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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Dear BV’S please I need some advice on a matter that has been troubling me for 7 years now.

This year I will be 7 years in marriage, I and hubby do have our usual couple quarrels and disagreements, we settle without involving a third party.

For the 7 years of being married the only person troubling me the most is my husband’s elder sister.

 She is so toxic and has a narcissist behavior. Everyone is scared of having any dealings with her. She will be the one to offend you, but will use her manipulative character to make you apologise OR THERE WILL BE WAR. 

All the family members dread her.

 I am a kind person and a peacemaker. Countless times I have tolerated her excesses. But this year I said enough. She offended me and went ahead to report me to all the family members that I am a bad person. They will call me to know what the problem is. I usually ask them one question, “What did she say I did wrong” and no one could answer anything I did wrong. 

They say she just calls and start blabbing how I’m a bad person without specifically stating any crimes i committed.

Just like always, my husband is asking me to apologise to her for peace to reign, even without doing absolutely nothing wrong to her. My mother in-law said I am trying to scatter her family for not apologizing and making peace reign. I have said I will not apologize ever again to her if I did not offend her.

Example of things that causes problem:

 1: she can complain that I did not call her to wish her happy new year. Not like she wished me either

2: she will complain that her children came to the house to visit us and I did not answer their greeting with a hug

3: she will complain she had headache and I did not call to check up on her.

4: I did not call her to wish her happy birthday. Note that my birthday is in March and hers is in May. She never remembers to wish me HBD but expect me to remember her own. I have never faulted her or complained. For 7 years I’ve known her she has never wished me HBD.

All these and many other silly excuses that don’t make sense. She will call me and start abusing me on phone, calls me all sort of names and I will still call later to apologise for peace to reign.

Since my husband has refused to see reasons with me on why I cannot apologise and trying to make things difficult for me at home, I am ready to quit the marriage and go my way. For the past 7 years anytime my husband’s elder sister's name is mentioned, I always have a panic attack, because I know there is fire on the mountain.

Please Bv’s how can I totally avoid this woman and restore peace in my life, or is leaving this family the only option for me?

Thank you

*I am so shocked that i don't know what advice to give....seems the devil himself is your sister in law.

All i can say is that you should do whatever gives you peace of mind...
Sometimes  enough is enough!!!


  1. Don't apologise.
    Let th matter settle once and for all. Don't let no one scare you.
    Let heaven fall if it's going to fall.
    Stand your ground.

    1. Don 😁😁😁
      This is me smiling at you πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

      Dear Poster
      You cannot keep apologising for peace to reign you deserve some peace as well , be firm this one time,
      Hopefully your firmness would be the restoration of your peace.

    2. Wow! Hell has frozen over. See me agreeing with Don. May you locate a Godly woman that you will value.

    3. Block her everywhere. WhatsApp,FB,Inst, Truecaller,all. Block block andblock.

    4. It's hard to give advice when your husband isn't even on the same page with you. I don't know what to say, do what gives you peace.

      Even her mother is in supports, smh.

    5. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I know right!!!!
      Reason I was smiling

    6. I wonder why brother in-laws never have issues. Always sister inlaw. Some are even worse than mother inlaw especially if they are first daughter of the family.
      Majority want them to lick their ass and that is exactly what I do with mine. I have never had issues persay with mine but I know they dont like u except you lick ass.
      So I don't look at whether you call me or not. I'm the type that calls on bday,calls on New year even buy gifts. Whether you do same for me or not I just do it. I have seen what some wives that came into my own extended family experienced. So I learnt how to treat in-laws. Rather have peace than war but dats just my nature.
      Your own relationship has already become toxic so I really don't know what to advice.

    7. Chocolate Noir, I'm seriously smiling back at you too.
      Anon 26:20 You just got me laughing.🀣🀣🀣
      Amen thanks.

    8. Don has been hacked!! πŸ™†πŸΎπŸ™†πŸΎ
      Ok, I agree with you too and I never thought I’d see this day! 🀣🀣🀣

    9. My sis-in-law used to be like this, except she is younger than hubby though older than I am. Can even complain about the voice I used to answer her greeting. The hbd one na every year and I never repent. Till she did something to me and it was obvious she was wrong, I blew it out of proportion for the whole family to hear including her husband and she never apologized either. I started talking to her later and we are really close now. I didn’t apologize from day one cos I can’t keep apologizing for petty things like not wishing hbd. Let me not start what I can’t finish.

