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Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Please improve on your hygiene and wash your hands as frequently as you can....Stay away from coughing or sneezing people and do not use your hands to rub your eyes or nose.....

Coronavirus is around the corner!!!


I sent this story to other bloggers but only you took the time to read the story and saw the need to post it. I really appreciate that. To everyone that commented, thank you. I read and re-read your comments and I am so happy that people drew faith from my story, I give God all the glory because He gave me the testimony. I actually do not frequent this blog but my husband is a regular customer here. Lol. 

And as of yesterday, SDK,I have become your die hard fan. You might be going through some hard times and you have prayed and prayed, God is listening, He is packaging it for the best time for you. That tunnel that looks very dark might just be the last tunnel before you see the light. 

Please don't give up, keep praying. God is bigger than doctors, He heals the physical, spiritual and emotional pains. Don't lose faith.
 Thank you all sooooooo much.

This is officially welcoming you as a BV......

There is a lot of in house drama and backbiting here but we are still one happy family and we look out for each other and help out...
You will be so loved here that u will become one of us in no time...
Hailings to your hubby.......
If your spouse is not reading SDK blog,then wahala dey.




Chitton Global Services Port Harcourt
We offer the following services :
Post construction cleaning
Residential cleaning
Commercial cleaning
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Do you know we are celebrating Mother's day this 22nd March, 2020?

Buy that beautiful and lovely superlated fantabulous for your Mother, your In-Law, your Fiance/FiancΓ©e Mother, even you can buy in bulk and supply to Mother's in general.

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Probiotics filled
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I am a mum of four and available to work as a live-in nanny in any of the south west states including Lagos. Currently based in Osogbo but ready to relocate alone to work anywhere (children will be left with my mum). I am an OND holder, 36 years old, Yoruba (Osun State origin). I speak and write English and Yoruba.

I am neat and I do not have body odour.

My contact is 07084311635, 08106010715.


Contact me for your lovely Ankara fabrics at affordable price...We have different grades depending on your budget.. We have daviva, small hitarget, English wax etc at wholesale and retail prices,aso ebi and bulk order.

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I’ll be needing a Violinist to come help me serenade a wonderful friend in the office as it’s her birthday and she craves to have something of such done for her.

The Location is Allen in Ikeja Lagos and it will be a 10-15mins(Max) thing.
Date- Thursday the 19th

Please whoever is interested can reach me on my Cell(08088528698)


First Easter onsie to create that beautiful memory for your baby. To place your order please call/whatsapp +234 813 406 8184



  1. Sometimes God doesn't give you what you think you want, not because you don't deserve it, but because you deserve better._ThisInspireUs

    1. When should a pregnant woman start shopping for baby things?
      I'm 11 weeks gone

    2. When you know the sex of the baby but it's better when the pregnancy has advanced a little say from 6 months. Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy.

    3. Thank you so so much
      For posting my adverts. Means so much to me
      God bless you SDK
      You is a better person!

    4. You can start from 3 months, prepare yiur list and buy something every month for baby to avoid last minute pressure.

      You can start with items like cot beds, bottles, body wash, oil, towels etc. You don't need to know the sex of baby to buy these. As you buy you tick off your list.

      Congratulations and safe delivery when you are due.

  2. I've been calling this once upon a time colleague turned friend of mine to meet up let's discuss on how to start up a partnership and build a brand. Her contribution will be her vast knowledge with the industry esp in marketing. I briefed her on phone she sounded interested and excited but so non challant in meeting up.

    Vision so big it scares me to start alone. I know to an extent what it takes to start it up but having someone to strategise with, who understands the industry as much as I do if not better will go a long way in helping to kick start this company but the girl is just not taking it serious. Don't know if I should just let her be.. Lord I need clarity.

