Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative -UPDATE:::


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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative -UPDATE:::

Na wah!!!!

I already taught My son to defend himself ; i taught him in swahili to always deal with that boy and so they came here without calling and as usual the son pulled My sons shirt..
 I just told him in swahili beat him Hard then the Mother started yelling at My son and i just told her to leave ..

She was stil trying to argue with me BUT i just went to the kitchen and poured very cold water and also put ice blocks into it and poured it on her, she screamed and called the police on me..

I just asked the police what she was stil doing in My house, besides it was self defence 🀣 🀣 

she left police did nothing.

 The Friendship is over and now i can breath, the police told me she used to take cocain and i AM glad she is gone.

thank you All for your advice May God bless you. Thank you stella


  1. Replies
    1. correct woman abi? Until the mad woman comes for revenge. some of you don't have sense

    2. Madam, what was all the drama for when you could have told her on the phone you are not home or you are not available.

      By the time she calls you like 4 times and you say you are not home or you ignore her calls, she will get the message. Abeg, I don't understand this your update. Did she break into your house? Hmmmm.

    3. Did you read where she said the woman came without calling? Go back and read before jumping in to conclusion.

    4. I don't care if she came without calling you. Why did you open the door? It would have been better not to open your door. You didn't have to treat her in that manner, not right.

  2. Good you break the friendship. Still wat h your back and be sure she's not coming after you to hurt your family.

    1. Good advice. Watch your back please because these oyibo ppl can do crazy stuff. I'm glad you are moving out soon.

  3. Nicely done. No time for leeches.

    1. This wasn't nicely done. She did totally different from what we adviced her.

      Poster, apparently you're not a Nigerian. You no dey for this one at all

  4. Hopefully she wont come back with an apology.

  5. Wow
    Please stay safe ,
    Be very careful dont think it's over.
    Be very alert such psycho would always device other means to harm you.

  6. That was wrong. You shouldn't have poured ice-cold water on that woman.
    If you did not want her in your house again, you should have told her to
    go and if she does not obey that, then you report her to the police to get
    a restraining order.

    For all those chanting "correct woman, you did well...," supposing that lady
    had taken a knife from your kitchen and stabbed your tummy or chest, that would
    have been it. Nobody would have read your update here again. YOur son would have
    been orphan and your husband a widower (God forbid and this is never a wish).
    But we should learn not to escalate things. Now you didn't even know that the
    woman was on drugs and might as well have returned to it.

    I have witnessed in a hospital where a man was complaining that his dad
    was not being cared for as he should and as usual the nurses were making jest
    of him and telling him to take the mother away. The man came one Saturday morning
    and continued his complaints and the jest began again. He grabbed the matron by the
    shoulders and drew a knife and butchered her just like a pig. 😒😒
    When the security came close, he threatened them with the knife and they ran off
    until he almost completely severed that woman's head.
    Not everybody can tolerate insults or simple quarrel. And escalating it isn't the
    way forward.
    I hope I have dropped my yarns to help some of you volatile sisis. 😘😘

    1. you get sense anon.
      poster went far though but all is good. next time be diplomatic. Also be careful and observant about her.

    2. You are very correct. The poster here acted like the one on drugs. Pouring ice water on her was very unnecessary. She should have simply called the cops on her immediately she refused to leave n make sure her son was safe first. Ejiho ekwu anyi isi. But as usual most Nigerians are naturally quarrel some and rude hence wont see anything wrong with what the poster did instead they are hailing her for physically assaulting her visitor in front of her own son.

    3. Anon 15:58 Thank you for this, you couldnt have said it any better.

      Poster you were very wrong, there are several ways to handle such situation not the route you took. You went too far, you could have told her you ar not comfortable with her frienship and you dont like the her son is treating your child than doing this to her.

      Pls watch your back, tou know that most of these Oyinbos na demon, Just be very careful.

    4. You have a point!!! The deed is done already sha, if you run into her apologize and move on. Don't give her the room to come back. You made friends with someone you should have just greeted and pass.

    5. The child would have been motherless not an orphan. Other than that, you are correct. There was no reason to have poured her water unless she attacked you and you never said so. You would have walked her out of your house in the calmest possible way with a strong warning not to come back. Watch your back always. The woman is a psychopath.

  7. Nice one, no time for nonsense.

    1. Nice gini? If it's you they poured water on, will you like it?

  8. The ice-water part was not so nice ma'am,what if she retaliated with something more serious?

  9. Nah. You could have done it in a better way. This ain’t right.
    Just be careful and watch your back.

  10. Aunty nobody adviced you this one ooo.

    What we told you is to relocate without giving her the details of the new place.
    You even poured water on her after your son beat up her boy.