  2. stop apologising or you will do that all your life. Who begrudges someone because they had a headache and they did not get a sorry?. Gosh! She reeks of toxicity. Please this is a new year. Stick to your word. Do not apologise or you will do it next year and the next. I blame that family. Just one silly woman and they cannot all just ignore put her at arms length.

    1. They are plenty oh, my older dead cousin said I didn't tell her sorry when she had treatment, not really she did abortion which every one is aware of but she likes to call it treatment to make herself feel good. Of course its abortion if it's another person that did it.a 5 months old pregnancy. Honestly I am not a saint but to sympathize with her is highest form of hypocrisy to me.and the casual way she refers the foetus as a thing sounded so callous to my then young sef.those people that will beat you and start crying first just to manipulate. You and be an intentional killer and still be a mourner.

    2. Just apologize to her this time and avoid her like a plague. If you hear shes coming... Be leaving. Change your line if possible. Stop all communications with her and when anyone calls pretend to be the victim, just start crying,they will call you over emotional but they will leave you alone.

    3. Push up, she can't keep apologising.
      It has to stop and it's now!

    4. You don know naccissits. She apologizing her now and avoiding her like a plague would bring another issue. Stand your ground and avoid her as you do. They are emotional bullies, if you don’t stand up for yourself they would continue to bring you down. Imagine be raised by someone like your sister, it’s the story of my life right now

  3. Hmm. The choice is yours. If you have a strong marriage and loving husband then apologise for peace sake. The woman is evil and she sounds like a desperately unhappy bully who will never be content. Her reputation within the family is proof of this. If however, you feel that your marriage is not worth it, do what gives you peace of mind. I suspect that you are one of those gentle people that once they make up their mind, their is no going back. Do what is best for you.

  4. All the years you have been apologizing what has it brought? Stand your ground and don't quit your marriage.

    Once she knows you have taken a stand she will back off.

    Control your home or your husband family will control it. You are the one that holds the marriage.

    Your husband just need peace but he won't use his hands to stop his sister

  5. Don't apologize to her and don't quit your marriage bcos that's exactly what she's been longing for. Press your ignore button and let her do her worst. If her wahala is too much fast and pray and read psalm 35 on top her matter. I've troublesome sister in-laws and complainant mother in-law what I do is to press ignore button like they're not even existing. I always act harmless like a novice but what I will do dey my mind. I gently give it to them hot hot while acting like I can't kill cockroach.

  6. Don’t be or feel intimidated. Express yourself, once and for all. She can’t keep having her way all the time.

  7. Poster u allowed it right from d onset by always apologising for d sake of peace either wrong or u r tired cos u feel it got to stop! Well it's never to late to do d right thing.. Stand ur ground in that regard,she no carry fire for head!

    Moreover is she not in her own husband house? Why is she troubling u in yours? Don't ever start what u can't finish, use wisdom with ur hubby and her family
    All d best

  8. I had this same type of Sis In Law which you mentioned. She dealt with me until she separated my Husband and myself. I tolerated a lot from her, her Daughters and my Mum in Law. Until I discussed with my Mother. I left the Marriage and the found another wife for their brother. I and my kids had peace. Within a pace of 4 years the Marriage crashed and They came back begging me to forgive. At least now for the past 2 years and counting I have not set my eyes on her. Her family is in a mess. I guess Karma is really paying her back. It is well... Sorry for my typos.

  9. Seems your ready and willing to leave the marriage for your Husbands elder sister.

    Seriously is that what you want? I don't support her calling you names or your mother in law saying you want to break her family but your wrong for disobeying your husband.

    He might be a weakling but obeying him should be your first goal. Perhaps you can try and make him see reasons with you later as to why
    You feel the way you do.

    ITS your decision, if the marriage isn't worth your ego, don't apologise for the sake of peace but if you love your husband despite the family he came from, sisterly drop down your guards, tell yourself you're bigger than this woman and you'll never leave your happiness for her. Iji ji jide nma (na you hold the yam, na you still hold the knife).