    1. Let her be and go it alone. There is nothing too big for you to handle when God is on your side.

  3. Our Lord God Almighty, non, absolutely non can contend with thee

  4. Chronicle of home poster ,welcome to SDK. lovely wristwatches up there.
    Y'all have a 🌞 sunshine day

  5. Thanks ma for the free advert.... God bless you much... Make una patronize me o... I am 100% trustworthy and deliver with immediate effect...

  6. Serenader of birthday surprise..Please hope you have done your due diligence about if the company allows such entertainment at their office..All the best..

    My annoyance today is why our Nigerian government love lying even when we can see the korokoro truth..Please my people believe government at your own peril just make sure you wash your hands and avoid social gathering by all means...Lets be very careful..There are a lot of ''Typhoid Marys'' around..

    1. You didn’t read where I said it’s a colleague in the office abi.
      Hanty abeg life ain’t that difficult.

    2. @ Agadi, do your due diligence before you do such in the office. All the best

  7. Gosh! Don't know why people gives unsolicited advice.

  8. The sunshine is back with force.
    Blessed afternoon to everyone.

    Bv: Official prestige

  9. I have been doing all the things you listed up there Stella😭😭 scratching my eyes and nose
    Thanks for alerting me!
    Thou art God all by Yourself!

  10. Abuja people where can I buy original black soap and what do I mix in it for pimples?
    Thank you

    1. Why don't you use Neutrogena Oil free acne wash (pink grape foaming scrub)
      That's what has been working for me
      Neutrogena has more than one face wash for acne prone skin,I'm sure they are all effective but that's the only one I've used so far.

    2. Ace, Please how much do you buy it?
      I'm not the anon above but pimples want to spoil my face. One big one is on my chick as I type hurting me like boil

    3. I usually buy the one that comes in a tube for #3,500.However,there's s a bigger size that comes in a bottle but I don't know the price.

    4. Stop using ur body cream or soap on your face.You need products that don't block pores.
      Also ur make up products should be non comedogenic.

  11. Good afternoon beeveeleons..πŸ€—πŸ€—

    Please I have a POS with all transfer functions for transactions.

    I started it last year thou, in the market where I am.
    Now many more are doing the POS thing, thereby, there's low patronage.

    Now at our estate in lugbe, No POS around in that estate, you have to take bike to junction to withdraw, pay for NEPA, and all other stuff.

    Now I'm thinking of opening a store at the estate's gate gangan gangan..

    But my wahala now is: my Ankara shop is in town, nobody stays there except I, i don't know how to put someone for the POS own for the estate, the requirements and all.. I dey fear Make dem no come carry me one day.

    And also how to entrust a stranger money without knowing anybody here.. Can't come and cry in premium tearsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

    Abeg wetin I fit do ooo..

    1. put opening a place in your estate on hold since you're the only one running the business untill you find someone you can trust. Btw have our ankara not reach to employ sales person(s)

  12. don't use your hands to touch your eyes and nose..Trump is a funny person i watched on the news where a lady sitting beside him was making the same statement and he said 'yeah i haven't touched my face in weeks' how has he been having a bath

  13. Welcome chronicles of hope poster. I can imagine what your mum passed through in those days when you were with her. May afflictions not rise again in your life

  14. if you reside in gwagwalada in abuja and you know any where i can fix semi permanent lashes please drop the address or info.

    1. Go to megascreen junction,around angle 90

  15. Nice wrist-watches up there. Good afternoon all.

  16. chronicle of hope poster we welcome you to SDK.

    plenty customers on anyone selling.

  17. Live-in nanny poster
    You remind me of those days I wanted to go work outside my state of residence but no where to keep my kids. My situation was so terrible I looked at my kids and wished they were not here, they hindered me from doing so many things back then and even now. Daycare closes by 8pm, I have to start running back home to meet up.
    Thank God for his grace.
    You are lucky you have a mum whom you can drop your kids with. Maybe God give you a good job.

