Stella Dimoko Mbaka 2020 Prophecies - One Down,More To Go?


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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Mbaka 2020 Prophecies - One Down,More To Go?

Controversial Preacher Father Mbaka prophesied that Hope would come to Imo state and it has happened........

What else did he predict that we should watch out for?

Most of these prophets gist with all these politicians and know whats up,so when they prophesy something political in their country,some already know....

What other prophecies from Mbaka do we need to watch out for?I just did some search and noticed that only his 'political prophecies' come to pass...

What do you think?Please sit me down and correct me if I am wrong...


  1. Replies
    1. I gave up on this guy when he was forcing peter obi to drop money and peter being a stubborn man refused. He used all the tricks in this world but peter no drop shishi.

      As a priest, one should be neutral not being the campaign manager of political parties..

      Fr.Mbaka, APC and Supreme court are one.

  2. He so-called vision about Nnamani failed. All na nonsense.

  3. I just saw a video of a pastor in IMO state i suppose prophesying about the discharged governor in October

  4. This man is celebrity pastor of APC.

    Oya ashewo waka waka people una prophet don come. You all should troop to his adoration temple.

    The numbers have increased. Very soon, they will have VIP seating arrangements like Pastor Joshua

  5. Nbaka in an inner caucus... he knows what’s up, so make una leave that thing. I watched that clip, it wasn’t a prophecy, it was simply a prayer point... and that was because he knew that plans were in top gear to put Hope there. Y’all should think out of the box.

  6. No doubt, Mbaka is a political Prophet.... confirmed!

  7. That wasn't a prophecy, it was a guess work because he knows what Apc is planning to do.

  8. I hope he can give his outcome on gandollars because supreme court have a judgement to give.

    If he is a man of God, he should give us another prophecy on kano abi he dey fear?

  9. Mbaka is not a prophet, he prophesied nothing. It a plan work by APC which Mabaka is a member. He only leaked the plan because of his loud mouth. longest hisssssssss

  10. Please, that 'Father' title should be removed when addressing Mbaka.
    If I was in ihedioha's shoes, I won't leave that sit oh.. Shey General Bubu hasn't been setting a good example of how not to obey court rulings and judgement. Shebi him think say him dey mad.. we can all be mad. I hate cheating and intimidation in my life. We go rack am to the end

    1. that means you will blatantly disobey supreme court judgement which will lead to embarrassment for you as all your security will be withdrawn and you will physically be thrown out ...why descend to that level... its not his fathers compound ..let time and karma deal with the matter

    2. Don that won't be wise to do.

    3. You guys don't know Wassup, and that's why things got to this stage. In war, there are always rules of engagement.. but when one group isn't fighting within the laid down rules then, you breach protocols too. Does everything general Bubu and crew is doing so far make any sense to you? Then why are you trying to make sense to them. I just hope it won't be too late before some of you wake up

  11. Do not say what you don't know. Whether true prophet or not concentrate on how God is going to use you this year.


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