Stella Dimoko CNN's Richard Quest Says He Has Coronavirus


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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

CNN's Richard Quest Says He Has Coronavirus

Get well soon Mr Quest.....


  1. The way people announce that they've caught this demon-Covid sounds funny to me.

    It's like it's an honour and pride and privilege to catch it.
    Well transparency i guess.

    When our own people (especially the govt) here will hide it and pretends that nothing happened.

    1. Very true. The thing with us in Nigeria is we like to pretend we are all fine meanwhile plenty things are happening at the back. Because it’s contagious, people are ready to hide they have it here cos trust my people, they will so treat you like sey you get leprosy which, I don’t blame them though.

      Very soon our naija celebs will start trending how they had the virus, isolated themselves and all what not.

      For now make we stay safe, de hide am de go.

    2. Please their announcement is geared towards educating the masses, that this thing is real. Chai, una mentality ehn. Only in Naija that people hide this kind of thing, families cover it up and end up having everyone in the whole family carrying the virus, even the dog. Then they start blaming or relying on some spiritual process instead of using factual scientific findings to get rid of it.

    3. Davido announced it when Chioma had the virus but everyone said he was lying.

  2. Oh my world!!! Get well soon Richard.
    I understand Cuomo has fully recovered. Strong guy. Anchored his show even in quarantine.
    I pray the symptoms remain mild so that we can continue to enjoy your segments.
    "Whatever you do in the hours and days ahead, I hope it's more profitable"

  3. Everyone working with CNN the propagandists channel are now contracting the Wuhan coronavirus....

    And the way they announce it....with no symptoms, but they were tested, Such privilege.

  4. Ever bubbly Richard Quest I wish you speedy recovery..You can fight it..

  5. See how sweet they announce they tested positive and we copy them in their life style but no celebrity have announced theirs. Everybody is now negative.

    So this announcement we are positive no dey nija again.

    Get well man

  6. I wish you quick recovery Mr Quest. "Whatever you are up to in the hours ahead I hope it's profitable"

  7. Those less fortunate are really the ones who need the prayers. Get well soon Mr. Quest.


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