Stella Dimoko Gospel Singer Obiora Obiwon Testifies On How He Survived A Ruptured Appendix


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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Gospel Singer Obiora Obiwon Testifies On How He Survived A Ruptured Appendix

Obiora Obiwon shared his story on Instagram..He told of how he fell ill one Sunday morning with severe stomach pain and nausea.

He said he had a ministration that Sunday morning and despite the intense pain he was in, he stubbornly insisted he would conclude his ministration before proceeding to the hospital.

At the hospital, series of tests were carried out and it was discovered that he had a ruptured appendix that had formed a mass of greenish pus in his stomach.

Obiora revealed that not only was he suffering from the effects of the ruptured appendix that had formed an infection within, he also began to react to the paracetamol injection and had heart palpitations, even though he did not have any heart problems in the past.

He was gradually slipping away until a bible passage came into his memory one night and he started praying in tongues and shouting.

That night marked a turning point in his health and recovery.


Thank God for his healing 


  1. Hallelujah..... May many come to Christ through you...The Word works revives the deadliest situations

    1. ve been there! So, i clearly and quite understand the situation!

      Mine was in Nov.18 2018 on a Sunday too (on my late mother's birthday and it started from the Church too ) It's like this appendix like striking on Sundays.

      Ruptured appendix and about entering septic shock, it was hellish!

      My surgery lasted for long hours as i was told; from 10am till 5-6:30pm; as i was told when i came round! Why that so?

      According to what the doctor/surgeon told me in his words that the surgery and survival was a slim chance, my intestines were all laced/stained with ruptured appendix and they had to clean and clean the whole place affected.

      The doctor told me that even the anaesthetic induce didn't even work on me as i was subsciously fighting and kicking the nurses around me and that made the surgery uneasy for them; fighting for my life!

      He said- the doctor; your case is different and pls, if you believe in God, just continue serving Him; God loves you!

      That had it been they didnt open me up that day for the surgery that i wouldn't have made it cos i was already entering septicemia!

      The wounds nko after the surgery and sleeping discomfort? Hmm... i can't even wish my enemy such!

      The scar refused to heal for a very long time and was smelling like mortuary!

      I was always going to the hospital for dressing every two days.

      I couldnt even take my bath well cos of the avoidance of water touching the bandage. I saw hell!

      Also, I was vomiting and vomitting at every food intake (couldn't even eat for days sef after surgery except for warm water and then pap).

      My tummy was so tight making breathing an Herculean task and was swollen like i swallowed "lukudu" charm.

      If i say let me manage and walk to the door to look through outside, it would be like the whole world was crumbling and rotating - the eyes turning no be here!

      Mehn, thank God for His unending mercies that endureth forever.

      The bitter experience is unforgettable!

      So, Obiwon, i rejoice with you!

    2. Thank God for saving you. He has better plans for your life.

    3. I thank God for you. @sweetest honey. More blessings

    4. Thank God for saving you@sweetest honey

  2. May the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ be praised for ever and ever. AMEN. Thank God for your healing and restoration, the good Lord who started this good deed in your life will make it permanent.. To all those suffering from one ailment or the other, never loose hope, faith and trust in the Lord. Believe and trust in his Word always, your miracle is on the way. Amen

  3. Jesus is alive!! Jesus Christ is alive!!!

    Saviour, sanctifier, healer, baptizer and coming king πŸ‘‘.

    Thank God for your life, Obiora.
    Your healing is permanent in Jesus mighty name!

  4. Thank God!!! May God perfect his healing and all that concerns him... Amen

    There is something I have noticed in Christiandom. Why are Catholics less paranoid or should I say spiritual than other denominations?

    1. How do u mean less spiritual? Explain what u mean by being spiritual so I will know how to answer you.

    2. I'm not Catholic but I don't think you should be saying such Anonymous 10:24. You sound like someone who lacks wisdom πŸ₯΄πŸ˜.
      Clap for yourself spiritualist or spiritual identifier πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ˜

  5. I thank God for the doctors that He use to perform this miracle.

  6. Thank God for life. I also woke up sunday morning coughing up and vomiting blood. I had sleepless nights and couldn't eat for 10 days before this.

    At the hospital they said I had an abscess in my left tonsil that burst which is why i was coughing up blood.

    The pain for 10 days was out of this world. Thank you Jesus for life I was admitted to the hospital but now home.

    1. Thank God for your life
      May all glory to him forever more.

    2. Thank God for your recovering

  7. This guy is always surviving smthn. Hope hes okay now.

  8. Your life is truly a testimony, may your healing be permanent in Jesus name

  9. Thank God for his recovery. A very talented actiste. His song 'ONYINYE' still among music my Playlist. Deep lyrical content.. unlike most of what we have now..


    1. You can actually praise someone without disparaging others.

      Learn how to do this.

      I am absolutely certain you are not 100 percent either.

    2. hey anonymous, dante is 100% correct!

  10. Glory!!! God still works wonders..thank you Jesus for healing him.

  11. Jehovah Rapha, thank you for your healing in his life.

  12. First time commenter. Just checking how this works. πŸ’œ To everyone

    1. Ure welcome on here 😊

  13. Thank for healing Obiwon. Very talented artist

  14. Thank you God for his healing.


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