    1. When your husband is telling you to do something wrong, obey him oh because that is your 1st goal..

    2. Something is really wrong with you!!!

      After a Man gets married, his first priority should be his IMMEDIATE FAMILY, he should protect them at ALL cost!! Why can't the husband see reasons because he loves her? Abeg get out with this yeye advise!!!

    3. Dictator idi Ameen! lol commander in chief, Obey Army. Mtchew

    4. I don’t agree with her leaving her marriage but why does she have to apologize always just because her husband said so? Does the husband not have sense to allow an outsider to always step on his wife? Is he not supposed to LOVE AND PROTECT his wife and kids?
      Poster don’t apologize. Tell your husband calmly that he knows that you have always apologized but now you have reached your limit and you will be unable to do so this time. You may apologize another time if you feel like, but this one oh, don’t apologize and don’t you leave that marriage. You people should slug it out in there. The woman has slight mental problem

    5. Hahahahahhaha. You must be drunk. What is your definition of peace and ego? By apologising unnecessarily, she is digging her own grave by her self. I feel that what will give her peace is to stay away from the woman's affairs.

  10. They spoilt her when she was small, I bet when she throws tantrums they quickly give her what she wants when she was growing up. They have over spoilt her as a child.

    That home training they didn’t give her as a child, you now have to do the work, ignore her completely. And let me just add , pray to God to turn her head away from your family. I have been married for 23 years and I know for a fact that there is nothing God cannot do and He has not yet created that human being He cannot deal with.

  11. Exactly enough is enough!!! If u manage to see this through without any lasting damage to ur marriage, trust me, she will learn her lesson.

    I will say here that ur greatest problem is your husband, if he can't control his siblings for ur sake then he's enabling them. It's not fair at all.

    1. A man who cannot call is sister to order. He is the root of it all!

  12. shebi its to say SORRY? that u want to have a divorce? since you know her to b troublesome,acept her for who she is,tell her sorry and move on.put her in your prayers because she might not be doing this with her right sences.if you leave then the devil has won.BE THE PEACE MAKER.The Lord is your strength.

    1. My dear oo. Tell her sorry and move on. When her birthday comes, dont call. If she complains, say sorry.
      New year dont call,
      If she complains, say sorry.
      I think you enabled her a little bit by giving her face when you are on good terms.
      Stop that.
      Whenever you're in good terms with her, still continue behaving like you're quarreling. If she complains, say " oh sorry I forgot".
      If your man is good to you, please dont leave.
      This is the for worse part of the vows you exchanged with your husband.
      Also, seems the spark has died in your marriage, talk with your husband and ignite it. The grass ain't greener over here honey. Stick it out

    2. Exactly, her sorry until it fills a cup, ahh i am good at "ajayi" sorry. Tell her sorry until the thing turns to mockery, if she sees sorry she will be the one to run from it.
      Dont call her, change your number if possible, but if she says you did anything, just say "sorry" 🀣 🀣

    3. I support this! Apologise to her nd avoid her then if she complains say sorry with a straight face nd she will leave I alone till d sorry looks like a mockery, avoid her

  13. Poster, is your sister in law the one bearing the family burden in terms of expenses? If she is, that explains why everybody is asking you to apologise. If she is not, please ignore her. Stand your ground and you will see that with time, every body will adjust.

  14. Don't apologize. Just try and get your husband to understand you. Don't quit your marriage for this please.
    What a sister in law indeed. Oh God, thank you for the family I am married too. No any in law palaba.

  15. He is married to you;but unfortunately his heart is still with his extended family..

    If he truly loves you;his action regarding how he treats you will be obvious in public and his extended family will think twice before they even call him to complain of you;because they already know he will take your side in anything(even if you are wrong;he is to correct you in private)..

    His action states that he isn't willing to compromise to make you happy;but rather he wants to stay in between and answer the good son to his extended family;while you suffer in silence..

    My Neighbour once told me that "I have heard you" doesn't cost you anything..

    @Poster;Wisdom is knowing where to use your "Brain" and where "Common sense" comes in..

    Keep your home and guard it with all deligience..
    You don't need approval from your Sis or mother inlaw to do that.

    Your husband will join you when you don't bend..
    Most Men love stubborn wife especially when they know they themselves are pushover in extended family issues..


  16. Tell your husband you're not apologising, and if he thinks you did wrong,let him do it on your behalf. Don't let her be the reason you quit your marriage, instead make it compulsory for her to quit troubling you.

