      Rip sir.

    3. Anon 09:55 exactly my fear a billionaire killed like a fowl, what is the fate of a poor man

    4. 9:55 he who kills by knife,dies by knife

  6. These are cold hearted and unrepentant murderers. Nigerian police sef, Which one is social media.. did the man have Facebook or Instagram? I think we should be talking about a freely accessible verification website where people can easily get quick background info and arrest records on anyone before doing deals with them.

    1. As in! That was probably his business line. Can't some one post contact details again?




  8. why was he released after committing the first offense?

  9. May his soul rest in peace. And the culprit, may they die in more horrible way. A serial criminal like that escaped prison? Nigeria which way? Shame to the police department

  10. Just imagine what ds AIG is saying. U guys were sure that he’s been on ds for a while, apprehended him, still let him go, probably after a handsome settlement. I just hope ds is d end of d road for him. No jail term pls.

  11. Enter your comment...just so sad...
    if only he had agreed for transfers instead of cash..
    if only he had agreed for the signing of d deal in his own office..
    if only he had gone with escort or witnesses..
    I just wonder how he thought, he could have counted 900m cash alone, in a strange hotel with strange people añd no witness fro. his side

    1. I am sure it wasnt money he wanted to collect,maybe talk the terms of the transaction, I read somewhere that his lawyer offered to go with him, he said he shouldn't bother.

      Maybe they will have also.killed the lawyer, wicked desperate hearts everywhere

  12. The heart of man is desperately wicked

  13. looks to me like someone contracted the killers to murder this man.....the police should be looking at the motive and whom their contractors were? Because its one thing to kill but then butcher??? Naa, theres more

  14. I don't believe they were the masterminds to this deadly crime. A man that wealthy must have had so many competitors or enemies. How could he have believed this guy was able to buy a 900million property from him? There is more to the story.

    1. Exactly what I was saying, there is no how anyone can believe any of these guys can afford a property of that magnitude. The deceased must have talked to and met a fellow wealthy man gained his trust, hence the reason he decided to go alone.

    2. Exactly my view ,there is a missing link. There is a wealthy man or a close confidante that is involved in this murder.are there no cameras in the hotel and why is the police not using that in the investigation. There is an insider that made the man feel safe to go to that hotel.

  15. "Two similar incident had been established against Ibeaji in the past which landed him in Kuje prison". And he was apprehended for how long???
    After he had murdered a civil commissioner and almost attempted to kill another if not for the divine intervention of the victim's neighbor.
    And yet he released only to commit yet another gruesome murder.

    The justice system of this country is so vain.
    How can you let go of a murderer.
    The justice system,him and his family should be held responsible for this henious crimes committed against unsuspecting victims.

    I'm so pained.
    This man and his crew deserves nothing other than a slow and painful death.

  16. There's more to this story. Someone who first killed a civil commissioner now this. I believe he's a hired assassin and this story is just a cover up not to reveal who contracted him.
    What is he even doing roaming about the streets after murder. It goes to show that the laws of this country does not work!

  17. Enter your comment...foolish could you release a murderer

  18. Enter your comment...foolish police saying could you let a murderer out


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