Stella Dimoko Pastor Tunde Bakare Criticised For Planning To Spend N13 Billion On New Church Auditorium


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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Pastor Tunde Bakare Criticised For Planning To Spend N13 Billion On New Church Auditorium

Tunde Bakare, the founder and Senior Pastor of Citadel Global Community Church, formerly known as Latter Rain Assembly, comes across as a no-nonsense clergyman......

There seems to be a rumble in his church occasioned by his plans to spent 560 million naira to acquire new chairs and N13 billion to build a church auditorium. Those plans do not sit well with some members of the church who believe that it is a waste of resources and that their highly respected pastor who is famous for his integrity and anti-corruption stance, has derailed.

One of such members is Adeola Samuel Ilori, a lawyer, who has spent 20 years in the church since he became a member in 1996 and has served in various departments of the church except the choir. He is at present a member of the legal department of the church.

Recently, Ilori granted an interview to Newsnowonline, where he poured out his grievances and expressed fears that not only has Bakare derailed, he is now doing those thing he had criticized in the past.

Ilori’s grouse is that rather than spend that huge sum of money in importing chairs and building an auditorium, those monies should be channeled elsewhere. “I disagree with him in the sense that there’s no justification going by the standard he has set to spend such amount on chairs. Firstly, spending N 560million to buy 5,200 chairs even if the chairs will be made here is a waste. It’s a waste in the sense that I have been worshipping in the Latter Rain Assembly in the last 24years,” Ilori lamented.

According to Ilori, rather than spend N560 million to import 5, 200 chairs, the pastor should be economical and employ members of the church, who are carpenters to do those chairs, adding that, by doing so, not only would he be assisting members of the church by employing them, he would also reduce the amount drastically.

From The News Nigeria

If he is not using the Offerings and tithes to carry out this project,i dont see why this is anyone's business at all please!!!


  1. Stella,its the members business because surely the money is not coming from his pocket but from tithes and offerings

    1. We buy bad inverter solar battery/0810710517716 February 2020 at 10:02

      Very well said

  2. If you like spend Bill gates and Warren buffets net worth combined on a church, it wouldnt make things better than the times of Sodom and Gomorrah.

  3. Lol.

    Y'all know he's not doing this for the Lord?

  4. Of course he will be using tithes and offering and that is why the church member is concerned. N107,000 for one chair??

  5. That's in c108k per chair. It is well.

    1. Someone's salary with 10 children. If he fix that kind chair in his church will Jesus be preaching in his church 😏😏😏😏

  6. You men of God competing amongst themselves.
    Read John 4:21 and stop all the nonsense.... the time is now & here with Us.
    Why not channel the money into somethings that will profit the members and society at large. OR better still, heed to Mr Ilori's advice.
    Tithes and offerings. .. let there be meat in God's house

  7. @SDK,

    Where is he going to get the money from if not from the members’ contributions past, present & future?

    It’s a waste of money especially where thousands of people living/ working around his church in Ilupeju are poor. The average cost of the chairs are about 107k. That money can help people improve on their standards of living. I weep for this country & its future with the crop of leaders existing today.

  8. Recently, Ilori granted an interview to Newsnowonline, where he poured out his grievances and expressed fears that not only has Bakare derailed, he is now doing those thing he had criticized in the past.

    Thank God your eyes are open. The same man that talk down Daddy G.O and Oyedepo. These are churches that have branches in over 100nations of the world. There is no country you find Nigerians that you won't locate RCCG and you expect their G.o to be on queue at Muritala Mohammed airport for Arik airline and British Airways with all their shenanigans. For your information, ask anyone from winners sir, only one offering was taken for their church auditorium in 1999 and it took one year to build unlike other churches that turn beggars every Sunday for 15yrs to build one church. When God commands, it's swift when man desire, they struggle to catch up. Pastor Tunde has always been a politician, we know that.

    1. Churches that turn beggar every Sunday..

      May God forgive you for that statement as you probably don't know the weight of what you typed. Even the temple that King Solomon built for God took more than 1 year.

      Also, when God commands, it does not necessarily mean it will be swift. Ask David, Joseph, Abraham amongst several others.

  9. 108k per chair? And same pastor Bakare hope to be president one day. Goodbye tomorrow.

  10. He will task the church members into sowing seeds for this project and finally add up offering tithe money to complete it.

  11. If you are a redeemer or a winners member, dont dare come her criticising this Man. All of una na the same rotten pot of soup.

  12. When I saw the edifice, I wondered why he as well as other pastors with such gigantic buildings did not build/develop housing estates that are affordable for their members and the poor in society.
    There are no 'Soup Kitchens' to feed the poor daily and Shelters to house the homeless that I know of in Nigeria. I know there are still few churches that are providing for the poor in society but these mega churches need to step up.

    Is Jesus Christ interested in edifices or temples made by human hands? No! He is interested on how you treat "the least of his brethren."

    I know of a clergyman in one of the old denominations that built a vacation home and a school for the disabled just because he once gave a ride to a crippled child crawling to school along the road in Oji River, Enugu State.
    He reasoned that when school goes on break, these children need a proper home away from the school hostels to give them that loving family environment.

  13. They are the same. A wasted generation of leaders. From political to religious to tribal leaders, all same wasted generation.


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