  17. Make she come be my sister in-law, no body go teach her to keep her distance. Me wey never see myself finish, na my fellow woman wey don marry commot and dey her own husband house na him go dey trouble me, she better come and marry her brother quickly. Just do 3 days midnite with Psalms 35:1-10, let God handle her for you.

  18. Your hubby can apologize on your behalf. He's the head of your home...since he can not call his sister to order. Don't allow anyone to make you leave your marriage. Forget you sister in law and focus on your husband. He should do his work.

    Is hard to understand why a full grown man that went to carry another man's daughter can't protect her interest.

    1. Exactly, let him apologise on her behalf as the head of the family!!!

    2. Since she needs the apology to cook πŸ™„πŸ™„

  19. I had almost same issues with my husband's aunt but she's not in the country so I cut her off completely.

    That woman has never called me before. Even when I had a surgery, hubby had an accident and all. Instead if I call her today and call in 4days time she will complain that if it's today I remember her. Hubby was on her side initially but when I refused to bend, he joined me and also admitted that his aunt has never called him before that he's the one always checking on her.

    Poster, for your sanity sake, don't apologize to her. You will not also leave your marriage for her.

    1. You are an adult act like one. Call her apologies and then a one on one with her. Before bringing your issues to the public, talk to the person you have an issue with. She is probably lonely and looking for attention. Let know how you feel and tell her know you understand how she feels but you also have feelings. I think she is just looking for love because these issues you mentioned are affection issues. Look at her as a child throwing tantrums

  20. Poster Shebi it's to say sorry and peace will reign. It's a pity you too aren't manipulative. Salutation isn't love. Say sorry let them use it clean bumbum

  21. Well my dear,I think u should just apologise to her and after that avoid her totally, it’s senseless to end your marriage because of this.. stop calling or talking to her after d apology .. strategise

  22. Don’t ever apologize to her, never. My marriage is 6yrs already and I have succeeded in staying in my lane. They want peace we get it in abundance and if it is the other one, I full ground. But I will never ever look for trouble so I don’t expect them to be a problem in my life and I will never have panic attack at the mention of the name of a human being like me. My husbands elder sister who tried to be stupid has been on my ignore button since the beginning of last year. It’s even good to hear the your husband wants peace but not in the right way sha. Just don’t apologize, she should die if it solves her problem @least u will have peace in ur home

  23. Maybe you should go and give that your sister in-law the beating of her life, so she would have something to demand an apology from you. Lol πŸ˜„ (just joking)

    That crazy thought fleeted through my mind because she acts like a petulant child.
    Pay her no mind.

    Block her line, your mother in-law's line and anyone else that takes her side including your husband's. Don't ever unblock them. That's your silent signal you've had enough.

    You are kind and peaceful, so am I but, I know where to draw the battle line. She will be the one to beg for peace.

  24. No need to apologize, no need to leave your marriage because if her except you are tired of your marriage and you no longer love your husband else stay married do not leave your home. She should mind we business, she should stop touching you why is her own self. I she is not the one feeding you and your family abeg pack her one side and face front. No need to fight with your husband over apologizing to her, call a family meeting including your own family and tell them that this woman want you to separate with your husband. That you have panic attack because of her, let the issue be settled once and for all.

  25. Don't you have a block button on your phone. Block her number and every other opportunity to have contact with her.Be greeting her from your Hubby's phone bandbmake excuses of how bad your phone has always been. You're going to have a bad phone that deletes numbers at it will

  26. Why do you want to leave your marriage because of this small issue. Is she the one feeding your family? Poster don’t apologize to her cos I don’t see any reason to do so, if you don’t stop now it won’t be easy to stop later, if your husband wants you to apologize let him keep doing it on your behalf. Just ignore her like she doesn’t exist, that’s what people like her deserve.

  27. The sister reminds me of my friend's sister. Very toxic human. My friend decided enough is enough but their mother was begging her to bear, to forgive and forget. Mind you the sister did not accept she had done anything wrong o.

