Stella Dimoko Nigeria's Coronavirus Cases Rises To 135


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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Nigeria's Coronavirus Cases Rises To 135

Before Noon on Tuesday,Nigeria's Coronavirus cases have risen to 135 from 131......


  1. The Lord will come through for us.

    1. Something is not adding up in all of this and I have been thinking about it. We were told about five or six persons were discharged the other day at Lagos but the numbers of victims didn't reduce. Why was is so? Or did they deduct it and I didn't know?

      Again, those that was said to have been discharged, why aren't any update on them? When this sickness hit Italy and some other countries, the victims were killed in less than a week. Now understand me, I am not wishing anyone death already tested positive but I want to ask, is there something Nigeria is doing different that has been sustaining these people or are they truly positive to the virus?

      As the numbers keep rising, is there a possibility of any remedy in sight to decrease the numbers or should we just be looking for the numbers to triple.

  2. Every day rising. Big man disease. Who are the people carrying this so that people can protect themselves.

    It is well with everyone. Please stay safe.

    Commit yourself into Our Lord Jesus Christ to see you through this demonic disease

  3. Five persons have been discharged. There is a silver lining in the dark cloud

  4. I guess countries pulling out their citizens from Nigeria may have seen this coming and believed in the case of any eventuality that this virus spread across Nigeria, there's little or nothing Nigeria can do about it, hence the evacuation of their people.

    Again, someone should explain to the military and police stationed in Rivers State that a Dusk to Dawn curfew doesn't mean 24hrs but rather 6pm to 6am. The road were blocked here that one couldn't even go out to get some finished essentials.

  5. If only they can tell us if the new cases are those that got involved with known infected people or the new cases are entirely random people.

  6. More like what I was expecting. It’s supposed to be higher than this but because we are not testing enough. The govt is busy testing the major players in the country forgetting these same people have come in contact with their domestic staff.
    By the time they do a random test of these people this figure will rise.
    Someone’s dad was tested and it was positive with cough and fever showing self and till today NCDC did not go back to test the family taking care of the man. They just sent isolate themselves de go for house. Though they are not exhibiting any symptom.

  7. All 36 states will come through...Niger my country.

  8. God abeg protect your children...

  9. May God see us through this difficult phase

  10. Pls who has more information on the 2nd death. Was the person elderly,did he or she have a pre-existing medical condition like the first victim ?
    They shld let us know.


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