Stella Dimoko Actor Yul Edochie Says Nollywood Will Not Stop Making Ritual Movies..


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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Actor Yul Edochie Says Nollywood Will Not Stop Making Ritual Movies..

According to the Anambra State-born actor, filmmakers will not stop making ritual movies because it is all about entertainment.

“Sadly, at the moment Nigeria is stuck with a crop of leaders who can’t move this country forward, rather they look for who to blame for their inefficiency. America has been producing action movies with plenty of gun violence since I was born. Have you ever seen any American leader blaming entertainers for crime in their country?

That’s because it’s all about entertainment and it ends there.

“Our government should focus on providing jobs for the youths, spread wealth, improve the economy and security and crime rate will reduce. It’s very simple. They should stop looking for who to blame and do the jobs they were voted in to do or resign for others to try. Next thing, you’ll see them thinking of how to ban Nollywood and render more people jobless,” he told Inside Nollywood.

Edochie, who is the last son of veteran actor, Pete Edochie, also advised filmmakers to always end their movies well so that viewers will have something to learn.
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  1. This was my exact sentiment

    Infact their own ritual movies sef sends a positive message that if u take that route, you will eventually regret it because you will lose way more than u bargained for.

    Our totally useless government will leave their day jobs and start pursuing shadows upandan

  2. okwu gi kwu oto ka cigar.

  3. You will keep making ritual movies because you guys can't think out of the box.
    What's entertaining a out those mass production movies ? Whoever find those movies entertaining need a brain check.

  4. Em. Yes. Americans blame gun violence on the violent culture portrayed in movies and video games.

    Rituals in Nigerian movies glorify ill gotten wealth and some of our compatriots are not smart to know it’s entertainment.

    I once listened to Ellon Musk say his ideas come from 50’s cartoon, the Jetsons. He said, if someone thought about electric cars and flying cars then,it’s possible.

  5. Do more of comedy movies please and let's laugh away our wahala, I miss the days of Aki and pawpaw 😒😒 They made my childhood fun. .all these ritual movies you people be showing is scaring and I can't sleep at night after watching them😩😩

  6. I don't like ritual movies.


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