Stella Dimoko Sapphire Group CEO Wale Aladejana Says All Men Shoud Create Time For Their Daughters And Explains Why


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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Sapphire Group CEO Wale Aladejana Says All Men Shoud Create Time For Their Daughters And Explains Why

This is a good read and you might learn something especially if you are a man surrounded by daughters..

Mr Aladejana says


I have realized that many women are excited about what a man can do for them because they have never experienced some things before. A woman who has never been to a proper restaurant would most likely be excited and jump at the chance if a guy shows up and invites her. A woman who has never seen 1 million Naira will be impressed with a man who gives her that kind of money.

I have 4 girls and I have to be smart so from now, I take my daughters out on dates. I will be the first to introduce my daughters to the good life and what a gentleman looks like.
I have also noticed that women who have a solid relationship with their fathers are much more confident and outspoken. If you are a man and you have daughters, create time for them, you are saving yourself from future pain.
Tag someone who should read this, please share so that others can be blessed as you have been blessed.


  1. Just the way my Inlaw loves and spoil his daughter. kia he loves that girl ehhh, anything she wants, she gets. Even bought a Land and he building a mansion for the 10 years old daughter. That's his only daughter others are male

    1. Beg him money to go back to school oh nne.

  2. I don’t like wale jana but he said nothing but the truth.

  3. Wise words but I don't totally agree sir,you don't make generalizations based on a few sample.

  4. Replies
    1. Story! the highest Runs girls r Rich men children. Pls go figure. Not by luxury, d Bible said,bring a child up the way of d lord so she cannot depart from it
      There r girls who have REJECTED all sorts cos of there upbringing, they where not necessarily taken to luxury or posh places at children but discipline and contentment was instilled in them from onset.

  5. Where's the lie? this is exactly how I want to train my future girl child so that no miserable man will use them as foot mat because of luxuries.

  6. You don't necessarily have to lavish a lot of money on your girls but treating them well and speaking positive words to them matters a great deal to their emotional and mental well being. My father died last year and all his six abandoned children struggled to find anything positive to say about him which was so painful. Somehow God gave us the words to say and the spirit of forgiveness but if only he had bothered being a good dad.

  7. Wale for once, from the multitude of your utterances, on this l stand with you.

  8. Good advice.
    I will try with my daughter.
    I will tell my husband to do same.

  9. Of course you can be the first to introduce your daughters to wealth and luxurious lifestyle because you can afford it. What about men who cannot afford to do all these things but still make out time for their daughters? Are you saying the girls won't be impressed when they meet men who show them luxury and the good life?

    The truth is, some girls naturally have oju kokoro. No matter the wealth and exposure their fathers give them, they will still do runs. I know because I knew some of them back in my uni days. They had everything but they still loved to follow alhaji.

    So no be by all these ones. I agree with the confidence and outspoken part but not others.

  10. One thing I also notice from experience such girls that a man knows her father doesn't joke with her they are cautious of how they treat them. Some won't go close except they have good intentions and some fear will even stop them approaching.
    I lost my father when I was very young. He was a very good man that adored his kids especially girls and I am certain my relationship with men will be different if he's still alive. Example is my uncle,too doesn't joke with his daughter's. He is also a very strict man. Only when you are grown he wants to see you with men. His daughter's boyfriends he does findings on them,on their families etc. He seats them down and grill them on their education,their career,life choices etc. And people in general fear the man,he's also in the Navy. All his son in-laws fear him. They won't even think of touching a hair on their wives body for fear of them being reported. A father that is very involved in his daughers life is honestly a good thing and I miss that.

  11. I prayed for a man who will be a fatherly figure cos I never had any
    My hubby can die for his kids ,he loves them so much.
    He loves taking them places and flaunts been a father of girls.
    He always says it is only great men that has just female kids, and starts counting known .men with just female kids .
    He attends their school activities,
    Their social event.if he does not come from the beginning,he must meet up before the end.
    He does the outing while I majorly do the sitting at home.
    When it comes to outing they always count me out and go to their dad.
    I bathe them while he dresses them up.
    He is involved so much.
    When he come from work,omg,you will think my kids won a potjack..
    So many things I can't type again.
    It's good to be involved in Ur kids life.
    Today he sent me a pic of a quote that said a man with daughters tend to love longer and said it's very true.

    1. Yimu
      Deep down, deep down down down, he longs for a male child .

    2. @18:38, so what do you want him to do about it?. He is happy notwithstanding, whereas you,
      Only sense wey you no get, you want to be foolish ontop.

    3. anon are you ok??

    4. Some women MUMU ehnnn hianu. C as dey use sponge wash ya brain finish.

    5. 18:38 you really are a sadist.

    6. God bless your hubby.

  12. Men should get involved in both their children be them boys or girls because it gives the children so much confidence that their father has got their backs. Hanging out with your boys will make them aspire to attain great heights in life.

  13. All these audio inspirational speakers!!


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