  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  29. Please don't apologise to her.
    This marriage is yours, and you must keep it, except you are tired of your husband, and seeking an excuse to leave.
    My husband's aunty was a pain in my neck, until i went on my kneels, and God fixed her, while i handled the physical by making my husband understand that if he can't protect me, he will have to marry his aunty whilst i return to my family (yinmu! Return fire). Lol. When he saw i wasn't ready to give up, he had to re-stan 🀣
    Anyone on this blog who is troubling her sister/daughter in-law for not just cause, may heaven withdraw your sleep. Amen

  30. As a married woman, there are some issues you should not ever stand on your own. Your husband is supposed to be at the forefront of this issue because it involves his family.

    I am tempted to say you should apologize for “piss” to reign but I know that will be the beginning of your leveling down. Why? Because your SIL will believe that you’re a rag she can use to clean her shoes constantly.

    Have a talk with your husband and let him know this issue is hurting you badly. Make him understand that his sister has no respect for him and his household that’s why she’s doing this to you. Tell him to stand with you and protect you. Don’t yell at him when having this conversation. Be firm and pleading. Look him in his eyes let him see you’re hurting. Ask him to be you’re hero. Tell him that he’s your crown and you know that God will use him to fight for you. If he’s trying to say you should listen to him be firm but gentle that his SIL is really badmouthing you and disrespecting his authority as a family man. Work on his ego very well and make it about him.

    Now, I’m not saying he should go and exchange words with his people. All I’m saying is that he should be able to tell his mother and the other people your SIL has been lying to that it’s not how she’s painting things and she’s disrespecting him by always looking for ways to rubbish his wife. If he’s has older siblings let him appeal to them that their sister is trying him through his wife. Flip that table.

    If they’re making it a total family war against you, it may be time for you to speak with a wise elder to counsel your husband or intervene on your behalf. Let them broker peace through an understanding that your SIL did not act like an elder and did not draw you as her younger sister close. At this point, you can even kneel to apologize because it is publically established that she was in the wrong.

    You may not know it but this is a very deep issue you’re in. It’s a battle. Pray and fast to God to take charge of the situation. Be of good cheer to your inlaws when you see them and act like you cannot even remember that there’s an issue. This is not the time to be aggressive but gentle and firm. Don’t lose your cool because it will be used against you. Be as gentle as the dove but as wise as the serpent. Don’t let your SIL get you down. She’s a bully and you don’t enable bullies because it will only get worse.

    I don’t envy your situation at all and I pray that God will protect/vindicate you in your time of trial.


  31. Maybe that is why my inlaws dont like me.
    Because after the mistreatment i got from them 8 years ago i just decided to act like they do not exist.

    I dont even have their number.
    I only have that of his brothers and we only talk on important issues.
    No friendship.

    Dont apologize to her and please dont bring up the issue again.

    When ever your husband starts just tell him you don't feel too well and the only thing on your mind is your Health.

    Keep postponing this issue until it dies a natural death.

    And must you take all calls from your inlaws?

    My phone is bad, i can't hear you or network issues.

    You are the one stressing yourself here anyway.
    Please get busy with your life.

    You must not be friends with your inlaws.
    It is not a ticket to heaven.
    Most of them will never still like you no matter how you please them.

  32. You want to quit your marriage because of your sister in-law???
    It's like your village people are dancing shoki on your head.
    You didn't say your husband is a bad person neither has he hurt you in any way.
    Don't apologize and don't quit your marriage because if you do you will regret it.

    1. He didn’t stand up for his wife and he’s an angel?! I see you guys worship marriage and not God

  33. I walked out of a 10 year" childless" marriage because of ex- hubby's toxic family...I fought against 5 sisters, father and mother! If I start my story for the next one month we would all stay glued to this page..Lol.. it got so bad that my ex MIL appeared to me me in a dream and told me she and her husband hated me with a passion and could not wait to see me leave..Well God took the husband away some years after.. Let me not even start with the spiritual attacks! I had 5 failed IVF procedures plus the father refused to let us leave his we lived in his father's house for almost 8 years( I cried..i begged..i fought) this guy would tell me that even if it is to rent a room, he couldn't afford it and the motherfucker works in one of the " somewhat" booming industries in nigeria.. My so called ex- hubby is so afraid of his family..they can never do no wrong in his sight... I recently found out he was married before he married me( one of the many lies I just found out) and the lady also walked out of his life! My dear..if you have a spineless husband you can NEVER WIN the battle.

