Stella Dimoko Six InPatients In Lagos Recover From COVID19 Complications And Set To Be Discharged


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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Six InPatients In Lagos Recover From COVID19 Complications And Set To Be Discharged

This is great News!!!...


  1. HEEEE!!! Say it loud. GOD IS A NIGERIAN

  2. Thank You Jesus
    My Hallelujah belongs to you Jehovah our maker
    All the Honor, Praise and thanks are yours and yours alone.
    Be praised for ever.
    Eze odiro onye di ka gi.
    Nara ekele anyi jiri bia

  3. Thanks to God. This plague would silently leave just as it emerged

  4. Thank God for this news. At least there's hope.

  5. Thank God. Dear Nigerians, pls we can fight this. Spread the word, let people know the risks. Obey the social distancing ish. Be vigilant. This is doable.

  6. God thank you for showing us mercy and answering our prayers.

  7. Nonsense! when i say that thing no dey naija people will be arguing. So how come they are fast recovering in naija and dying in droves abroad. Yeye dey smell, nigerian leaders wants to make money from this, period! Now they are begging int'l organisation for help(aka Money).help for what really? Useless and greedy govt.

  8. Well... a certain Chinese hospital released some of their patients, claiming they were healed. Unfortunately,a few of them died a few days later from the Corona virus.
    Please don't be so quick to release people. Check, double check and triple check!

    1. Since they cured the Italian, this is possible

  9. Praise be to God Most High. Hallelujah! πŸ™

    Thank you Lord Jesus Christ. Please, wipe out Corona virus from the world.

  10. Thank God πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  11. JEHOVA you we Trust, in you oh Lord.
    We believe you are God of Miracle
    We believe you are God of Wonders
    My people God is Here

  12. Good one. Most people will shed the virus on their own. It’s not like there is any special medicine they are being given but the isolation makes it easier not to spread the virus. Now for aged people their risk is high. The good thing the isolation centre is doing for them is maintain them, give them enough fluids, monitor them for those who at a point make take a turn for the worst and ventilators needed and most of them will be good as new. The key thing is if you test positive and asymptomatic, please stay in one place and follow the rules and all will be fine.

    The irony of it is if 500 people are tested positive now, the centre can only take a certain number. The rest that are not exhibiting symptoms will be advised to go home and observe the self isolation thing and within two weeks they are good as new.
    Leta all do what we gotta do and we will all be okay.

    God be with us all.

  13. This is good news but they should still be observed for some time before these "egunguns" will enter road.

  14. So Buhari will b healed? Hissssssss


  15. So soon¿ I don't believe πŸ™„ until i see dir faces and names. #Nigeriaisjustajoke#Nigeriaisascam


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