Stella Dimoko AGN Denies Abandoning Sick Actor Ernest Asuzu


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Wednesday, February 05, 2020

AGN Denies Abandoning Sick Actor Ernest Asuzu

The President, Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Mr Emeka Rollas, says the association never abandoned its member, Ernest Asuzu,who has been down with stroke for years.

Rollas told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Lagos that AGN board was making efforts for another spiritual rehabilitation for Asuzu.
He said that the body had set up a celebrity forum to encourage members to send money to Asuzu directly via his Access Bank account.

He told NAN that AGN had sent Asuzu for a spiritual rehabilitation in the past.

“We appreciate all the concerns and show of love from members and the public over Asuzu’s plight, but I need to point out here that AGN has never abandoned him.

“He went for rehabilitation at the Mercy Land Christ Deliverance Ministry, Warri, Delta, by Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, a spiritual patron of our guild.
“He spent some months and recovered,” he said.

Rollas added that Fufeyin gave Asuzu gifts including money and a jeep, after the rehabilitation, to further support him.
“ Since he left Warri, we have not heard from him.”

According to Rollas, AGN was not notified of any relapse by Asuzu, to enable the body to give more assistance.
“All of a sudden, the young man made a defamatory video.
We totally frown at this erroneous and misdirected act because it is unimaginable to think or believe that we did not play a role to an actor who has fallen due to hard times.

“The point I am driving at here is that it is unfair to be blame an entire industry for the unfortunate turnaround of one of its own,” the AGN boss said.

 Asuzu, who started his acting career in the 90’s, starred in Royal War, Burning Desire, Never End, Broads Light, Last Wedding, Ugonna, Labista, Ogidan and some other movies.

He won several awards including Best Actor at Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards, Most Promising Actor in Nigeria at the City People Entertainment Awards, Best Actor in Supporting Role at Africa Movie Academy Awards, and Most Prominent Actor in Nigeria at the Best Nollywood Awards.

He suffered stroke in 2015.

NAN via Vanguardngr


  1. God's healing upon him

    1. This guy needs mental rehabilitation. He has psychiatric issues. Guys not everything in Nigeria is spiritual.

  2. See his nice hair cut

  3. Can someone tell this man to shut up?
    When did a group like AGN begin sending
    people for spiritual rehabilitation to
    who knows the fake or real prophet? So the
    man could not go to a pastor of his choice or
    to God in prayers with his family?
    How are we sure that you won't start sending people
    to cults in future; whether a "church cult" or mediums?
    Even Jesus said that the sick needs a physician Matthew 19:12
    And I was sick and you did not visit me Matthew 25:43
    Did you or any of your members go to visit him in his sickness?
    Did you contribute anything to his treatment?

  4. But what did he need a Jeep for? See ppl's priorities. How you sick and asking for Jeep. Shouldn't you be asking for payment of medical bills and other immediate needs. Anywho, I hope he heals completely.

  5. Went for spiritual rehab­čś▒ oh Naija wc way? Well I guess that's where he and his family wished to get treatment .

    They has a stroke and probably recurrent strokes bc of lack of medical directives.

    The problem with Nigerians is everytime spiritual. Ignorance ignorance ignorance, my people die f lack of knowledge.

    The money & SUV given to him was probably donated to some charlatans to heal him, now his health and mental status is on the decline . No hospital, no medical treatment, going from one healing service to another. What a shame. Now they (the public who are equally ignorant) had to blame someone for his predicament.

    In short I tire.

    1. Lol@ spiritual rehab. But the agency cannot be paying for spiritual rehab, they are there to help with legitimate medical care. Spiritual rehab is out of pocket expense. So his ppl want them to pay for babalawo visit instead of a medical specialist.

  6. Have they tried medical care for him?, All these pastors sef.

  7. But why is it that a considerable number of them are getting sick sef?

  8. do these lazy youth read before commenting?it was prophet that gave him money and keep? what happened to the money and keep,they said he left warri for lagos ,what happened to him in Lagos,if a man is heal and doesn't commit himself to God ,Jesus said worst things will happen to him.MOst of these yeyebrities are not Christian even though they bear xtian names

  9. What this Ernest Azuzu needs is money..plenty of it and his stroke will heal.

    1. So it's stroke? But most ppl who get a stroke are never 100% the same afterwards.

    2. Perx, he was given 4 million and a jeep, he was healed 90%..
      During that period he was always at one club called dynasty in delta mall, with different girls, saw him a couple of times..
      He got broke, sold the car in warri and went back to the pastor, but he refused seeing him..
      Ernest is the architect of his own problems..

  10. ...Ernest Asuzu... AMVCA?
    These guys don't know what they are talking about.

  11. Not everyone understands how to invest. An SUV for someone not working, how is he supposed to maintain it? He needs deliverance and rehabilitation. Obviously some more wicked spirits took over when he relapsed.

  12. I think this fellow is being disturbed by his former lifestyle that must have involved the abuse of psychoactive substances aka hard drugs. You cant tell me this man has stroke, I mean, peep his clean fade and exquisitely contoured beard and his gold chain? Look at his rotund beer filled belly and someone is telling me to contribute to this man? he looks better than we who arent even begging.
    Ernest, stop using drugs, you go dey okay.


  14. I didn't accept his claims on giving him the required assistance... Ok,what about Ugo Shave Me? What effort has the AGN made to assist him. I hate propaganda .. Tomorrow Enerst would come out to refute these claims ..

  15. How about Ifeanyi Ezeokeke (Ugo shave me). Biko AGN should look into that guy's matter. Damn his condition is terrible according to the pics i saw on facbook


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