    Na wa o

    I wash my hands clean.

    1. Yes oh. Can you imagine?
      We said cut off the friendship without fight. Relocate without her knowing where you are.
      Pray she doesn't ome after you with gun one day.
      Ols leave the neighborhood s fast as you can. You said next month before.
      If you can move it to this month pls do.
      This woman will stalk you one day and take her revenge either on you or your son.

    2. I follow you wash handooo

      Ceaser is typing..

  11. I had to go back to the original post to read where we told you to pour cold water on her. If you didn't want her in your house, you'd have simply told her to leave.

    Apparently you're not the saint you tried to paint yourself as in the last post.

    Shame on you madam

    1. A very big shame on her. I wish the woman bite her or even wound her. Imagine throwing ice water on her. poster you acted like a fool

    2. 17.30 we are not animals!!! What kind of violent comment is this..? Do you go about biting people?

  12. I hope she isn't the vengeful type. Yes you needed to get rid if her but you still needed to be diplomatic about it. ICe water wasn't necessary. Are u still relocating or its the old place you still are living? Be careful.

  13. I don't think you should have done that. If she takes cocaine then she must know some really nasty people. Watch your back and your kid very closely.

  14. Ice cold water in someone’s body, in this freezing temperatures?? You are lucky the lady didn’t use anything nearby to hurt you.
    Also, telling your son to beat her son wasn’t good either.
    Well, guess what? I hope your act worked. But, l think she will be back. You have not seen the last of her.

  15. Why pour her cold water. What if she hurt you or your son in self defense? you should have called the police on her. Just be careful because that woman is not okay upstairs.

  16. A drug adddict will definitely know where to get a gun, and you're also one of her sources of finance. I'll suggest you leave that area you stay asap while you plan your permanent movement.

    I do pray for your son and husband's sakes that she doesn't revenge before you get out as what you did was really foolish.

  17. Hahahaha, beat him hard got me rolling

  18. Be guided and wise, woman. That little thing you thought you did could’ve turned into something else. What if she drew a knife on you.. be careful and now you must add watching you back.

  19. It now makes sense why she was asking you for money all the time while running you and your husband down. There are several lessons here.
    1. Do not make friends with low class people, especially white people 2. Do not open your door to anyone who comes over without giving you notice.
    3. Never use physical violence. Believe it or not the fact that you used ice water in assaulting her is now on record and oyinbo police will use it against you some day 4. Watch your back, block her everywhere and do not tell anyone including mutual friends your new address.

  20. You're a very mean and stupid woman. How dare you pour ice water on her? What happened to telling her you don't want her around you anymore?
    You're sick and I hope she comes back for revenge

  21. First of all, this is someone who wanted to be your friend, you only realized you guys don’t share the same cultural values and interest. Madam it is absolutely wrong to tell your child in Swahili to beat up your friend’s child, no matter the tension. What happened to intervening as a co-mother to correct her aggressive child. You went ahead to pour her cold water and she wasn’t fighting you.
    Listen, you owe that woman an apology asap because if she truly wanted you as a friend but is mentally unstable because of her own exposure, with that act of pouring her water, she will be depressed and unhappy about you. I support you tell her off, but that is not the right way to end any type of relationship..

  22. I read her 1st chronicle & I think she's one of these black african women married to whiteman & living in nice surburbs in germany. Well.. kept ladies like ( SDK..types)that and maybe obviously she doesn't have much going on for herself in terms of self fulfillment outside of the home as a wife & mother now.
    She's apparently dependent on her oyibo pilot husband. And maybe she doesn't really have good social network as well to occupy her time, that's why she giving time to a psycho oyibo dysfunctional woman & her kid to come near her & constantly be tormenting her, and her family now like this.

    My advice to the poster is:
    * learn self respect & always control how/ who has access to ur personal space
    * do not give time for any one with negative behaviours like that woman or person with serious delinquent behavioural history, in order not to expose ur son to that kind of vibe in close proximity.
    * learn to remove urself from competion, jealousy & any threatening behaviours from someone that could turn physically violent or police reports & criminal involvements etc.
    *if u r idle now, then look for part time work, meaningful paid employment, or go to school or look for volunteer work. So u don't spend ur free time mopping around & attract bad energies or go to dark places & negative person for companionship.

  23. You yourself sound like you've got issues. You poured water on somebody without provocation? You are a troublemaker yourself. Try it with a violent person and you may not live to tell the story.


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