    1. Mummy J I can imagine what she is passing through. I ve been there before. At a point I wanted to disappear and abandon the kids

  18. my friend just put to birthday yesterday via CS. i don't know what i should buy for her at this point in time, i want to buy for the baby oh not the mother. i want to buy a tangible gift for her.

    father thank you for blessing my friend and her husband with a prince. She lost the one she had in 2018 but God has bless her with another prince.

    to everyone believing God for such testimony God will remember you all.

    1. Must you mention CS? Nigerians and their mentality.
      If it were to be vaginal delivery you will not say she gave birth via vaginal o, but CS, you people must indicate cos it is still a dreaded something to you backward folks.

    2. Buy diaper(don't buy the size for new borns , maybe from 3 months), u can buy beautiful baby dresses (from 6 months upward, washing soap(big size),

  19. chronicle of hope poster welcome to SDK.

  20. Raining here in the garden city. I have been on the walk since morning trying to fix up some things with regards to my new business. Setting up a huge business as this isn't a child's play. Once again, I am grateful to Angel Pee and Stella for laying the foundation with which I began this journey. God bless them immensely.

    1. God prosper you abundantly beyond your expectations broπŸ™πŸΎ

    2. SMH your wahala too mch

    3. What type of business are you setting up Teejay?

    4. Congratulations teejay...

      More wins...

    5. You talk too much. Especially for a man. No verbal holdbacks at all.

      Keep your mouth and keep your life. That's what the bible says.

    6. Thanks Isaac and Mama twins. You guys are kind. God bless you.

    7. Anonymous 15:10 I understand your pains but I am sorry I can't help it. But please avoid sharp object.

    8. Teejay reduce the way you talk especiaΔΊy your plans.Action speaks better than voice.Stop it.Still one of your fan here

  21. Thank You Jesus for the gift of Life

    Wellcome ihn
    More coustomers to the seller.

  22. Thanks for the free advert Stella, God bless you ma
    Thanks for your patronage Blog visitors,God bless you all too

  23. God is indeed God all by himself. Thank you Jesus for my life today, is all thanks to you Lord.

  24. Please who have used yoni Pearl before?
    Want to know if it's good before I will order.

    1. Anonymous yoni Pearl is just overrated and a waste of money

      Please run a test first, then go for English medicines and injections.. it's better

    2. My sister, run! , I say Run! If you have any issue, pls see a gynaecologist. Yoni pearl is arrant nonsense. Biko

  25. thank u Lord for the gift of life,,i appreciate ur grace and favour upon my life.

    how una dey ooooo?

  26. Aww Chronicle of hope poster, You're welcome to SDK's blog, a community of selfless LOVE
    No dull moments
    Love lives here forever ❤️

    Hello IHN πŸ™Œ

  27. Thanks Stellz...
    Bv come and buy watch oooh biko...

    Ohhh how i love yohurt
    Any Abuja bv here who sells yogurt?
    I need 5 liters ooh

  28. Good afternoon beautiful people of SDK
    Beautiful wristwatches and ankara
    Enjoy the rest of your day

  29. @Chronicle of hope poster
    May your testimony be permanent. Welcome to the family of SDK

    Don't know what's wrong with my i.d

    Bv City Chocolate

  30. Pls I need foreign movies to download. I am bored

  31. Chronicles of Hope poster, you are highly welcome,love lives here.
    God please πŸ™πŸ™ πŸ™ put an end to this Corona Virus 😷 bikonu.

  32. I really do need your advice lovelies.

    So I have a very important meeting tommorow in the office. Which matches better with a deep mustard dress, a purple jacket or a navy blue jacket?

    And which shoes match better, nude or black?

    I have never had a harder colour to match than this mustard coloured dress.

    1. Navy for shoes..I'd prefer black stilettos or court.

    2. Navy blue for jacket and nude for shoes...

    3. Tomorrow is not the day to try a combination you've never tried before. Go with something comfortable and tried & trusted.

    4. Thank you BlackBerry, Emerald and Anonymous.

  33. Chronicle of hope poster,,your are highly Nnoo. I thank God for your life


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