Stella Dimoko Police Arrest Tenant For Pushing Landlady To Her Death During Argument


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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Police Arrest Tenant For Pushing Landlady To Her Death During Argument

See me see wahala oh.........

Lagos landlady Olayemi Adetola Odekoya has died after she was pushed down by her tenant, Saheed Lateef in the course of an argument. 

The residents of Apata street in Palm Groove area of Shimolu were often victims of robbery attacks because the armed thieves gained easy access to their abode through the always open door.

The landlady and tenants who held a meeting agreed that the landlady, Olayemi would be in charge of shutting the door by 11.00pm and opening it by 5.30am.

The day Olayemi Adetola died started off with one of her tenants, Saheed Lateef banging on her door to come open the main entrance by 5.00am because he had an early appointment. The landlady who ignored him because he banged instead of knocking got a rude shock when Saheed went ahead to break down the door.

Olayemi who held on to his shirt and refused to let him leave for work was forcefully pushed to the ground after which she started complaining of chest pain.

She was immediately rushed to the hospital but the doctor on duty confirmed her dead.

Saheed was later arrested after he returned from work.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana, said Lateef had been arrested, adding that Olayemi became unconscious after she was pushed to the ground and was rushed to the Shomolu General Hospital, where she was confirmed dead.

“Olayemi became unconscious and was rushed to the Shomolu General Hospital, where she was confirmed dead by a doctor. The suspect, who initially took off, has been arrested. An investigation is ongoing.”

From Breaking Times.


  1. It's a pity landlady, you should not have died.
    There are too many angry people in Nigeria. I am beginning to notice that too in the States and other western countries with the legalization of marijuana there. It's sad, so sad.
    And ladies please do not fight a man, the strength are not equal. Just a push and you know too that a lot of people are not healthy, "walking dead" 😢😢

    1. Why not duplicate keys for all tenants? What if he truly had an appointment?

      Rest on ma. Your death was so avoidable, buh ...

    2. According to the actual gist , they all agree that the landlady should be the one In charge of locking the door at 11 Pm and open at 5:30 A.m due to the fact that there’s constant theft and door breaking
      The landlady told them she’s not strong enough for the back and forth but they still choose her anyways.
      This situation is pretty much a minor issue , it’s something the man could have either Inform the woman the night before that he has an appointment or simply knock on her door respectfully and explain his situation without being an arse .

  2. His enemies have finally get him,Rip to his landlady

  3. No fighting o. Nobody chop belleful these days. People are dying anyhow o🙆. Shun fight Biko.

  4. Kai what a pity ooo. Devil is just winning on all sides. Tufiakwa

  5. Anger and danger are related....hence why my dad always said in a moment of anger always step back and ask yourself what will i gain if this anger lands me in trouble

    see what wanting to go to work early has caused the man now? so sad

  6. What lack of patience will Saheed has changed the course of his entire life. Sad!

  7. If only he could turn back the hands of time,this would have been avoided.
    Just one push ooooo,may God help us all to avoid brouhaha that would lead to had I known at last, amen

  8. Rip to the landlady, we hear one side story, I don't think that man banged the door, he probably knocked and when no response he started banging.
    We know how some landladies are.
    It's so unfortunate, lesson learnt, hold your temper, so many people are just a walking corpse.

    1. True at what you said. They all would have gotten duplicate keys but no, landlady wants to be the one as per house owner

    2. Yori yori , that’s not what happened. Kindly confirm before you assume stuff .

  9. Haaaa! That is why I avoid fights, once arguements start, i walk away.
    May your soul rest in peace ma.


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