Stella Dimoko Actress Ebun Hodo Talks About The Heartbreak She Suffered...


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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Actress Ebun Hodo Talks About The Heartbreak She Suffered...

Some Beautiful women just have all the bad luck............................

The thespian, who lamented not getting any gift during the last Valentine’s Day, is yet to get over her pains and hurtful feelings. “Valentine gift? I have never been gifted anything even on my birthday. Everything I have, I worked really hard for them. I wish you know where I’m coming from. I have been heartbroken and I have not gotten over it yet. But definitely soon, I would be strong again,” she told Inside Nollywood.

Continuing, the University of Calabar graduate said that she has learnt her lessons the hard way and would be more careful next time when it comes to matters of the heart.

“When next I am ready to date, I would look out for a more comfortable guy, not a temperamental person. He must be God fearing, supportive, un-abusive, understanding and above all, love me for who I am. His pockets must also be intact. He should know that being disrespected turns me off and on the other hand honesty turns me on.”

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  1. This is my story. I believe sometimes in life some things are just challenging for you. Mine is marriage and not having the best luck in men
    I am 35,people say very beautiful with good character,have a very good job,money isn't a problem. Can afford anything I like.
    I meet men not like I dont meet them. They will start off good some times talk marriage and boom they change.
    My last relationship he just changed without me offending him. Then started asking if he ever promised me anything like marriage. Stopped communicating with me till date..
    I have done deliverance severally. Sewn seed fast everything. Problem is not my character people commend my mother for raising good girls. Both my sister are married. I guess this is just my own challenge in life. But I do believe I will testify one day.

    1. Same with me... I meet a guy, he is all over me. Once he mentions marriage, few weeks later, he detests me. I am very tall and people say I am very beautiful with a nice body.I have done deliverance severally, gone to the mountain and all. Right now, I have decided to lay it all on the feet of Jesus and I believe he would sort me when the time is right.

    2. 14:59 & 15:55 I am older than both of you, same qualities but....I'll let you in on the in the solution to your dilemma.

      Ask God in prayer first before you get into any relationship, casual or deep.

      Do your background checks on the man. Know who his family and friends are. Find out his beliefs and attitude to life and people.

      Be truly God-fearing by being chaste (no sex). Some would say premarital sex did not stop them getting married BUT it will stop some. Not all vessels are the same - some vessels are marked to be used for God's honour.

      Maintain your dignity and self-confidence. Don't let a man walk all over you just because you want to get married. Don't tolerate their shenanigans (dishonesty, abusiveness, stinginess, sloppiness, cheating etc).

      Don't give a man anything (gifts, money etc) if he has not given you anything or shown you care, protection and sacrificial love (even if he doesn't have much money). If cannot make sacrifices for you
      what can you draw strength from to be supportive to him. Whether we like it or not, men set the pace in relationships, marriages and homes.

      Dress well - decently and moderately. Be fashionable, stylish but do not bare your cleavage,boobs or wear something so skimpy or transparent it leaves nothing to the imagination.
      I'm very stylish and draw admiration from both ladies and men but I keep it classy and decent.

      Hold onto the good, reasonable qualities you want in a life partner and pray through until God brings your life partner your way.
      Not every man is qualified to marry you. Selah.

    3. Anons, God will grant u both your desire! You will both testify!

    4. Amen. Please dont give up on your heart desires. God will surprise you

    5. This table got alot of people on it, oluwa will remember everyone sitting on this table soonest.

    6. If *he* cannot make sacrifices for you... (pardon the typo)

      Amen to the prayers for the Anons.

    7. Thank you so very much for the advice.I am the 2nd Anon. I can see you are very deep spiritually. I was told I am different, and it has been shown to me personally severally who I am in the spiritually, a vessel of God just as you mentioned. It is well .

    8. It is well with us.

  2. Stella your first sentence very apt,but God is in control😪😪🤤

  3. Let's assume she meets a guy that possesses all the aforementioned qualities, what does she bring to the table?

    1. What else do you require of her when she has mentioned a few things about herself

  4. Issues of life... May God see us through... Amen🙏

  5. May God grant you your heart desires Ebun

  6. It's not about those physical/natural attributes y'all yapping about. It's high time women knows that a woman who has something to offer doesn't stay long being single. What are you bringing to the table? Character, deeds, something tangible NOT just sex. Most women are just liabilities. Even in relationship/marriage as poverty alleviation and that's why the chronicles won't stop coming in. Many are distorted & selfish mindset gotten from wrong upbringing/association/social media. The worst deterrent is the mindset which almost y'all on this forum have and has mislead the naive/younger ones.

    1. Even those with good characters remain single sometimes. Life is not all black and white.


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