  34. I walked out of a 10 year" childless" marriage because of ex- hubby's toxic family...I fought against 5 sisters, father and mother! If I start my story for the next one month we would all stay glued to this page..Lol.. it got so bad that my ex MIL appeared to me me in a dream and told me she and her husband hated me with a passion and could not wait to see me leave..Well God took the husband away some years after.. Let me not even start with the spiritual attacks! I had 5 failed IVF procedures plus the father refused to let us leave his we lived in his father's house for almost 8 years( I cried..i begged..i fought) this guy would tell me that even if it is to rent a room, he couldn't afford it and the motherfucker works in one of the " somewhat" booming industries in nigeria.. My so called ex- hubby is so afraid of his family..they can never do no wrong in his sight... I recently found out he was married before he married me( one of the many lies I just found out) and the lady also walked out of his life! My dear..if you have a spineless husband you can NEVER WIN the battle.

    1. Na real wah! Ten good years. Thank God you came out of it alive. As for the poster, what you allow is what will continue. God forbid I marry a spineless man because I have spine for 2 people. Why would I want to be all up in my brother's wife's business? Where's the pride? You have to learn to ignore her to the fullest that's after you must have made them know that can't continue. If they refuse to hear, you know what to do. Life is too short to stay miserable because of your fellow human being(s).

  35. I just wonder for men or husband who cant protect their wife from family aggressors. A man should be able to protect his wife and have a voice against external forces trying to control his home. I dont understand why most men are too timid and allow their sisters, brothers or mothers control their home. Madam if this woman refused to leave u alone and ur husband refused to take a stand, please do what is best for you! (Something that makes u happy and bring you rest of mind and freedom)

    1. Because that’s what he wants to happen. Anything a man allows is what he wants to happen. Upon all they say about Anambra men see what Peter okoye did you defend Lola from his in-laws. If you check it a lot of these men want their wives to be frustrated and insulted or they simply don’t care about the woman

  36. Do not leave your marriage for this
    Unless you never loved your husband.

    Stand your ground and make your husband see reasons with you.

    If you can fight through this your sis in law would never disturb your peace again

    Jus ignore her block her on all handles

  37. Just like my own story, but thank God my husband is supporting me and he is even trying to manage her because she is so troublesome, she stays in the US but it's like she's in Nigeria. She is always accussing me of not calling her not that she calls oh, that she fell sick and I did not call to say sorry, like am a witch that knows when she's sick or not. There's was a time my husband was sick, and one night I followed him to the clinic and he was admitted, the following night when I realized he wasn't going to be discharged easily I informed my MIL, when my SIL heard she was raining fire and brimstone from yonder that I did not inform them immediately as if she is the Doctor that will treat him, the Woman reported me to witches and wizards everyone was just calling me to find out what happened, few months this Woman came to nigeria and anytime she comes she was always staying in our apartment, my husband had to move me and the Children to another place just to avoid her troubles that was another problem on it's own because she kept shouting that we turned her to a witch in fact it's a loooong story, but presently now she has started again her friend called me today today and asked what happened btw us cos she came around sometimes late last year and came to stay with us as usual even when she was right in our house she did so many things to spite me and my Children there and then I made up my mind enough is enough. She left and never called to even say thank you for accommodating her and bla bla only for her to start reporting me far and wide that since she left I haven't called her,dont let me forget to mention it that anytime she comes to Nigeria she doesn't even bother to inform us of staying with us she will just land. The friend said she understands but I should please call her for peace sake, she has reported to so many people some called and some just ignored bc they know her so since I have refused to call her and she is coming she can't come to our place even though she has other places to stay she just love to come and inconvenient us. I just told the friend ok ma, but in my mind I dont want to have anything to do with her again I have decided to ignore her the battle line has been drawn sebi she say she get skoinskoin I'm ready to show her that an not a soft meat I have just bn acting like one now I will show her the stuff am made of. Nonsense. I have a younger brother that is married I have never for once disturb his home whether the wife calls or not dont bother me because me myself dont know how to call people so why should I be disturbing somebody else for the same offence. SIL can call all and everybody here in Nigeria but she will never call me

  38. Your chronicle reminds me of my mum's friend who had a troublesome sil, she bought joko and went to the sil hubby's place of work made sure coworkers where present and presented the joko to the sil hubby. The man was riducled by his coworkers. From then on sil stayed her lane.


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